Amazon Music Unlimited Review


Although extra affordable for Prime subscribers, Amazon Music Unlimited lacks the personal touch.


  • Sounds decent
  • Good discounts for Prime users and Echo owners
  • Consistent app design


  • Recommendations lack sophistication
  • Sound quality could be better
  • No free tier

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £9.99
  • Review price: £9.99/month
  • On-demand streaming of 50 million songs
  • Apps for iOS/Android/Mac/PC
  • Single-device subscriptions available

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Music Unlimited is Amazon’s full-fat streaming service. While standard Prime Music comes as part of an Amazon Prime subscription; Music Unlimited costs £9.99 a month and offers 25 times more songs.

If you’re already a Prime member and want to upgrade, the price drops to a very competitive £7.99. There’s no free, ad-supported option, although you can try it out for 30 days without paying.

Music Unlimited works on iOS, Android, PCs, Macs and Amazon’s own hardware, including Echo speakers. So is it worth going all in and adding another thing to your mounting monthly Amazon bill?

Amazon Music Unlimited– Usability and design

Amazon Music Unlimited

Fire up Music Unlimited on any platform and you won’t find anything that will particularly surprise you. There are slight variations across each one, but the general layout is divided into Home;Recommended, Stations and Playlists;with separate tabs for recently played music and stuff you’ve added to your library.

If you find something you really must own, there’s also a link to Amazon’s Music Store. The mobile app swaps this for an Alexa button (more on her later).

Buy now: Start your 30-day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited

The mobile app also throws in a dedicated Offline Mode, which only shows songs you’ve cached for offline listening. It’s handy to see what’s available to you when you have no internet connection. But you really have to dig into the settings to activate it;or turn it off when you’re back online – it’s just a bit clunkier than it should be.

The desktop app allows you to download songs you own, but there’s no Spotify-style; caching of tunes to listen to when you don’t have an internet connection.

On the apps, the search bar allows you to choose whether to look in your library; across the whole streaming catalogue or in the Amazon Music Store; It can be easy to inadvertently select the wrong location here; so you do have to be careful that it’s looking where you think it is. Otherwise you might think Phil Collins has taken all of his songs off the service (what a nightmare).

Apart from that, it’s generally intuitive and user-friendly. Dragging up on the circular ‘now playing’; icon at the bottom of the mobile app is a nice touch; although things can be a bit slow to load on the web-based version.

You can use up to 10 devices on one account, although if you start playing on one; it’ll stop on any others. To use multiple devices at once, you’ll need a £15-a-month family account.

Amazon Music Unlimited– Catalogue and sound quality

Amazon Music Unlimited

With 50 million songs at your disposal, Amazon Music Unlimited’s catalogue effectively lives up to its name. Search for your traditional streaming refuseniks, such as Jay-Z and Taylor Swift, and you’ll find plenty to listen to. In fact, Jigga actually has more available here than on Spotify; plus it doesn’t do that annoying thing of defaulting to radio edits that some streaming services do.

There’s the odd exclusive, but they tend to be live recordings; such as Jack White’s Kneeling at the Anthem D.C, or, er, Garth Brooks albums. Certainly nothing to sign up for specifically.

A significant chunk of the home page is taken up by playlist suggestions. While there’s a lot there to choose from, they’re pretty generic and nothing really jumps out.

The suggestions also feel very much like they were put together by algorithms. Although dig deep enough and you should find something with a few surprises on it. Hip-Hop for Housework, anyone?

While Amazon hasn’t disclosed the specific bitrates it offers; everyone gets to choose how good they want their music to sound. By default, it’ll adjust automatically depending on the strength of your connection, which can be handy when out and about. But you can also select from low, medium and high quality.

Only a masochist would choose to use anything other than high quality, and it holds up well against the competition. It doesn’t sound as lively as Apple Music; but it’s certainly comparable with Spotify’s highest-quality 320kbps streams; with perhaps a touch more subtlety about it when heard through a decent pair of headphones.

Amazon Music Unlimited – Discovery and curation

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited offers its fair share of curated playlists on its home page and recommended tab; but there’s nothing as bespoke here as Spotify’s Discover Weekly or Daily Mix playlists.

It’ll serve up a huge selection it thinks you will like, but it almost goes too far; offering up so much in the hope something will stick. None of the playlists have been put together just for you, though; and you tend to see the same things over and over again. There’s no way of telling it what you like or don’t like either; so you can’t actively help its recommendations to improve.

The lists of albums and songs it recommends tend to be dominated by artists you’ve already listened to; which isn’t exactly rocket surgery. And when it does go out on a limb to suggest something new, the results often just seem lazy. Recommending New Order to someone because they listened to Joy Division basically assumes they are a moron.

To some, this assessment might seem harsh. But music discovery is the main battleground for streaming services these days. While Amazon Music Unlimited pushes plenty of albums and playlists that are ‘for you’, it just doesn’t feel particularly personal.

Amazon Music Unlimited – Connectivity

Amazon Music Unlimited

When using the website or desktop app there’s no option to send your music anywhere else; but the mobile app has Airplay built in; plus you can obviously just use a standard Bluetooth connection to hook up an external speaker.

It’s slightly odd that Spotify Connect; allows you to connect to Echo devices from an app more easily than Amazon’s own one does; but perhaps it’s a conscious choice to encourage more people to use their voices.

Using Music Unlimited on an Echo device is ridiculously easy, though. You can start the free trial just by saying: “Alexa; try Amazon Music Unlimited,” and once it’s set up, you can do everything you need to with your voice. The only thing that might stump you is choosing what to listen to ; it can be surprisingly difficult without anything to browse.

Amazon offers a single-device plan for £3.99 a month; which means your Music Unlimited access is tied to one specific Echo product. Smart speakers tend to be communal devices; so if you want everyone in the family to be able to play music on it; whether the account owner is streaming tunes elsewhere or not; this is a pretty affordable way to do it.

Amazon Music Unlimited– Extras

Amazon Music Unlimited

Despite having Prime Video on its books; Amazon hasn’t bothered to include any video content on Music Unlimited;but considering how half-baked it is on most streaming services, it doesn’t feel like a big miss at all.

The main thing that sets the mobile app apart from the others is that; regardless of which OS it’s on, it has Alexa built in. But in everyday use, its benefits are limited. In order to use it, you must first fire up the app, then press the Alexa icon before speaking. As well as asking for particular songs, artists; albums and playlists, you can also search by lyrics;which is something Apple’s HomePod only just got with the iOS 12 update.

Overall, it works well and is generally quick to return results. But those extra steps that don’t exist ;when using Alexa on an Echo speaker make it far less useful and unlikely to become second nature. Even Siri on an iPhone and Apple Music have a closer relationship.

Why subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited?

Apart from the built-in Alexa support; which is of limited use anyway; there’s nothing about Amazon Music Unlimited that really sets it apart from any of its rivals.

If you just want something you can use exclusively on an Echo speaker and nowhere else; Amazon’s £3.99 single-device plan makes Music Unlimited a bit of a steal. But it doesn’t seem like that applies to too many people in the market for a music-streaming service.

Even with the reduced price offered to Prime subscribers, Music Unlimited is hard to recommend. While it does the basics well enough, with Spotify and Apple Music offering better discovery features; it’s difficult to shake the feeling that Amazon’s platform doesn’t entirely deserve its name.


Although extra affordable for Prime subscribers, Amazon Music Unlimited lacks the personal touch.

Why Hong Kong real estate bubble will not burst soon

Hong Kong’s hot real estate market is a good place for wealthy mainlanders and international investment bets. Their hot money, coupled with the psychological expectations that locals think property prices will continue to climb, means that the bubble will not burst.

If you think that Hong Kong’s crazy property market will magically restore its rationality one day, don’t hold your breath, you will only breathe. Hurry to forget the dream of owning a house, unless you are a wealthy person who is unscrupulous, or has a rich father, a rich mother, and no longer a six-color lottery, otherwise it is still a dream. If China and the United States do not launch a comprehensive trade war or military conflict, a mainland attack, or a SARS-like deadly disease, the local property market will only rise in one direction.

Property prices are hard to come down

If you believe that rising property prices will inevitably come down, then you are wrong. As I said before, this law of universal gravitation does not apply to Hong Kong, and it is gone forever. The decline in property prices in recent years is not due to the overheated market, but because of the Asian financial crisis, the SARS outbreak in 2003, and the 2008 global financial tsunami.

Hong Kong’s property market has rebounded rapidly since the 2008 financial tsunami. Since then, it has been overheated. The cooling measures of every SAR government have not been effective. This clearly proves that we have an irrational real estate market.

Former Chief Executive Donald Tsang has introduced measures to curb property prices, but developers and buyers are not concerned about this; his successor, Leung Chun-ying, has strengthened these measures for local and foreign buyers, but property prices continue to climb.

The current chief executive, Mrs Lam, has continued to launch a new “hot trick” this month, including decoupling the private residential market from subsidized housing. However, in the few days after the launch of the new measures, developers are still pushing the price increase, and the rushing buyers are still rushing to subscribe. In the past Sunday, the new disk launched by Sun Hung Kai Properties attracted buyers to spend hours rushing to buy.

Under the current “Spicy Trick”, local buyers are required to pay a 15% stamp duty to purchase a second unit, while foreign buyers and company buyers are required to pay an additional 15% stamp duty and sell it within three years of purchase. The owner of the property must pay a minimum of 20% stamp duty. However, Hong Kong is still the most expensive place in the world.

This is what the former Financial Secretary, Mr. Tsang Chun-wah, pointed out in February 2013 when he announced the launch of the property market “double hot tricks”: “The risk of asset bubbles is increasing. If we let the asset bubble grow, it will eventually affect the macro economy and the financial system. Stability, which will cause great damage to society.”

The irrational bubble is difficult to blast

This is more than five years ago. No one will deny that our real estate market is in a dangerous irrational bubble, but there is no indication that the bubble will burst soon. When developers continue to push up property prices and try to bypass the government’s cooling measures to attract people to buy, how can the bubble burst? When buyers believe that property prices will continue to soar and the Government is unable to stop it, how can they believe that the bubble will burst?

The Financial Secretary, Chen Maobo, told me many times during the TV interview that buyers should carefully consider overheated property prices, their affordability, and the trend of US interest rate hikes before deciding to buy a home. However, the speaker is awkward and the listener is jealous. As a policy, cooling measures have been repeatedly tested over the years, and our policy makers need to break their one-line thinking, they need to completely change their way of thinking.

I have said before that Hong Kong’s real estate market is no longer just serving 7 million people in the city. We must now serve a country with 1.3 billion people and more and more wealthy people are eager to transfer wealth. Hong Kong’s hot real estate market is a good place for wealthy mainlanders and international investment bets. Their hot money, coupled with the psychological expectations that locals think property prices will continue to climb, means that the bubble will not burst.

I hereby once again appeal to policy makers to have the courage to stop anyone other than Hong Kong identity card holders from entering the local property market, or at least to use tax or other measures to make Hong Kong property market no longer attractive to foreigners. This will be immediate and will have a cooling effect. Shi Yongqing, the founder of Zhongyuan Real Estate, proposed to separate a more affordable local market and a foreign market, and it is worth trying.

Urgent need for short-term solutions

Apart from this, there is no feasible solution. The levy of the vacant unit is only a temporary solution and has no lasting effect. Reclamation, the use of country parks, the construction of more public housing, the use of Fanling Golf Course, the termination of the small house policy, etc., are far from being able to save the fire. What we urgently need is a short-term solution.

Decoupling subsidized housing prices from private housing markets and converting land for private housing to building subsidized housing, rather than helping those eligible for housing, for those who are not eligible for subsidized housing but cannot afford private housing This will make private homes more expensive. I use the taxes I pay to subsidize other people to buy cheaper government-funded houses. But is one unit still unable to afford me?

With the formation of the Greater Bay Area, more mainland and overseas companies will set up offices in Hong Kong, meaning that we will see more mainlanders coming in and they need housing. As we have seen, they do not. Irrespective of irrational property prices, this means that the private residential market will become even more out of reach for Hong Kong people who are not eligible for subsidies or public housing.

This is the last chance. Lin Zhengyue, Chen Maobo, Director of Development Bureau Huang Weilun, Secretary for Transport and Housing, Chen Fan, and other officials involved in housing policy must acknowledge that the current property market cooling measures have lapsed. There is only one solution at present – Hong Kong’s housing can only be supplied to Hong Kong. people!

Originally published in the “Newsletter” EJ Insight, the agency was authorized by the author to translate.

Do you really understand the real estate development trend in the next few years?

Ma Yun of the mainland said that the cheapest thing after 30 years is the house. Many people think that Ma Yun is full of words, this sentence is not reliable, how can China’s housing prices fall, do not believe! It is normal for a businessman like Ma Yun to say that he is good for himself. After completing the infrastructure construction, China has repositioned the status of China’s real estate. More and more Chinese people think that house prices are falling and that the future houses are worthless.

Ma Yun once said: The future houses are like green onions. He said that in the past eight years, China’s housing prices have generally risen sharply. Eight years later, the cheapest thing in China may be the house. “The house begins to eat people.” Real estate transactions continue to move towards a weak market, and negative news makes people feel that there is no future without buying a house.

Is the future house really like a green onion? Do you really understand the real estate development trend in the next few years? (Good Room Information Center) The real estate market will enter the market every few years, and this is the case in all countries. There will always be much conflicting information at this time. The tragic and negative news of various markets will make you a little overwhelmed. If you don’t have a deep understanding and confidence in buying a house, you will soon choose to give up. But the wisdom of mankind is to be able to maintain two contradictory concepts in mind and coexist.

In my opinion, the short-term reversal of the housing market and the long-term, it is not contradictory. On the contrary, we should be secretly glad that every adjustment gives us a chance to buy at a lower price. The key question is whether you have seen the real estate development trend. 01 Long-term view: In the past 12 years, the price of Taipei City has generally increased more than 2 times, and New Taipei City is about 1.5 times. Take Taipei City as an example. The main rising waves were 70% in 2003-2007 and 30% in 2008-2014. House prices in Taipei City have not been rising all the time. In 2008 and the second half of 2014, there was a 5-15% fall. But overall, housing prices are easy to rise and fall. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, inflation caused by monetary easing leads to an increase in asset prices, and on the other hand, new immigrants are pouring into Taipei. My confidence in the housing market in Taipei comes from: We are facing the problem of potential population aging and insufficient technological innovation, which makes the internal production efficiency not high. Therefore, Taiwan needs to maintain interest rates for a long time in the future. The low level stimulates economic growth through monetary easing. Looking back at the long history, no country in the world is adopting an austerity policy. The rise in house prices is not that the house really adds value, but the monetary easing makes the purchasing power of the money dilute. It is really the average price of Taipei City, which is 1 million yuan per ping. It is possible to eat a bowl of noodles of 200 yuan or more. 02 Internal cause: Long-term optimism and short-cycle operation is still not the same. When we pull our sights closer, look at the specific internal factors of a real estate market launch. Let me first say whether there is a surplus of new homes launched each year? Since the second half of 2014, with the levy of the mortuary tax, the housing market has been knocked down at the end of the year. In 2016, the housing and land tax continued to come, allowing speculative buying to almost completely exit the market, which also led to a sharp decline in real estate transactions.

The trading volume slipped to 259,000. In 2016, it even slipped to the lowest level since 1991 (245,000). It was not until 2017 that the transaction volume stopped falling for the first time. The number of transactions in the whole year increased to 266,000. If we look at the transaction volume of the entire market, the transaction volume in 2001 was 259,000. At this time, the housing market was not serious, and then the transaction volume of the housing market increased year by year, reaching the peak of the transaction in 2006 (450,000). After that, house prices continued to soar, but the house prices at this time have made some people unable to bear the load. In 2009, the financial turmoil paused, the market bought a new wind, and the trading volume increased slightly for two consecutive years. The government increased the measures to hit the house (including the luxury tax).

However, the government measures at this time are not enough to stabilize housing prices. In 2011, the volume of trading in the housing market began to fall again. Except for the buffer period before the people grasped the tax reform in 2013, a large number of transactions and high transaction volume, basically the transaction volume of the housing market fell, but the house price was due to the real estate speculation. High, until the 2014 mortuary tax, real estate tax, really let the house prices begin to fall. So is the new home a surplus? Actually not, but the housing prices of new homes are so expensive that most people can’t afford them. Most people have a demand for new homes, but they are forced to continue to live in old ones because they can’t afford them. There is work demand in big cities. When people come to work in North City, they must first solve the housing problem. After buying small, relatively remote and so on, after saving enough money, the next step is to buy the house. The material culture of people living in big houses and living in houses always needs to exist. Therefore, taking a little longer time, the demand for new houses in the Greater Taipei area must exist. One is the demand of foreign newcomers, and the other is the need to move out of the old houses and new houses. As for the recent development, it is limited to the spokes. Leave it for the next time to break down.

Want to escape from Hong Kong! The number of inquiries from real estate agents in these cities has surged

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] As Hong Kong’s “Reverse Sending” protests continue to burn, Canadian and British real estate agents have received a large number of investors eager to leave Hong Kong; Bloomberg reports that China’s influence has expanded and Hong Kong’s political prospects are not Steady, more Hong Kong buyers are looking for real estate in Toronto, Vancouver, and London.

Dan Scarrow, president of Vancouver-based real estate brokerage Macdonald Real Estate Group, pointed out that many of the agents found that the demand for housing and renting from Hong Kong increased significantly this month; the previous ratio of Chinese buyers to Hong Kong buyers during the open house inspection period was about It is 5 to 1. Now it is completely reversed. He believes that the final transaction can be seen in the next change in Hong Kong’s situation.

CBRE Asia Investment Manager David Ho pointed out that investment from Hong Kong may become the main source of funds, people are shocked by the current environment in Hong Kong because Hong Kong has always been a stable, rule of law financial center, so may want to put money Transfer to other countries to hedge.

The report pointed out that Vancouver’s housing prices have continued to fall in the past year, which may become the first choice for Hong Kong funds. Due to the development of technology and financial services, Toronto’s commercial and residential investment is also very popular. In addition, the uncertainty of Brexit plus Weak sterling and falling prices, compared to other major markets, London currently has the largest discount space, the price of high-end residential is about 28% lower than five years ago.

Real estate technology makes real estate go-to service

Can Hong Kong land be released through technology? To be honest, although technology is changing with each passing day, it is only one of the auxiliary tools. The government’s conceptual thinking, land, and housing policies, the efficiency of implementation, and how to use technology can all influence the possibility of land being released from existing systems. The author certainly hopes that the authorities can make good use of technology, reduce the transaction cost of the real estate development industry chain, and at the same time improve efficiency, in order to create a win-win situation. In addition, the real estate industry’s use of Internet technology business model innovation is also beneficial to promote the “urban organic renewal” proposed by the mainland Professor Wu Liangwei, thereby releasing more floor space.

For example, in the case of commercial real estate for office or retail use, in the Internet era, real estate users will require more open and diverse space use. Therefore, traditional commercial real estate must be re-engineered to continuously respond to market demand. Sharing the office and sharing the business model of the residence is also taking the Real Estate as a Service, covering energy conservation, environmental protection, communication, and cultural environment. In this way, the per capita cost of floor space can also be reduced with these innovative business models driven by Internet technology.

When the supply of land and the floor area are released through technology, can the property prices in Hong Kong be lowered accordingly? In theory, it is okay to look at the relationship between supply and demand. However, the high property prices in Hong Kong are not caused by the lack of land supply alone. The high land price policy, low-interest rates have led to the influx of hot money and investors’ preference for “bricks”. Involved in it.

In any case, technology makes human progress, and how to use the prosperous PropTech is exactly what we need to ponder.

The author is the CEO of Fangtu Holdings and the founder of Asia PropTech

Why is there an extra day in a leap year

Almost every four years, we will add an extra day to the calendar on February 29th, which is the next day. In short, these extra 24 hours are built into the calendar to ensure it is consistent with the sun movement around Earth. Although the modern calendar contains 365 days, the actual time required for the Earth to orbit its stars is slightly longer, at 365. 2421 days. This difference seems to be negligible, but for decades and centuries, the season of missing a quarter can add up. To ensure consistency with the real astronomical year, it is necessary to add an extra day to compensate for the lost time and synchronize the calendar with the sky. The Egyptians first calculated the needs of the Jubilee, but it was not until the Roman dictator Julius Caesar ruled that this custom arrived in Europe. Until then, the Roman calendar was carried out on a chaotic model of the moon, often requiring an additional month to maintain the consistency of the celestial body.

Finally, in 46 BC, Caesar and astronomer Sosigoni modified the Roman calendar, including 12 months and 365 days. This БаньCalendarБ also compensates for the Sun Year by adding one day every four years. The Caesars model helped re-adjust the Roman calendar, but it has a small problem. Because the solar year is only. It is 242 days older than the calendar, not even. 25, a leap year is added every four years, in fact, the remaining time is about 11 minutes per year. This small difference means that the Julian calendar deviates from the day every 128 years and by the 14th century it has deviated from the 10 days of the Sun. In order to solve this problem, Pope Gregory XIII formulated the revised Gregory calendar in 1582. In this model, leap years occur every four years, except for years that can be divisible by 100 instead of 400 divisibility.

Although the standard calendar year is 365 days, the Earth actually needs 365 days, 5 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 46 seconds to completely revolve around the sun. (This is called the Year of the Sun). In order to keep the calendar cycle in sync with the season, one day is added every four years on February 29 (usually).

The Julian calendar (established by Julius Caesar in 46 BC) introduced the Gregorian calendar of Egypt into the Roman world, standardizing the 365-day year and creating the predecessor of our current Jubilee. February 29th was not reflected on the Julian calendar but was repeated every four years on February 23. You might ask, the solar sun is not a full 365 days and 6 hours, then an extra 11 minutes and 14 seconds? The additional calendar reforms in 1500 added a special rule to adjust for this difference.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII created a slightly modified calendar to better explain the next day. This new system is called the Gregorian calendar. This new system means that a century without a century (such as 1900) will be a leap year, except for the century that can be divisible by 400 years (such as 2000). In order to correct the calendar, the Pope eliminated the calendar from October 5 to October 14, 1582. The calendar moves directly from the fourth to the fifteenth to realign the date with the season. It feels like science fiction, and I think it was removed from the calendar for ten days in 1582. But where does the word leap year come from? In days when 365 days are called perennial, the fixed date is advanced one day of the week each year. For example, Christmas fell on Thursday in 2014 and Friday in 2015. With the insertion of the next day, the date (after February) is two days ahead of the day. In 2016, Christmas will jump to Sunday on Saturday. Anyway, will you celebrate the next day?

Destiny is not seeking, it is self-cultivation


When you encounter setbacks, someone will help you, it is your luck, no one is helping you, it is your destiny, no one should do anything for you. 

Life is your own, you have to be responsible for yourself, you will be late in the evening, you will not be able to test without reading. 

We should ask ourselves a little more to be able to help others. 

Life is like a seed that will eventually grow into a big tree. 

Be kind, have good deeds, and naturally have good fruits. 

The fate of life is not sought, it is self-cultivation, sincerely good, good in water, good in heart, self-protection. 

To be good at heart, to be good at heart, to be good at heart, people will be happy and happy. 

Everything is rooted in the heart. As long as we have good intentions and good deeds, there must be good fruits. 

Goodness has no enemy wisdom and no troubles. 

A little more compassion, a little more wisdom. 

Everything is illusory, and if you see each other, you will see it. 

Days are good days, seconds and seconds are peaceful, leisurely, free, casual, casual, calm, happy and worry-free. 


There is no road in the world, no flowers in the world.

There is no road in the world, no flowers in the world. 

What we have to work hard to achieve is not the ability to call for the wind, but to look down on the mind. 

If you stand tall, you can see it far, and you can see it if you look down. 

Words, can’t be too full, full of hard to round; 

tune, can’t be set too high, high is difficult to harmonize; 

things can’t be done too much, it’s hard to go forward; 

love, can’t get too deep, deep It is difficult to extricate themselves; 

profit can not be seen too heavy, it is difficult to be clear- minded; 

people can not be too fake, it is difficult to pay attention to the heart; the 

world can not be seen too clear, clear is difficult to act. 

Since ancient times, life is the most taboo, semi-poor and semi-rich! 

Half-life half-day opportunity, half take half a half good! 

Half a dumb and half dumb, half-smart and half-stupid sage! 

Half man and half, I am half-small, half-awake, half drunk and half-sacred! 

Half-parent and half-loving, bitter and half-family! 

Half of life lies with me, and the other half listens to nature! 

Some small things, when you think too much, become a big deal. 

When the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small; the glory of the world is bleak, and the heart is safe and sound. 

A lot of things, how hard you end up losing or not; many feelings, how do you cherish but repeat the same separation. 

There is something wrong with it, and there is a lack of knowing and knowing; sharp gas is hidden in the chest, and air is floating in the face; talent is seen in the matter, and loyalty is applied to others. 

If you want to go fast, you will go on your own way; if you want to go far, you will go with you. Fast and far are our pursuit.

Some people can understand, have the heart to be able to rely on, and have the feelings to be pity. This life is enough. 

With positioning, we have the direction; with strength, we have hope. 

Being a person, being a character first, can be a second; doing things, being clear-minded, and being diligent. 

Life must learn not to complain, not to wait, not blindly. 

Today’s big thing, tomorrow is a small matter, this year’s big thing, to the next year is the story, encounter the unsatisfactory thing, say to yourself, today will pass, tomorrow will come, a new day will begin.

Life, learning while walking


Life, learn while walking! 

Learn to understand, because only by understanding others will be understood by others. 

Learn to be patient, because things have become a reality and you can’t change. 

Learn to be tolerant, because no one can be born in life, no one is perfect. 

Learn to be silent, because silence is gold. 

Learn to say no, because you can’t do anything you can’t do, do what you can. 

Learn to observe, because the world is nothing, and only by changing its eyes, can it be arguing about right and wrong. 

Learn to forget, because only forgetting what you have lost can be based on the present and looking to the future. 

Learn to give up, because some things can only be appreciated far. If you are not yours, don’t pursue it. Giving up is the best choice. 

Learn to adapt because you have to survive under any conditions. 

Learn to cherish, because now you get the best. 

Learn to pay, because only pay can show the value of your existence. 

Learn to restrain, because impulses often get back. 

Learn to struggle because it is a companion to my good life. 

Learn to be tough, because only then can you overcome many difficulties in life. 

Learn to think about it so that you can find your own shortcomings. 

Learn to try, because only in this way can you understand the hardships and joys of life. 

Learn to change because you can’t change others, only change yourself. 

Learn to be stupid because life is hard to get confused. 

Learn to be happy, because only happy to spend every day, live is wonderful.

Learn to be content, because only in this way will you feel how beautiful life is now, and so-called contentment. 

Learn to love, because love can give me strength, only love can get real happiness. 

Learn to be grateful, because gratitude can bring harmony, bring happiness, and not let yourself have regrets. 

At the foot of the road of life, the heart of life flows, the wind and frost, the arrogant frost, the careful taste, and the life.



Comrade Kim Jong-un climbed with the guards. 

At halfway up the mountain, the guard said: “General, tired, go back.” 

Kim Jong-un sighed: “I didn’t say tired, you said tired first? All halfway up the mountain, how can you halfway? If the revolution So, can it be successful?” The 

guard shyly lowered his head. Finally tried to climb the top of the mountain. 

Kim Jong-un encouraged to say: “Young people should exercise more!” 

Then Kim Jong-un climbed down from the guard. 

Later, the reporter interviewed the security guard: “What do you feel at the time?” The 

guard said excitedly: “The grace is like a mountain!”
 Mom, can I buy you a sweeping robot? 

Daughter: “Mom, I will buy you a sweeping robot, so you don’t have to bend over and sweep the ground.” 

Mom: “No, waste money.” 

Daughter: “Then I will buy you a dishwasher, can save you? ” 

Mother: “No, waste money.” 

Daughter: “What do you want?” 

Mom: “Nothing, you can do these things.”

What is the best in life?

There was a young man who sat helplessly sitting in the chair of the park and sighed. The old man next to him asked the young man: “Young man, what’s the matter?” The 

young man did not answer, and asked the old man: “Old man, what do you think is the most in this life? Ok?” The 

old man chuckled back: 

Oh! When I have no money, I feel that the money is the best. When I have no room, I feel that the room is the best. When I am sick, I feel that my health is the best. When I leave, I feel that I am the best! 

People, always can’t understand, what is the best? 

Say good money, money can not buy things; say that the room is good, the room also has a day to take. 

Really the best, always priceless, precious! 

In this life, what is the best? 

The healthy body is the best, the true feelings are the best, and there is a person with you in your heart. Every day, there is a person who greets you best, and every day is the best! 

Come on, boy.