6 suggestions for you to resist the evil, you drink bubble tea is not so fat

Japan has recently set off an unprecedented desktop drink boom, starting with new specialty stores around the city center. The streets and alleys are full of all kinds of tea shops, long queues, women with desktop drinks in their hands. Everywhere!  Recently, there was even a Japanese TV show that described Tokyo as being in a state of “Pearl Raiders.”

However, while enjoying, the friends on the Japanese network realized that “the pearls of Jane’s milk are too much to be fattened.”

Unexpectedly (?) actually those ” bubble tea ” are very fat

Takagi Saori, a Japanese fashion model and beauty-related writer, recently wrote an article on the Japanese media website “Women’s SPA” to remind everyone to pay attention to the “potential devil” behind the “Journey”.

She pointed out that the powder used in tabletop beverages is commonly known as “pearl”. Because the main raw material, tapioca starch, contains a lot of carbohydrates, after converting to calories, it has reached 346 calories per 100g of tapioca starch, 179 calories than the same weight of rice balls. Close to twice as high.

Even if it’s a S SIZE desktop drink, even if you don’t use too many pearls, plus the milk tea, fresh milk roasted tea and fresh milk matcha body, the added calories are terrible!

If you can’t stand the “devil temptation,” please keep in mind the 6 recommendations.

Of course, even in the process of losing weight, it is very difficult to completely quit drinking a tabletop drink, especially when you are outside the street with friends, you will often be unable to resist the temptation. Finally, you will agree to another “last cup.”

Takagi Saori reminds you that if you really want to have a drink anyway, be sure to pay attention to the following six rules for drinking tabletop drinks when you lose weight!

1. The most basic thing is that desktop drinks are not just milk tea.

The healthiest way, of course, is not to drink (light speed escape)! When it comes to desktop drinks, you will definitely think of pearl milk tea in the first place. Because milk tea and pearls are also super high in sugar, if you drink too much, the blood sugar number will be very bad. So instead of just drinking a high-calorie milk, consider a lower sugar jasmine tea and oolong tea?

2. Don’t hesitate to buy S SIZE

In general, desktop beverage stores have SML sizes to choose from. The more pearls you use in the bigger cup, the more calories will rise in proportion, so if you want to be healthy, don’t drink too much. Anyway, it is also a very enjoyable choice or a “hands-on” with friends. “It is a good choice to eat less.”

3. Don’t take too many ingredients

Try to control the amount of milk foam, chocolate or pearls. Some things that look inconspicuous are often the original culprits who have made calories too much!

4. Do not add ice, or directly drink hot drinks

Frozen drinks can reduce the gastrointestinal function, thereby reducing the basal metabolic rate, which can make it difficult for the body to consume a sudden increase in calories and thus more easily make the weight rebound, so it is a good choice to not add ice or even buy hot drinks directly.

On the left, the right side of the pearl soy milk jasmine tea is “pearl milk Tie Guanyin” (image from Chunshuitang official website )

The author specially introduced Chunshuitang, which has branches in Japan. Recently, I added two kinds of hot drinks, “Pearl Soy Milk Jasmine Tea” and “Pearl Soy Milk Tieguanyin”. Drink it and drink it.

5. Chew before you drink it.

When using a drinking tube to drink a tabletop drink, you should drink a lot of big pearls directly into your stomach without chewing. Please note that this will actually put a lot of burden on the stomach.

6. Please pay attention to the intake of carbohydrates

Just mentioned, the material of the pearl, tapioca starch, contains a lot of carbohydrates. People who don’t know this are surprisingly many. When you lose weight, you can’t take carbohydrates at all, but if you usually pay attention to the number of carbohydrates but don’t control the pearl milk tea, then all the things are actually in vain.

Regardless of your eating habits, when you drink a tabletop drink, please calculate whether your carbohydrate intake will exceed the standard throughout the day. Desktop drinks are popular in the whole city. It is really difficult to resist the temptation to completely quit and not drink. However, when you are losing weight, please try to pay attention to whether this drink will make you exhausted! When everyone wants to have a cup of milk, I hope that the above 6 points can help you!