Actors hand (1) to you who want to be an actor

As a Hong Kong actor, I hope to share a little bit of hope for someone who wants to be or is already an actor and work hard to build a better actor living space. This article is not to teach people what acting, I am not qualified to teach anyone, and your opinion on the actors may be different from me. This is purely my understanding of actors and drama art for many years. Anyone who is interested in becoming an actor is welcome to communicate and make the road of Hong Kong actors even broader.

My definition of the actor

At the beginning of the article, I think it is obligatory to define the actors first. In my world, actors are divided into amateurs and professions. At present, there are many actors in Hong Kong, but many of them actually don’t know anything about acting. They think that they can cry and can be an actor. These people will be called amateur actors, and the other is professional actors.

To become a professional actor, you must first obtain appropriate and rigorous professional training . The acting skills are the same as other arts – playing the piano, painting and dancing. All of them need to be completely transformed through physical training and practice for a long time. Favorite art service. To say that the nature is relatively close is probably dance, dancers and actors are the art of using the body to show. The training time they spend is in years. It takes at least three or four years to train a new actor. New actors must master the use of sound lines, physical control and, above all, understanding human nature.

Many people misunderstand that acting is a skill. In fact, acting is relatively close to psychological cognition. It is a cognition of human nature. Through training, it reveals the level of humanity and presents it to the audience. Unknown people are seeing some by-products produced by acting. I call it the acting effect, and I will copy it and imitate it. If I cry and laugh, it is only its shape and no soul, just like the Chinese-made cottage. The real acting is to present the human soul is the original meaning of acting.

Acquiring acting skills will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and others’ behavior and will affect all the details of your life. Knowing the beauty of mankind, it is also easier to accept the darkness of human nature and finally become a complete person. So some people say that actors are liars. This is a bit wrong. It should be said that actors are creatures that know human nature very well.

Acting is the most controversial skill. Many external factors will affect others’ evaluation of one’s acting skills. A person’s appearance, height, voice, or even hair, such as hair style, can deceive the audience. Appearance is undoubtedly the advantage of becoming an actor. Extreme examples such as South Korea, the actor’s facelift has become an open secret, but professional actors will not be affected by the comments of these parties, as mentioned in the book “Respect for Performing Arts” – “A person’s ugly values ​​will follow Change with the times, but the skills of good actors are immortal.”

Therefore, to become a professional actor, we do not care that we are born beautiful and ugly, but we must know our souls well, and let people show their sexuality on the stage before the audience.

Beautiful women will one day be tired, but the good actors are never tired of it, because they have thousands of faces, the faces on the stage are both himself and not himself, you see him playing on the stage. A terrible big bad guy, but real life is a good gentleman, this is the potential of the actor.

The actor can express the different aspects of human nature through the specific scene of the stage. Like a good actor, he can fully express the ugliness of human nature, but he can retract himself. He can be both a bad guy and a love in the drama. Good husband and wife. If an actor can only play a certain type of character (called a character actor in Hong Kong), then it is a limited actor, even if the script provides more space to play, but because of its limitations, the role becomes not complete. A truly great actor is a familiar player for any character.

Why Hong Kong lacks professional actors

This place in Hong Kong has extremely low requirements for actors because of insufficient training channels. Many people who dream of becoming an outstanding actor have no way of learning, and they skip the basic training and directly participate in the entertainment industry. But after rolling for a while, I began to lose my confusion. I don’t know if I am not good there, but I always feel a little worse. In the end, I thought that I was not suitable for the actor to quit. Apart from the lack of training channels, a large part of the reason is that Hong Kong people are not aware of the training of actors.

Hong Kong people have a very wrong concept for actors. They think that acting is a skill. Acting is an art. It is necessary to learn the skills of the middle through the guidance of the instructor. This is also the world’s doubt about the art of acting. There is no difference, so there is bound to be a famous drama school in a place where there are good actors. A good drama school is inextricably linked to producing good actors.

And perhaps cultural differences, our Hong Kong actors rarely put learning skills in the first place, they are more inclined to enter as soon as possible, the factory-running method of non-stop work to learn acting, but finally learned the gestures, stay At a certain level, there is no way to progress. In my eyes, those people are still the same as amateurs, because they don’t understand the nature of acting. They refer to TV dramas, imitate the actions of people in the drama, and directly insert the characters they want to play next, but they don’t know that imitation is the most in acting. Poor method.

Each person’s personality is also different. Different actors will play different roles in the same role. If you imitate an actor’s role in the play, the effect will be poor, because you are not the actor, nor is it As the character plays, how can different characters react in different time and space?

To be a good character, you need to understand the motivation of the character. Why should he bring an apple before going out today? Why would he fall in love with this girl? Everything is the chemical role of the relationship between the character and the person and the thing, and the chemistry of the role relationship will be discussed next time.

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