Break Her

Break Her的圖片搜尋結果

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I have been working on this book for a few weeks, and I am still trying to digest it. I can confidently say that this book is one of the most disturbing books I have ever read… I read a lot of dark, disturbing content. Where did I start this?

First of all, this book is definitely not for everyone. It is full of aggressive and distorted content that many readers can’t stand. The focus of this book is that when the perpetrator attempts to destroy her mind, body and soul, the heroine has been raped, degraded and abused many times.

Unlike most dark stories I have read, this book is not pornographic in any form or form. It is original, cruel and cloudy. If I want to classify it, I would say it is more psychological than anything else. Looking forward to shaking, even afraid of the content of this book.

In other words, I must thank the author for presenting such an excellent story. It’s not like anything I’ve read before. The author does not attempt to romanticize the situation, nor does it allow the bad guys to attract people in any way, form or form.

At the same time, the book was successfully convinced. The struggle between rape and the victim – both named after the whole book – is very exciting. This is the exploration of the human mind and the length of human existence.

In addition to the victim’s determination, the author also explores the insidious motives of reason. Nothing is stopped. I was ashamed when I read this article and had to rest a few times to finish it. The cruel and graphical nature is overwhelming and lends a sense of reality to the story. Even for me, this content is shocking.

When the victim woke up for rape, the story began. This opening laid the foundation for future development. She soon realized that she would spend the storm in this terrible trial and she must throw it at her attacker. In this case, it means pretending to be a voluntary party in repeated rape.

The rapist has never experienced a victim like her. Even as he tries to break her, he will gradually appreciate her strength and wit. Although he can feel her, he is acting on his own pathology. In many ways, rapists and victims have some kind of “respect” for each other, even if they are determined to destroy each other.

Over time, the victim shared an imbalance with the reader in the past, but never understood enough about why she targeted this crime. Suggest possible motivations, but did not give a specific answer. This is very frustrating for me. After all, I want to know who should be raped by rent.

There is almost no information about rapists. In addition to being hired to rape and break her, we are back in the dark. This is also an annoyance to me when I am eager to know what causes a person like him to be inclined. I am waiting, but it has never been exposed. Perhaps this is appropriate because there is often no good explanation for this meaningless crime.

Whether I hate this book or like it, I walk around. This is certainly not a pleasant read. In fact, most of the time is painful. However, it is very interesting. In the end I was only 3 stars. It may disappear in some way. This is certainly not what I recommend to everyone, but there is no doubt that in such a bad situation, some people are fascinated by this human psychological exploration.