Buy a second-hand house 4 taboo, to understand the reasons for the sale of the house, or stay unlucky!

Buy a second-hand house 4 taboo, to understand the reasons for the sale of the house, or stay unlucky!

We must know that the feng shui of the second-hand house is more messy than the feng shui of the new house. If we don’t pay attention to the feng shui gas field, it will probably affect the fortune after we stayed, so we are looking at the second-hand feng shui. Be sure to pay attention, then how much do you know about second-hand feng shui? Let Xiaobian explain it to you one by one! Buy a second-hand house 4 taboo, to understand the reasons for the sale of the house, or stay unlucky!

1: Pay attention to personal feelings

Secondly, when we choose second-hand housing, we must pay attention to our own feelings. If you enter the door, you will feel uncomfortable, unwell, dizzy, depressed, depressed, etc., which means that you are not in harmony with the Feng Shui field of this house. Even if the feng shui is good, it is not suitable for ourselves. It will also need our future fortune, and it will affect our health. Therefore, a second-hand house that does not feel good should not be purchased.

2, try not to use the home configured by the landlord (if no one has used it)

Especially the bed is something that cannot be used by people. Because the bed and the person are in the longest contact time, the bed will absorb the human gas field. If the person who sleeps in this bed is very unlucky or even died in this bed, then the next hand will continue to use the original person’s suffocation to accept himself. In addition, the air conditioner should also pay attention, because it is also an electric appliance that will absorb the gas field. It is recommended to use the old air conditioner of the landlord. It is best to find someone to clean the air conditioner completely once.

3, pay attention to the lighting of the house

Whether it is a first-hand house or a second-hand house, the lighting of the house is crucial. Lighting has a major impact on the feng shui of the house and is closely related to the fortune we live in. If the lighting effect of the house is poor, the indoor light is not enough, and the sunlight can’t be irradiated, which will cause the indoor environment and atmosphere to become extraordinarily gloomy. It is easy to breed some bacteria and viruses, affecting the health of the family, and it will be in crisis. The family’s fortune development; in addition, the lighting is not good, the atmosphere is too gloomy, and it will affect the family’s nerves, causing the family to be riddled with some negative substances, and hallucinations, etc., so the second-hand houses with poor lighting should not be used. buy. We should choose a house with good lighting and light, so that the second-hand house can make us feel comfortable.

4. Understand the reasons for the sale of the house.

Buying second-hand housing, we not only need to survey the feng shui inside and outside the second-hand housing, we must also understand the reasons for the sale of second-hand housing, because the reason for the sale of second-hand housing will largely reflect the real feng shui of second-hand housing, already used housing The impact on people’s fortune is good or bad; for example, the sale of second-hand houses at home is because making money to change a new house means that the house can make a fortune for the people, and the family will make a fortune again; if it is sold at home The house was bankrupt and owed debts, indicating that the house’s feng shui might not be so good, so that the home was not as good as it used to be; sometimes it was because some accidents and accidents occurred during the residence. For example, if someone jumps into a building and commits suicide, there is a burglary, and there is a murder, etc., then such second-hand houses are even less likely to be purchased. Staying is unlucky!

How to transfer second-hand housing water electrical?

One thing to pay attention to when buying a second-hand house is water and electricity transfer.

Some people in the water and electricity did not pay attention to it. As a result, they went to the tax bureau to check, owed tens of thousands, and found the original landlord, the phone was not connected, so the water and electricity transfer is still very important.

Water transfer: After getting the real estate license, go to the tax bureau to transfer the house, pay the water fee and garbage fee, and the next month is your account name. Some water is bought directly at the property and there is no transfer.

E-transfer: bring ID card, copy of real estate certificate, electricity fee number to the power supply bureau to change the account name. There is no arrears when smart power is used first.

Gas transfer: take the card, a copy of the real estate certificate to the gas company to change the account.

The above is Wuhan, and most cities are similar.

Who likes to buy second-hand housing?

Thank you! Those people like to buy second-hand housing. Kun Peng believes that the key is to look at the demand. No one likes to buy a second-hand house by nature, or loves to buy a new house by nature. The so-called situation is created, and many times it is a coincidence to buy it. Of course, people who like to buy second-hand housing generally have these needs:

First, the new house is the 期房, and you want the existing house.

This situation actually accounts for a relatively high proportion. For example, a friend, when the child was 5 years old last year, the friend thought about changing to a slightly larger house, but watching the child go to elementary school in the second year, look around. There are almost no new houses around the school, and some new buildings are located a little further away, but the delivery time is close to two years, and it is still far from the school. Considering this, the friend finally bought a second-hand house near the school. It is convenient for the children to go to school. Secondly, the house can be used for the elderly to pick up and drop off. In this way, the second-hand housing started.

Second, not willing to decorate, no time to run

In fact, to buy second-hand housing, buy is still a matter of saving. If you buy a second-hand house, the former owner loves the property, and the decoration is only a few years. The whole room looks like 80% new. This kind of house is actually very reliable, you even saved the decoration. It takes time and effort to pay for it. There are a lot of such friends around, there is no time to run the decoration, I hope to find a second-hand house with better decoration, just need to take care of it, add furniture and you can stay directly.

Third, buy second-hand clean water room, save money

In fact, there are many payments from various industries. For example, real estate developers may use the house to pay the construction party and pay the materials supplier. Of course, their mortgage prices are cheaper than the market price itself. After the building house or material supplier gets these houses, they will also sell them. This second-hand house is actually the same as the new house, but it is not directly bought from the open dealer. However, this kind of second-hand housing costs are cheaper and more affordable than in the hands of openers. If there are reliable resources and there is a trust in the middle to handle this matter, will you also be heart-warming? It is entirely possible that a suite is as cheap as one hundred and twenty thousand.

Fourth, more satisfied with the type and structure

There are still some people who may not be satisfied with the new house structure. For example, the new house may have smaller bedrooms and the living room is relatively larger, but many people are not used to living in small bedrooms, and even some people are facing the house. I am not satisfied, just some second-hand houses are more able to meet their needs, the price is still affordable, why not choose second-hand housing?

In general, there is no difference in the nature between buying a second-hand house and buying a new house. There is no such thing as a higher-level one. If you choose to be satisfied, it is the king.

How to buy second-hand housing to prevent being cheated?

Xiaochao answers to answer your doubts

I have been working in a second-hand property for 3 years, and I don’t know how to choose a house or buy a house. Here I will describe it for you in detail.In “Book of Rites·University”, it is mentioned: “Slimming the Qi family to rule the country and the world.” Needless to say, there must be a house!

Then in the process of buying a second-hand house, if you want to not be led by others, you must know the following points:

First, the property rights of second-hand housing:

1. Private property: The private property room is also the type of room that most people contact, and it is a property that can be listed for free trading.

2. Public property: The trading house is not allowed to trade. Property rights are owned by the unit, and individuals have the right to use. Individuals do not have a title certificate, only the unit issued a house ticket (property use certificate).

3. Military products: can not be listed and traded, can be inherited, if you want to sell, you must sell to the troops.

Note: When buying a house, you must see the information on the real estate certificate, and the private property room has a logo.

Second, second-hand housing taxes and fees:

Taxes and fees are mainly: deed tax, individual tax, value added tax and additional

1. Deed tax:

Deed tax is an inevitable tax in real estate transactions. The fees are as follows:

First or second suite, housing area ≤ 90 square meters, deed tax is 1%

The first house area is >90 square meters and the deed tax is 1.5%.

The second house has an area of ​​>90 square meters and the deed tax is 2%.

Among them, Beishang Guangshen: the first house deed tax policy is the same as the second; the second and non-ordinary houses, the deed tax is 3%.

Note: The deed tax for second-hand housing is calculated based on the assessed price of the house, not the transaction price of the house.

2. Value-added tax and surcharge

If the transaction date of the house is less than 2 years from the date of re-sale, the value-added tax will be charged (the large tax that the common people often say is that there is no big tax for the past 5 years, and now it is 2 years). According to the regulations, the value-added tax and the additional value should be borne by the seller, but everything determines the price of the house. Even if the seller bears the tax, the house price is increased, and the same is true. Therefore, the transaction can be negotiated by both parties and clearly stated in the contract. can.

3. Tax

The only five is exempt from tax. Full five means that the real estate license is calculated from the date of the issuance to the last trading date of 5 years. The only thing is that the seller has only this house in the transaction record of the region. Buying a second-hand house is best done with five unique ones, which can save a lot of tax collection.

Third, the nature of second-hand housing:

1. Commodity housing: Commercial housing can be listed immediately, and the bank will be mortgaged for loans.

2. Relocation house: The relocation house enjoys the preferential policies of the national policy, does not include the land transfer fee, the price is relatively low and has small property rights, and does not enjoy the above-mentioned power of the commercial house. If the demolisher compensates the demolished person by returning the house, the compensation house shall be verified by the relevant competent department of the municipal government with reference to the economically applicable housing policy, and shall be managed in accordance with the economically applicable housing policy.

Note: Buying a house is highly recommended to buy – regular commercial housing! Formal commercial housing! Formal commercial housing!

Fourth, whether there is a dispute in second-hand housing:

1. Arbitrage room: Whether the house has mortgage loan and credit cancellation behavior, please check it before purchase to avoid being deceived.

2. Family disputes: Whether there are family disputes in the house, such as the owner of the house does not agree to sell the house.

Fifth, objective factors of second-hand housing

1. Location: The location of the house is very important, mainly depending on whether it belongs to the suburb or the urban area, the inner ring and the outer ring, etc., depending on the provinces and cities.

2. Peripheral facilities: Whether there are subways, stations, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. If the construction is not complete, it depends on whether there is any possibility of construction and development in the future.

3. Community planning: whether the residential area is closed or not, whether the management is in place, the green area is proportioned, and whether the vehicle is separated or not.

4. Property situation: The property is looking for a good place, so as to avoid problems in the future, it is not a problem.

5. Floor: 15 floors are optimal for the upper floors, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is light blocking or insufficient light below 10 layers. The multi-layer is optimal in three layers, so-called “Golden 3 Silver 4”. Of course, if it is an elderly housing, it can be appropriately selected without an elevator.

6. Orientation: The middle and south of the board building is the best, followed by the east and west, as well as the north and south, the north and south, the east and west (rare), the east and west (rarely), and the single south, single east, and single west. Single-oriented houses should pay attention: single south is the best, commonly known as “small three-yang room”, there is light all day; single east has sun in the morning, single west is “sunshine day”, summer will be very hot. The southeast is the best in the point building, followed by the southwest, and also the northeast, northwest, single east, single west, single south, and single north. Single north is not recommended to buy, because the sun is not seen throughout the year, it will be very depressed.

7. Whether it is facing the street / Linqiao: If the house is on the street or the bridge will be very noisy, it will greatly affect people’s rest. The upper 15 floors will be better. If it is a multi-storey building, it is estimated that it is a dream to have a nap during the day.

8. Pattern: The layout of the house is very important. The size of the house is generally larger, mostly for 2 rooms. The picture below is a formal “H” floor plan, which is a good pattern in the transparent house.

9. Renovation: The decoration mainly depends on personal preference. If you want to decorate yourself, it is best to choose a blank or a simple room without decoration, which can save money.

10. Feng Shui: Feng Shui is still a very important issue. Some people never buy an 18-story home because of the “18-layer hell.” Some people are very concerned about the situation around the house. I once took a customer to see the house. As a result, there was a tall chimney outside the window of the house. The customer expressed dissatisfaction on the spot.

Sixth, second-hand housing transaction process:

After everyone has a general understanding, there is no need to be afraid to buy a house without knowing how to be fooled. Isn’t it?

What opinions and opinions do you have, let’s discuss them together!

What are the risks of buying a second-hand home and picking up a landlord loan?

Generally, there is no problem with normal procedures. Recently, bank interest rates have risen and loans have tightened. Generally, this procedure is cumbersome and has a long period of time. There are any policy changes in the middle. People in the middle do not understand. In order not to find trouble for themselves, it is best to have original houses. The Lord repays the loan, we only take over, and there is a different review by each bank. In case it is reviewed, it is more troublesome.

When buying a second-hand house, what can I do to save money?

What kind of second-hand housing to buy, you look at Hangzhou new home is cheaper than second-hand housing.

How to buy second-hand housing does not suffer?

Generally, before buying a second-hand house, you should first understand the current average price of the community. Be careful not to look at the Internet. If you look at the average price of the Internet, you can’t buy a house. You can go to a number of intermediaries to ask about the price, it is best to plan the area of ​​the community, floor, area, decoration and so on. The prices obtained by several intermediaries are compared, and it would be better if there were several intermediaries reporting the same set of houses.

When selecting a house, it is necessary to fully consider the location of the community, the floor where the house is located, the lighting, the size of the house, and the potential for appreciation, so that it can be shot later.

After the house is selected, it is about the price. It has a good relationship with the intermediary. Try not to talk about the agency fee, and let the intermediary stand on your side to help you bargain.

If there is only one agency in a house, please try not to consider it.

Hopefully it helped you!

How to bargain when buying second-hand housing?

There are several ways to chat prices

1. Selling and rolling up and saying that there is no money, asking for price cuts, the owner is the most useful when the aunt and aunt are not around. You are a young man, he will think of you as his child, and the empathy factor will drop more.

2, buy a school district, tears in the negotiations, it is also a shock to the owners.

3, looks very tough owners, the price can be reduced and the property consultant has a lot to do, whether the property consultants understand the seller’s motivation to sell, the sale of the house must be anxious to use money, or change rooms, or go abroad, and so on, there must be some Breakthroughs can solve price problems.

4. Give the intermediary tens of thousands of intentional gold, let the intermediary hold money to talk with the owner, and sometimes it will have a good effect.

5, more than the owner talked a few times, the mood is different every day, may be in a good mood today, or see a news is touched, the transaction price will be loose.

In the current market, it is recommended to pay more attention to the law shooting room, mortgage room, these houses are generally priced at around 70% off the market price.

What should I pay attention to when buying a second-hand house?

Thank you for your invitation.

(This time, I am the most complete answer, seeing this is enough for me)

Buying a house, you must have a goal. Your goal is to buy a house in 2018 (except for the price increase), and then consider how to buy a second-hand house.

In 2018, the Xi’an property market is destined to be an unstable year. From January to March 2018, Xi’an settled in with a total population of 210,000, approaching the total population of the whole year of 2011.

The effect of the siphon effect began to stand out. Just in the past March. Xi’an’s new real estate clearance rate is relatively high, and ordinary people buy a house like buying a leek. The sales department is the same as the vegetable market, noisy and disorderly. As a result, the Xi’an property market is even more hot than 2017.

Therefore, in terms of housing prices, you can buy a house if you can buy a house. Secondly, let’s see what needs to be paid attention to when buying a second-hand house? ! (Although it is said that the old tune is heavy, but the precautions are still the focus.)

[Look at the blackboard]

First, the realism of the listing

What does that mean? If you buy a second-hand house, you must buy a large property house, that is, you can get a real estate license (real estate certificate + state-owned land certificate).

1. When looking at the house, be sure to look at the ID card of the owner of the house to see if the ID number above is consistent with the immovable property certificate. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the co-owners of the house, shared by the husband and wife, or shared by the heirs? Because of the contract, they can’t be alone, they have to come and sign.

2. If an individual goes to find a house, it may take a lot of time and effort, and it may not be able to find a good one.

You may have to go to the house through an intermediary. In recent years, there have been many disputes about house disputes in the intermediary, so I suggest you look for relatively large, well-known mediators. So as not to be deceived.

3, is to the housing management department to verify. Look at the second-hand housing you choose is not affordable housing, unit housing, housing projects, housing reforms, these houses can not be traded normally.

Second, the location

1. Give you a picture of the price of Xi’an area first. See which piece of economic power is right for you?

2. Traffic. Why do people who drive often have bad habits? I like my mother in the car. It is not that this person really likes to be a slut, but the traffic jams force them to do so.

Therefore, looking for a convenient transportation community, the time and cost of commuting are relatively low.

3, the nearby infrastructure is not sound, the distance to the subway, vegetable market, supermarkets, hospitals, schools is not far away, to facilitate life here. This is to minimize the cost of living.

Third, the school district

Now everyone buys second-hand housing, mainly because of the school district. (Look at the high housing prices in the school district, but someone still buys it.) Look at the school district of the district you selected, whether it is the city’s key or district key, or the private, high-quality school.

Who wouldn’t want to buy a good school district and let ordinary children go to Oxford, North China? ?

Fourth, property management

1. This is also important. It is recommended to buy those large developers, branded, central enterprises, or even group buying houses, their property, greening is generally not bad.

But the house price is higher than usual, but the environment you live in is good, the property service is in place, and your heart is comfortable.

2. See if the original homeowner has defaulted on property fees. If there is arrears, the final property fee will be borne by the new homeowner. If the default period is long, it may be a small amount.

V. Loans

When Qian Maorui handled the loan business, there was an intermediary to come to the agency, and some individuals came to do it themselves.

1. Let the intermediary do it, then you must pay the intermediary a fee. Regarding money, you can still be the master. It’s not that you spend this agency fee, but that the intermediary is not able to find a financial company. This late event is very troublesome.

2. However, I still recommend that individuals go to bank loans and provident fund loans.

Before you transfer, you must find a bank or a provident fund and ask about the process of handling the loan. Generally, no matter where you go, there is usually a salesman to receive you. Because the bank or the provident fund department is opening the door to do this.

6. Second-hand housing intermediate transaction tax (other than normal tax)

  • A second-hand house transfer of less than two years is usually subject to a 5.6% personal business tax.
  • A second-hand house transfer of two years or less for two years is exempt from the 1% business tax.
  • If you have five years, you will not have to pay a penny for business tax.

Seven, pay attention to the small pit of second-hand housing (generally not noticed)

Pay attention to the street, the top floor, close to the main road (such as provincial roads, national highways), close to public toilets, close to high-voltage lines, large-sized households (inconvenient to the north and south), floors, lighting, sewers, wall seepage and so on.

Also, did the original homeowner’s account move out? Has the name of the homeowner’s water, electricity, and gas charges changed to your name? Has the telephone, broadband, and cable TV changed to your name?

Some people buy some unreliable second-hand houses for the sake of cheapness. In the future, if you can’t sell them, you will collapse.

houses for sale like this, selling 4 tips to teach you to make big money

There are skills to buy a house, and there are tips on selling a house. Here are a few tips for you!

The first move to sell the house: Do not use the method of empirical estimation to price the house

When the house is traded, the focus of both buyers and sellers is on the house price. The homeowner always feels that the price has reached the bottom line, but the buyer does not appreciate it. Therefore, it is necessary to make an accurate price assessment for the house before selling it. There are many factors that affect housing prices, and most of the homeowners use their experience to estimate housing prices. The estimated housing prices have a lot of vague ingredients, and it is difficult to guarantee the optimal sales revenue. To reasonably evaluate housing prices, it is recommended that the homeowner come to the house from nine aspects, such as the location of the house, traffic conditions, building age, building form, building quality, room type structure, property management, community environment, and living facilities. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation. Then, refer to the current average selling price of the same type of residential houses in the same area and the current supply and demand situation, etc., to calculate a price-optimized price space for the house. For the homeowner, this is a desirable price space; for buyers, this is a reasonable price space. Based on this price space, the house can not only sell at a good price, but also sell it more easily.

Wishing to sell the second trick: Xi Shi in the eyes of lovers

The current supply and demand relationship in the second-hand housing market determines that the dominant position of housing prices is in the hands of the homeowners, but ultimately the buyers are still saving money. As the saying goes, in the eyes of lovers, Xi Shi, the more the house meets the needs of the buyer, the higher the value in his eyes; the more the homeowner can sell the desired price. Therefore, in order to sell the house at a good price, it is crucial to find the buyer. The so-called finding buyers is to find buyers who have the habits of family life and the characteristics of the house. To do this, first of all, to understand what kind of family life habits and needs are most suitable for your house; then find out which groups of sellers with such needs are mainly distributed; finally find them and sell them to them. In this way, by correctly identifying and locating the buyer, the homeowner can find the “one” that most values ​​his house, and let the house achieve the effect of “the singer in the eyes of the lover”.

Wishing to sell the third trick: highlight the charming measurements of the house

Find the right buyer, the next thing to do is how to add charm to the house in the eyes of the buyer. There is no perfect woman in the world. You feel that a woman is beautiful because your eyes are attracted to the charming places on her. The same is true of the house. If you want to sell the house at a good price, you should let the buyer like your house from the heart, so it is necessary to discover the charm of the house, and let these charms deeply attract the buyer’s psychology. Sight. When selling a house, if you can highlight the charm of the house, that is, the main value-added factors, it will definitely allow the house to appreciate rapidly in a short period of time. Therefore, the homeowner needs to explore the advantages of the house and let the buyer fall in love with your house, on the basis of understanding the house and with the help of professionals.

Wishing to sell the fourth trick: wipe the crow’s feet of the house

After finding out the main value-added points of the house, you should also find out the main points of the house’s suppression and make some improvement measures around them. This can effectively mask the shackles of the house, thereby increasing the popularity of the house. For example, if the house is poorly lit, it can be remedied by repainting the white wall and installing the mirror. If the house is poorly ventilated, it is appropriate to place simple green plants in the lighting. If you want the house to sell at a good price, the homeowner must start from the details of the house and leave a good impression on the buyer. When people wipe out the crow’s feet of the corners of their eyes, they will be much younger and younger. – The same is true of the house.

Wishing to sell the fifth trick: the ever-grown gold ingot

Buying a house alone is not only for home life, but also an investment, and is a small investment. Therefore, in the process of housing transactions, the homeowner should consider the future appreciation potential of the house as an important card to increase the weight of their negotiations. Starting from the perspective of value-added housing, investing in the analysis of his own house, with convincing data, the buyer realized that he bought not only a house, but also a gold ingot that grew up. This can make the buyer pay attention to the value-added of the property, to some extent, alleviate the psychological pressure brought by the house price to the buyer and promote the rapid transaction of the house.

Ruyi buyer’s sixth trick: turn the house into a chicken soup

Negotiation is a key link in second-hand housing transactions. For the seller, there is only one goal for the negotiation: sell the house at a good price and sell it as soon as possible. To achieve this goal, the homeowner needs to learn a communication skill in the negotiation: turn the house into a buyer’s soul chicken soup. Therefore, in the process of accompanying buyers to watch the house and negotiate the transaction, the house should not be discussed on the house, but should be based on the perspective of home life , and the main value-added points of the house should be rendered. In other words, what the buyer sees is not a cold house, but a warm and welcoming future home life situation. In this way, the house becomes the soul chicken soup of the buyer. Buyers will therefore feel that you are standing on the common ground of both sides for equal communication. As a result, his negotiating position will become close and flexible. The two sides communicated in such a position, and the transaction will undoubtedly be much smoother and more harmonious. (collected from the network)

How to shoot the nine secret mirror Photography of creative architectural photography

It’s great to get a technically sound photo, such as architectural photography. In fact, for photography, making photos technically correct should be our top priority, but in addition, photography can make more attempts. In the following tutorial by photographer Simon Bond, we will be able to learn some creative photography techniques and how to apply them to architectural photography so that we can “conform” most of the time. In this case, you can occasionally “naughty” and shoot more creative architectural works.

  1. A different perspective

  Many architectural photographs are like to shoot at a level of sight, but building a building is much more than that. Sometimes we can use extreme angles like insect or bird’s eye view to add dramatic effects to the picture.

  Insect Perspective: This may be the easiest and best-performing perspective when shooting tall buildings. You can use this perspective to emphasize the top features of a building or take a photo of a skyscraper from the bottom of a building. If you happen to be surrounded by many tall buildings that are close to each other, you can use that perspective to fill the sky.

  Bird’s-eye view: To get this type of perspective, you first need to find a way to reach a higher position than the building you are shooting. Fortunately, with the popularity of drone photography, bird’s-eye photography has now become easier to implement. No drones? That’s fine. You can always find a commanding height in the city where you can take pictures. If you are lucky, you can even take a hot air balloon!

  2, infrared photography

  Sometimes we can change the essence of creative architectural photography without the need to use extreme angles. One of the best ways to do this is to use infrared photography, which will make your photos more dreamy. This style of photography is more suitable for outdoor use and some areas with good vegetation coverage. With some post-processing, we will be able to create a photo of plants that are white but the sky is dark. Then in this context, the building will become an eye-catching focus in the infrared photo. You can use three ways to achieve this style, one is to set the camera to infrared mode, the other is to use the infrared filter, and the third is to get this effect through post-processing.

  3, light painting

  To say the most creative photography technology, light painting can definitely have a place. By using light painting techniques and styles, you can customize the way you shoot buildings. The trick is to know where and how to apply it to our photos, because not all buildings are suitable for shooting with light. Maybe we can’t get into the area where we want to paint, or the light painting will distract the audience from the attention of the building itself. When you can use light painting to create a guideline for a building, or to travel through a building’s frame, you should be on the right route.

  Torch: The torch is probably one of the simplest light painting tools. It can be used to create a pattern in front of the camera or to illuminate a part of the building you want to shoot.

  Light strips: Repeated patterns are effective in photography, and the fast rotating strips create this repetitive effect. You can also use it to create a ball of light and then skillfully place the ball in front of the building you are shooting.

  LED Fluorescent Sticks: In recent years, tools such as fluorescent sticks and light sticks have revolutionized photographic photography. These great tools help us create custom light paintings in front of the buildings we shoot.

  4, kinetic energy light painting

  There is also a “cousin” in the light painting, that is, kinetic light painting. The technology also requires the use of a tripod, and this time we need to move the object from the light source to the camera. As with light painting, this can be a very experimental approach, as not all locations are a good example of the photographic advantage of kinetic energy. The two main types of kinetic energy mapping are defocus and camera rotation.

  Explosion: This technique is more suitable for shooting high-rise buildings, and these buildings are illuminated by a large number of indoor lights. You need to place the camera on a tripod and use a zoom lens. Usually the camera’s kit lens is very suitable, or you can also use a 24-70mm lens. You can start shooting from a longer focal length and then reduce the focus.

  Camera rotation: This time you have to rotate the camera on a tripod head. It is more suitable for shooting tall buildings and shooting with an insect perspective.

  5, refractive photography

  We can also use refraction shots and crystal balls for creative architectural photography, because the glass ball-eye lens-like features capture the entire building you plan to shoot. However, the trickiest aspect you need to deal with is the inverted image inside the crystal ball and the building in the middle of the ball. If you can find a good place to put a glass ball, you can use this technique to take photos of unique buildings or sculptures.

  6, detail photography

  The main focus of architectural photography is usually how to capture the entire scene, but this is not always what we need to pursue. You can still take great detail shots by using a telephoto lens. These photos may not be used separately, but they will definitely add a lot to your collection. What you need to pay attention to are the details of the building’s roof and the repeated architectural lines, such as the arches of the church or the ornate decorations on the walls. Then, you need to focus on this particular area, waiting for the right time or shooting with an external flash, you can get a good detail photo.

  7, digital synthesis

  The way digital synthesis lets you get a near-perfect photo. This technique is often used to get technically perfect photos, but you can also use it to get more ideas. One of the main advantages of digital compositing is the ability to capture the details of the sky at sunset and then balance the light ratio in the scene so that the buildings we shoot will not be silhouetted. This technique requires us to use a tripod for optimal shooting and to take a set of photos. After the previous shooting, we also need to use the brightness mask tool to synthesize the photos.

  8, contrast

  Contrast is a broad term that can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and you can use any of these explanations to get more creative architectural photography.

  Light and shadow contrast: The most important thing for photography is to master the use of light in shooting. You can use light and shadow to emphasize an area of ​​your own interest in the building and show the details of the building.

  Color contrast: In some cases, you can introduce contrasting colors into your photos. Obviously, you can’t move the building itself, so we need to brainstorm how we want to add contrast to the photo.

  New and old contrast: Shooting an old building surrounded by a new group of buildings is also an effective way to compare. We can think of this contrast as a church or temple surrounded by modern skyscrapers.

  9, frame view

  Find the right prospects and make a “frame” for the building you are shooting. Usually arched doors are a great choice for frame shots. You can also get the same effect by shooting in front of the camera lens with a homemade frame, or use the slits in the fence as a way to compose the image.

  This article is from new photography

Actors hand (1) to you who want to be an actor

As a Hong Kong actor, I hope to share a little bit of hope for someone who wants to be or is already an actor and work hard to build a better actor living space. This article is not to teach people what acting, I am not qualified to teach anyone, and your opinion on the actors may be different from me. This is purely my understanding of actors and drama art for many years. Anyone who is interested in becoming an actor is welcome to communicate and make the road of Hong Kong actors even broader.

My definition of the actor

At the beginning of the article, I think it is obligatory to define the actors first. In my world, actors are divided into amateurs and professions. At present, there are many actors in Hong Kong, but many of them actually don’t know anything about acting. They think that they can cry and can be an actor. These people will be called amateur actors, and the other is professional actors.

To become a professional actor, you must first obtain appropriate and rigorous professional training . The acting skills are the same as other arts – playing the piano, painting and dancing. All of them need to be completely transformed through physical training and practice for a long time. Favorite art service. To say that the nature is relatively close is probably dance, dancers and actors are the art of using the body to show. The training time they spend is in years. It takes at least three or four years to train a new actor. New actors must master the use of sound lines, physical control and, above all, understanding human nature.

Many people misunderstand that acting is a skill. In fact, acting is relatively close to psychological cognition. It is a cognition of human nature. Through training, it reveals the level of humanity and presents it to the audience. Unknown people are seeing some by-products produced by acting. I call it the acting effect, and I will copy it and imitate it. If I cry and laugh, it is only its shape and no soul, just like the Chinese-made cottage. The real acting is to present the human soul is the original meaning of acting.

Acquiring acting skills will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and others’ behavior and will affect all the details of your life. Knowing the beauty of mankind, it is also easier to accept the darkness of human nature and finally become a complete person. So some people say that actors are liars. This is a bit wrong. It should be said that actors are creatures that know human nature very well.

Acting is the most controversial skill. Many external factors will affect others’ evaluation of one’s acting skills. A person’s appearance, height, voice, or even hair, such as hair style, can deceive the audience. Appearance is undoubtedly the advantage of becoming an actor. Extreme examples such as South Korea, the actor’s facelift has become an open secret, but professional actors will not be affected by the comments of these parties, as mentioned in the book “Respect for Performing Arts” – “A person’s ugly values ​​will follow Change with the times, but the skills of good actors are immortal.”

Therefore, to become a professional actor, we do not care that we are born beautiful and ugly, but we must know our souls well, and let people show their sexuality on the stage before the audience.

Beautiful women will one day be tired, but the good actors are never tired of it, because they have thousands of faces, the faces on the stage are both himself and not himself, you see him playing on the stage. A terrible big bad guy, but real life is a good gentleman, this is the potential of the actor.

The actor can express the different aspects of human nature through the specific scene of the stage. Like a good actor, he can fully express the ugliness of human nature, but he can retract himself. He can be both a bad guy and a love in the drama. Good husband and wife. If an actor can only play a certain type of character (called a character actor in Hong Kong), then it is a limited actor, even if the script provides more space to play, but because of its limitations, the role becomes not complete. A truly great actor is a familiar player for any character.

Why Hong Kong lacks professional actors

This place in Hong Kong has extremely low requirements for actors because of insufficient training channels. Many people who dream of becoming an outstanding actor have no way of learning, and they skip the basic training and directly participate in the entertainment industry. But after rolling for a while, I began to lose my confusion. I don’t know if I am not good there, but I always feel a little worse. In the end, I thought that I was not suitable for the actor to quit. Apart from the lack of training channels, a large part of the reason is that Hong Kong people are not aware of the training of actors.

Hong Kong people have a very wrong concept for actors. They think that acting is a skill. Acting is an art. It is necessary to learn the skills of the middle through the guidance of the instructor. This is also the world’s doubt about the art of acting. There is no difference, so there is bound to be a famous drama school in a place where there are good actors. A good drama school is inextricably linked to producing good actors.

And perhaps cultural differences, our Hong Kong actors rarely put learning skills in the first place, they are more inclined to enter as soon as possible, the factory-running method of non-stop work to learn acting, but finally learned the gestures, stay At a certain level, there is no way to progress. In my eyes, those people are still the same as amateurs, because they don’t understand the nature of acting. They refer to TV dramas, imitate the actions of people in the drama, and directly insert the characters they want to play next, but they don’t know that imitation is the most in acting. Poor method.

Each person’s personality is also different. Different actors will play different roles in the same role. If you imitate an actor’s role in the play, the effect will be poor, because you are not the actor, nor is it As the character plays, how can different characters react in different time and space?

To be a good character, you need to understand the motivation of the character. Why should he bring an apple before going out today? Why would he fall in love with this girl? Everything is the chemical role of the relationship between the character and the person and the thing, and the chemistry of the role relationship will be discussed next time.

How to become an actor

There are many young friends who ask me how to become an actor often makes me speechless. This problem seems simple. It is not easy to add one to two. Of course, I think they actually hope to get such an answer. .

First of all, we have to clarify the concept of the problem. Do you want to be an “actor”, or do you want to be an actor, or do you want to be a star? The latter two are actually much simpler than the former. Just find a good manager. Today, we focus on the first article.

The conditions of the actors can be divided into innate and acquired. In fact, all the technical needs are the same. Due to the limitation of space, they cannot be discussed here. You can only choose to share them. I think that innate shyness is important to being an actor. What? Are the actors shy? Yes, shyness is a kind of self-awareness. It is also an extremely sensitive expression to others and the environment. Acting requires the sensitive communication between the self and the external world. The narcissistic person is also sensitive, but only sensitive to himself. No one else is a substandard goods, so everyone can see a lot of star narcissism, but very little shy, only the best is shy, Liang Chaowei counts one.

Second, stupid. Correct! Stupid enough. Only stupid will spend so much time on exercise techniques, Guo Jing is not stupid, absolutely can not become a dragon, 18, the basic skills are boring, and no one promises that you must have results, the art road is long and lonely.

Finally, self-denial and discipline, long-term physical exercise, technical training such as vocalization, pronunciation, lines, acting, literary cultivation and other artistic accomplishments, no night life, no overeating, can not play, can not eat, Andy Lau is a good example. To be successful, the actor has paid for his life. exaggeration? Where is life always? Young people, are you willing?

How ordinary people become an actor

Although I know how to shake the body every day, there is still more than one person looking for me to ask how to become an actor. So today I made a summary, telling everyone how an ordinary person can become an actor. In order to prevent hacking, many details will not be discussed. Many of the performing arts are cruel. Please be prepared to throw eggs at me.

If you want to enter the development of the entertainment industry, this article is extremely important, because there is no such perfect answer!!!

Actors should also exercise their attention in life: seeing the essence of things in depth. Actors should love all the good things in life, greedily observe and absorb, and accumulate fresh creative materials for themselves.
– Stannislavsky “The Self-cultivation of Actors”

Each of us has seen the fiber of the entertainment industry, but in fact, the competition in the entertainment industry is extremely cruel. If you want to go to the industry, you will pay more than other industries. More, of course, my so-called pay is not to accompany people to sleep – as long as you go to sleep, you will basically find that people are basically cheated on the outer circle.

First of all, define what ordinary people are. In any case, they are not expensive. They can basically count the ordinary people in the entertainment circle. There are millions of people in the family who are better off doing business or going abroad to read a good school. Millions of people are watching in the entertainment industry. The calm waters often do not squander a lot of water.

Secondly, I have to say that as an ordinary person, I have already fallen behind in this circle with the Daguan dignitaries. I am going to check out the people who are admitted to Beijing every year. Basically, they have all played movies or some super-rich second generation and In the second generation of the official, even if the average person has a good test score, it is difficult to receive their kind of performance and talent education. This is cruel enough. However, if you really want to be an actor, there are still some ways to go.

You need to have the following conditions to be considered:

1. Looks beautiful or handsome. Maybe you are a “school flower” like Ma Rong, but it is nothing in the entertainment industry, because there are too many beautiful people, not only beautiful but also have characteristics, it is difficult to get some cosmetic face Good role. Don’t be proud of being handsome and beautiful. Refer to Ma Rong. In addition, girls are naturally more advantageous than boys, and many brokerage companies are reluctant to pack boys.

2, a little money. The money here is not money, but you always have some good photos, good clothes, good cosmetics, good makeup artists, good promotional videos, if you can’t even pack yourself, no one will be willing Packed for you; of course, if you have money, you can rely on money to smash news, but we also know that there are too many hot spots.

3. Emotional intelligence is high. Don’t think that many people like Wang Baoqiang are stupid. That is his film. If there is no emotional intelligence to play various things to deal with all kinds of things, then all the possibilities are gone.

4, talent. Can sing and dance, laugh and laugh, and the best, because beauty and artificial beauty is too much, no one is not willing to see.

5, there are characteristics. Everyone is suitable for everyone’s role. The performance of the actor on Weibo or other public media is also related to the role of his performance. You can’t imagine how Wang Baoqiang attended the fashion festival every day because he felt that he always wanted him. In this role, this kind of actor is called a special type, it is difficult to come out, but the words are more famous.

With the premise, become the channel of the actor (modify this comment of the self):

First, go to college. If you go to the performance department of the North Shadow Chinese Opera, you can say that your initial struggle is very simple. Someone will find you. If there is no one, your classmates will take you. It is news that you can take these schools. Your struggle is much easier. This is a relatively simple road. Although the performance department spends a lot of money, And you must be born with beauty.
Second, participate in the talent show. As the name suggests, you become a student of a certain big cow, then Jay Chou Wang Feng is your mentor, your struggle will be much simpler. You said that they are not in the entertainment industry… Everyone knows the relationship between the singing circle and the entertainment industry. It is very simple to recommend, and it is very simple, and what students naturally have a complete training brokerage system. What is needed is that the talent is good enough, the sense of the stage is good enough, if the girl, the natural beauty is also needed. Many people will be signed by the brokerage company before the end of the talent show. There is a full set of operating system behind. Many brokerage companies are doing the draft, XX Miss, Net Red Contest and other brokerage companies are involved, they will find you. .
Third, participate in the selection of movies or TV series. It’s about the same as the draft, but it’s a movie character. Isn’t the heroine of “The Mermaid” chosen? This condition, natural beauty, full of artistic accomplishment, is generally also a graduate of the class but not a famous film and television college (famous to participate in the first article), and the producer or director has a lot of personalities and likes you, the probability of hitting the Universiade Absolutely less than two.
Fourth, commercial performance, drama protagonist. Actors and producers often go to see the show. If you happen to think that you are good, then someone will take you. This is also a relatively simple road, it also needs your natural beauty, has been good at performances, of course, the most important thing is luck, may not meet an expensive person in a lifetime.
Fifth, the net red. If Wang Sicong finds you and signs his company, someone will teach you, but the probability of this is not higher than 20 million.
Sixth, with a good brokerage company. However, most of China’s brokerage companies only package the already famous actors, and basically no one does the underlying training. The bottom training is the Japanese and Korean trainee mode. Large-scale brokerage companies are developing business in this area in third- and fourth-tier cities. For example, we are only exploring potential training objects through various competitions and drafts. Some people will call to ask for registration and hope to participate, but it is best to have their own work and then contact the brokerage company. There are too many beautiful or beautiful people in China. This alone cannot be of good value. It is a bit of talent or a result and work that can be taken.
In summary, for ordinary people, the backstage of the home is enough to say anything, long handsome or beautiful and emotional intelligence is not the basic condition, and then definitely definitely have a special strength, regardless of the test of the test, participate in the draft, others found, must Have specialties and features. Being beautiful is an advantage in the ordinary circle. It is not an advantage in the entertainment industry.
At present, in the context of national entertainment, there is a large gap between the number of lows- and intermediate-level actors (there is no reason for the company to recruit technicians, the university does not need training, and the mass actors have not had any vocational training), so many companies, including our parent company, are working hard. Training low-level actors and working to shape them into possible stars, so some training courses can be attended, but be sure not to swindle money.
Is it easy to swindle money? The name of the company goes to the industrial and commercial credit information system to check the shareholders. If you find that the shareholders are Fan Bingbing or Wang Sicong or other famous actors, even if they are cheating, they are not lying to you. Tens of thousands of tuition fees and even low-level brokerage companies will generally bring to the studio. If you really have the ability, they will sign up for you to do packaging and follow-up services. If the company wants to sign with you, it basically means that your early struggle has been half successful.

This industry will not require unspoken rules. This industry will not require unspoken rules. This industry will not require unspoken rules. Be careful to be deceived!

In addition, I reveal a few cruel reality. Girls are more popular than boys. Girls below 163 can basically ask for more happiness. If they are older than 24, no one is willing to train you again. If you are not careful, you will be taken by others. People crush, if they can’t keep continuous exposure, they will only disappear.

I wish everyone who is quite an actor realizes his dream.






Upwork and Freelancers Union於 2017年進行的一項研究甚至預測,在未來十年中,將有超過一半的勞動力從事自由職業,理由是將近50%的千禧一代已經實現了自由職業。













根據勞工統計局(BLS)的數據,2016年5月,醫學轉錄員的全國平均工資為$ 35,720,或每小時$ 17.17。儘管許多醫學轉錄員是自僱人士,但許多人還是通過當地醫院,醫師或社區學院或職業學校找到工作。



正如BLS指出的那樣,2016年約有22%的翻譯是自僱的。大多數人分佈在以下行業中:專業,科學和技術服務(30%);州,地方和私人教育服務(23%);醫院(8%); 和政府(6%)。







2016年,約有15%的旅行社為自僱人士,但其中大多數人從事旅行社和預訂服務行業。2016年,旅行社的平均工資為$ 36,460。



Upwork.com這樣的網站列出了在線自由職業的職位,  和Media Bistro也是如此。要被錄用,您可能需要有紮實的工作檔案,或者至少可以在簡歷中包括一些寫作樣本。















但是,能夠建立受眾群體,發展網站並找到將其貨幣化並開始賺取收入的作家的潛力很大。博主賺錢的方式包括會員廣告,贊助帖子,Google Adsense和產品銷售。



除了上面列出的那些網站以外,其他提供職位發布的網站還包括。在搜索“ Monster”或“ Indeed”等傳統工作站點時,請使用“遠程通勤”或“在家工作”之類的關鍵字,然後在“位置”字段中輸入“任意位置”或“遠程”。





  • 研究,研究,研究:重要的是要確切地知道你在為誰工作。當您找到感興趣的職位發佈時,請格外小心,以研究正在招聘的公司。請與美國商業改善局核對,並進行網絡搜索以查找任何投訴或評論不佳的評論。
  • 尋求參考:任何僱用工人在家工作的公司可能也會有其他人為他們工作。詢問人數並找出您是否可以聯繫其中任何一個。如果他們不願提供參考或聯繫信息,則可能不是一個好兆頭。
  • 在花錢之前,請三思而後行:一些在家工作的工作將需要您購買材料或設備才能開始使用,儘管這並不意味著它們不合法,但這應該是一個危險信號。如果要求您支付設備費用,請確保您了解要購買的商品以及從誰那裡購買。如果您的新演出不成功,請詢問您設備的退貨政策。




Songz’s “50-Day Beauty Program” does not make up the weight-loss TV experiment program to change life is really beautiful? !

In this generation of KOL’s prevalence, everyone behind the screen looks like a supermodel with no worries. However, in fact, everyone may have a little confidence in their appearance or character. In addition to using the cute Tong Yan filter, what other methods are not cosmetic, no weight loss, can be more beautiful and more confident within 50 days?

This time, the famous Japanese variety show, Matsuko, and Yoshimura collaborated to bring a new Japanese TV program “50 Days of Beauty” to the public (about 50 days of women’s は変わるのは変わる!?), by inviting four people Change your own passers-by to experiment and see if changing their living environment without changing their face and not losing weight will make them change in just 50 days. The final result of the experiment is full of surprises, causing extensive discussion among netizens! Let’s take a look at the interesting experimental process of four girls with different backgrounds~

No. 1: a 28-year-old single mother who cares for twins alone [to work in the editorial department of fashion magazine]

The program group met Miss Dashou in a shopping mall. Her 28-year-old, even in the lock beef restaurants are being used for a person to take care of two-year-old son, life is very frugal, usually only go to the supermarket to buy 100 yen per person to make snacks.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

She usually dresses plainly, rarely wears makeup, and has never read fashion magazines since she was a student. Therefore, the program group decided to let her work in the editorial department of the famous high-fashion women’s fashion magazine “25ans” in Japan!

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

When she first worked at the fashion magazine office in Omotesando, Tokyo, she wore plain sportswear and a yellow plastic bag with CV. After the initial meeting with the magazine staff, she couldn’t help but praise the other party for being beautiful and the clothes looking good.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

Ms. Dash is responsible for the basic part-time work of answering the phone, organizing orders and branding. Colleagues’ dresses are very particular, and it is not too expensive to prepare more sets of clothing for different occasions. The price of the famous brand is also very expensive!

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

Until the 10th day of the experiment, she was responsible for the reception of the Yamagata Art Museum. In order to meet the dressing requirements of the event, she changed her usual casual wear for the first time and wore a small floral shirt at home.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

The colleague next to me couldn’t help but mention her. The posture was very affecting people’s self-confidence, and the colleague borrowed a pair of pink high-heeled shoes to try on her.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

On the 47th day, she brought the high-heeled sandals back for the first time, and also made a conspicuous pink eye shadow makeup.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

After that, because I always liked the curling hairstyle edited by my colleagues, I decided to change the image and went to the electric hair!

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

Throughout the process, Matsuzaka saw Ms. Dashou’s fashion OL, which was transformed into a spirit by an infrequently dressed and tired mother. She was a bit worried that she would lose herself, but she saw that she was only in the more affordable AEON shopping mall. Buying new clothes, so I breathe a sigh of relief (laugh)!

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

No. 2: A 22-year-old girl who lives in the house at home [Experience the outdoor life at the seaside in Shonan]

The program group recognized the 22-year-old Miss Misuzu at a convenience store in the very close Japanese TV building. She usually works part-time for five days in the store for a week and is currently living alone with her family. At other times, most of them do not go out to watch TV at home and play mobile phones, etc., like idols such as the former Nagano member Nishino.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

When she visited, she mentioned that she didn’t like her appearance and introverted personality, so I wanted to try to change it. Therefore, the program team decided to arrange for her to move from Chiba to the south of the mountain in the south of the mountain to see if the sun’s beach would change her.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

She was arranged to stay in a one-bedroom unit that was only 10 seconds walk from the sea. However, the first week passed, she never went to the beach once, and only played mobile phones and TV at home every day.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

Even if there are a lot of popular check-in restaurants nearby, the cost is even more negative. She only has one person to eat instant noodles and convenience store desserts at home.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

With the encouragement of the director, she finally went to the seaside for the first class of vertical paddles (SUP). Misuzu, who has never been to the beach since kindergarten, has not yet learned it smoothly. After that, I tried hard to try beach yoga, windsurfing, and diving, but Misuzu’s reaction seemed to be very dull.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

On the 17th day, she played a paddleboard and she met a beautiful sister. She was skilled in playing the paddleboard with a wheat-colored skin. In order to get close to her Misuzu, she struggled to paddle the board, but she did not talk to her at the end.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

Finally, I met the older sister in a yoga class. I finally exchanged LINE with the encouragement of the director. She looks quite happy! When she didn’t like to eat vegetables, she tried to eat salad when she went to Cafe to meet her sister.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

Slowly, I love to stay alone at home, become lovers and have a new friend to have a dinner party. On the 50th day, she feels more smile than before. Do you agree?

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

No. 3: University 4th grade girls with a mask [continued praise by Italian teachers]

Ms. Kyoka, who lives alone in Kanagawa, is 21 years old and attends the comics research department at the university. Because I was teased about my nose hair in middle school, I used to wear a mask to go out to live. She said that she didn’t dare to talk to boys and hoped she could be more confident. So the program group decided to arrange an Italian class for her. In fact, she hoped to praise her through the Italian teacher and change her.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

The teacher is a two-on-one professor, sitting next to a noble female student, she feels she is being compared. However, every time the class teacher has always praised her appearance and class performance, such as a beautiful brown pupil, red glasses with birds black hair, clothing and pronunciation.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

On the 7th day of the experiment, Kyoka didn’t want to take off his mask even if he went to the teacher’s cooking class, but began to organize his messy room and tried to paint his own eyebrows.

On the 28th day, at the teacher’s Italian study party, she finally took off her mask when she was dining.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

On the 40th day, she wore a bright white dress with reference to the fashion magazine. She felt a smile and was very cheerful!

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

On the 50th day, she replaced a pair of popular copper-framed glasses and made a negative ion straight hair in Harajuku. It seemed to be a compliment to the teacher and everyone, trying to highlight her strengths. This is the biggest change girl, I didn’t expect (Italian?) praise power is so big, no matter how confident smile is the most beautiful!

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

4th place: rigorous business OL [wearing super precious diamonds everyday]

The last one is a single OL Yu, who is working in a big business. She is 28 years old and met the program group when she watched a video game magazine at a bookstore near Japanese TV. She is single now, because she is too tired to work, and she likes to play at home for 12 hours on weekends. She said that she has rarely bought clothes or jewelry since high school, and her life is simple and rigorous.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

So this program group has a heavy burden, preparing for her valuable diamond necklace and ring, testing whether precious jewelry will change her appearance and life.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation

After two weeks, Yu did not change, still wearing a black turtleneck sweater, and went to work as usual. On a day-to-day day, I repeat my work alone and live alone in the dining hall. Colleagues around me didn’t seem to notice that she wore a bright diamond.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

Until Yu was driven by curiosity, after the store confirmed the price of the diamond jewelry, he realized that he had greatly underestimated the price of his jewelry! Slowly, there have been some changes in her life.

©Nippon Television Network Corporation
©Nippon Television Network Corporation

She began to change her dress, wear her own lace dress for the wedding, and began to massage and scrape herself. When the glass exhibition and the cafeteria were praised by the male passersby and male colleagues around them, the diamonds were very gorgeous and surprised.

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©Nippon Television Network Corporation

On the 50th day, she burned her new haircut and finally put down her long ponytail. She also tried to wear hidden glasses to match the makeup. Although Matsuko is very worried about the impact of her mind once she has been retracted, it may not be a bad thing to see her happy after changing her image.

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Netizens think:

Hey: “This show is so interesting! The changes in women are really amazing! The environment will change. It is very important to have beautiful people around. Thanks to the beautiful friends around.”

Do bad habits damage the function of the feet? Beautiful model Okada ya good error demonstration station also stood unstable

Japan’s TBS television broadcast of “doctorsのTHE Taiko sentence!  Program, personal Interrupted 170 cm tall, with eight body perfect figure, part-time model of the Japanese occupation sparrow players Okada yarn good time, that she can not be long-standing, program staff When she was arranged to go to the hospital for examination, she found that the blood vessels of her feet were almost completely gone, commonly known as “ghost blood vessels” (ゴースト blood vessels)!

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© Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.

In order to know the reason, the program group set up a camera in Okada’s home to record what factors in Okada’s daily life caused her to stand up at a young age, and found that there were many problems!

Question 1: When lifting your teeth, lift your feet to the face and lift your hands.

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Question 2: Put your foot on the combed handle and hold it in a large shape.

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Question 3: Raise your feet when you are lying in bed

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The above picture was broadcast, and someone immediately posted on Twitter that the day-to-day girl’s day is so terrible XD








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But in fact, all of the above problems stem from: lack of body muscles! Insufficient muscles in the lower body also cause blood flow to be unsmooth, resulting in the degeneration of tiny blood vessels at the ends of the feet, the appearance of “ghost blood vessels”, and the loss of some functions of the feet.

Even more frightening is that doctors have pointed out that many young women actually have the above problems! Try to think about it: When you stand, will you always stand up and look for something to rely on? Always love to put your feet on the combed handle, sitting in a large shape?

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But don’t be afraid! In the second half of the program, the doctor taught you how to make the disappearing blood vessels see the sky again. The key point is to strengthen the muscle mass of the lower body. The method is to find a chair to hold the back of the chair, to rub the foot with your toes and then to squat on the ground and then to squat again. Repeating the above actions every day can return the blood vessels, but of course, you must maintain a good body posture!

Japanese girl college student bubble tea fan tide list daily drink three cups pearl milk tea research pearl

Desktop bubble tea has been popular in Japan in recent years. It is not difficult to find a pearl milk tea shop on the streets of Tokyo. It is more likely to see several different shops on the same street. Under this trend, two Japanese women’s biochemicals formed the pearl milk tea researcher Tapilist and tried to taste more than 1,000 pearl milk tea shops in Japan, in order to thoroughly study Japanese pearl milk tea. Recently, Tapilist has been on the TV show, detailing their path to become a researcher and researcher.

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Becoming a Jane Milk Researcher

Have Tapilist’s Hualian and Naixu.

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When they first entered the university at the age of 18, they went to drink “tribute tea” together. From then on, they fell in love with pearl milk tea at first sight and developed the habit of drinking a cup of precious milk every day.

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Copyright© 1995-2019, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Two years later, in 2017, Pearl Milk Tea once again set off a boom in Japan, attracting many desktop beverage stores to enter Japan. There is a cup of pearl milk tea that subverts their concept of bubble tea: it is also a branch in Hong Kong! Like the bubble tea, the two people who liked to have a cup a day said that the cup of one can already have a two-day milk tea addiction!

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Under the impact of Yifang, they even discussed the future of pearl milk tea on Shinjuku Road for three hours… Since then, they have lived on the research life of three cups of pearl milk tea. Recently, they plan to visit more than 1,000 pearl milk teas in Japan. shop.

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Pearl milk tea research life

Hualian and Naixu established Tapilis in August 2018 to conduct pearl milk tea research. The purpose is to promote pearl milk tea to all parts of the country. Both men, women, and children can enjoy pearl milk tea.

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They even have the ambition to turn pearl milk tea from a wave into a culture! (However, punching has become an obstacle to it!)

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To this end, Tapilist’s two people tried to drink up to 27 cups a day.

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In the one and a half years since the establishment of Tapilist, it cost about 700,000 to 800,000 yen (about HK$4.9 million to 64,000).

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Current situation of Japanese pearl milk tea boom: Guild Wars Tokyo

Just looking at Tokyo, there are more than 300 pearl milk tea shops, and 23 districts are no exception.

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There are more than 38 shops in the Shibuya area of ​​the Guild Wars in the Guild Wars. It is not a rare sight to see different forces on the same street.

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Tapilist’s basic rules for selecting pearl milk tea

There are so many pearl milk tea shops, how should I choose? Tapilist teaches you that the basics of choosing pearl milk tea is to find the size and taste of the pearl you like.

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After tasting more than 1600 cups of pearl drink, Tapilist made the following chart according to the size and taste of each store’s pearls. The size of the pearl particles is up and down. It is recommended to choose a number of pearls with different sizes. The more chewy on the right.

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Tapilist carefully selected 5 cups of pearl drinks from different companies to try the pine nuts.

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Tapilist pro-author! Method of maximizing pearl milk tea

Songzi pointed out that she always had the problem of not drinking the remaining pearls when she was drinking pearl milk tea. Tapitist shared the method of enjoying pearl milk tea to the maximum extent.

1 less ice

Because too much ice will get stuck in the pearl, it is recommended to have less ice when ordering a pearl drink.

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2 Shake well before drinking

Because the pearls will sink to the bottom and stick together, Tapiles recommends that you don’t rush to drink before Jane’s milk arrives. Shake it even more easily to finish the pearls in the milk tea.

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3 When you drink, try to insert the drink into the end.

In order not to drink the pearls in the leftover drink, the end of the drink can be placed close to the bottom of the cup.

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4 Feel the ensemble of pearls and milk tea

When you drink, don’t rush to drink milk tea first. While chewing the pearl, enjoy the resonance with the milk tea and enjoy the pearl milk tea.

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The pine nuts that have a shadow on the pearl milk tea also seem to be very satisfied with the selection of Tapilis. After the filming, the two asked Matsuko: “Do you think we should look for a job after graduation, or do we use pearls as a career?”

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Matsuko: “You still have to go to work!”

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If you are interested in Japan’s pearl milk tea food reviews, you can pay attention to their official website and IG!