Why is there an extra day in a leap year

Almost every four years, we will add an extra day to the calendar on February 29th, which is the next day. In short, these extra 24 hours are built into the calendar to ensure it is consistent with the sun movement around Earth. Although the modern calendar contains 365 days, the actual time required for the Earth to orbit its stars is slightly longer, at 365. 2421 days. This difference seems to be negligible, but for decades and centuries, the season of missing a quarter can add up. To ensure consistency with the real astronomical year, it is necessary to add an extra day to compensate for the lost time and synchronize the calendar with the sky. The Egyptians first calculated the needs of the Jubilee, but it was not until the Roman dictator Julius Caesar ruled that this custom arrived in Europe. Until then, the Roman calendar was carried out on a chaotic model of the moon, often requiring an additional month to maintain the consistency of the celestial body.

Finally, in 46 BC, Caesar and astronomer Sosigoni modified the Roman calendar, including 12 months and 365 days. This БаньCalendarБ also compensates for the Sun Year by adding one day every four years. The Caesars model helped re-adjust the Roman calendar, but it has a small problem. Because the solar year is only. It is 242 days older than the calendar, not even. 25, a leap year is added every four years, in fact, the remaining time is about 11 minutes per year. This small difference means that the Julian calendar deviates from the day every 128 years and by the 14th century it has deviated from the 10 days of the Sun. In order to solve this problem, Pope Gregory XIII formulated the revised Gregory calendar in 1582. In this model, leap years occur every four years, except for years that can be divisible by 100 instead of 400 divisibility.

Although the standard calendar year is 365 days, the Earth actually needs 365 days, 5 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 46 seconds to completely revolve around the sun. (This is called the Year of the Sun). In order to keep the calendar cycle in sync with the season, one day is added every four years on February 29 (usually).

The Julian calendar (established by Julius Caesar in 46 BC) introduced the Gregorian calendar of Egypt into the Roman world, standardizing the 365-day year and creating the predecessor of our current Jubilee. February 29th was not reflected on the Julian calendar but was repeated every four years on February 23. You might ask, the solar sun is not a full 365 days and 6 hours, then an extra 11 minutes and 14 seconds? The additional calendar reforms in 1500 added a special rule to adjust for this difference.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII created a slightly modified calendar to better explain the next day. This new system is called the Gregorian calendar. This new system means that a century without a century (such as 1900) will be a leap year, except for the century that can be divisible by 400 years (such as 2000). In order to correct the calendar, the Pope eliminated the calendar from October 5 to October 14, 1582. The calendar moves directly from the fourth to the fifteenth to realign the date with the season. It feels like science fiction, and I think it was removed from the calendar for ten days in 1582. But where does the word leap year come from? In days when 365 days are called perennial, the fixed date is advanced one day of the week each year. For example, Christmas fell on Thursday in 2014 and Friday in 2015. With the insertion of the next day, the date (after February) is two days ahead of the day. In 2016, Christmas will jump to Sunday on Saturday. Anyway, will you celebrate the next day?

Destiny is not seeking, it is self-cultivation


When you encounter setbacks, someone will help you, it is your luck, no one is helping you, it is your destiny, no one should do anything for you. 

Life is your own, you have to be responsible for yourself, you will be late in the evening, you will not be able to test without reading. 

We should ask ourselves a little more to be able to help others. 

Life is like a seed that will eventually grow into a big tree. 

Be kind, have good deeds, and naturally have good fruits. 

The fate of life is not sought, it is self-cultivation, sincerely good, good in water, good in heart, self-protection. 

To be good at heart, to be good at heart, to be good at heart, people will be happy and happy. 

Everything is rooted in the heart. As long as we have good intentions and good deeds, there must be good fruits. 

Goodness has no enemy wisdom and no troubles. 

A little more compassion, a little more wisdom. 

Everything is illusory, and if you see each other, you will see it. 

Days are good days, seconds and seconds are peaceful, leisurely, free, casual, casual, calm, happy and worry-free. 


There is no road in the world, no flowers in the world.

There is no road in the world, no flowers in the world. 

What we have to work hard to achieve is not the ability to call for the wind, but to look down on the mind. 

If you stand tall, you can see it far, and you can see it if you look down. 

Words, can’t be too full, full of hard to round; 

tune, can’t be set too high, high is difficult to harmonize; 

things can’t be done too much, it’s hard to go forward; 

love, can’t get too deep, deep It is difficult to extricate themselves; 

profit can not be seen too heavy, it is difficult to be clear- minded; 

people can not be too fake, it is difficult to pay attention to the heart; the 

world can not be seen too clear, clear is difficult to act. 

Since ancient times, life is the most taboo, semi-poor and semi-rich! 

Half-life half-day opportunity, half take half a half good! 

Half a dumb and half dumb, half-smart and half-stupid sage! 

Half man and half, I am half-small, half-awake, half drunk and half-sacred! 

Half-parent and half-loving, bitter and half-family! 

Half of life lies with me, and the other half listens to nature! 

Some small things, when you think too much, become a big deal. 

When the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small; the glory of the world is bleak, and the heart is safe and sound. 

A lot of things, how hard you end up losing or not; many feelings, how do you cherish but repeat the same separation. 

There is something wrong with it, and there is a lack of knowing and knowing; sharp gas is hidden in the chest, and air is floating in the face; talent is seen in the matter, and loyalty is applied to others. 

If you want to go fast, you will go on your own way; if you want to go far, you will go with you. Fast and far are our pursuit.

Some people can understand, have the heart to be able to rely on, and have the feelings to be pity. This life is enough. 

With positioning, we have the direction; with strength, we have hope. 

Being a person, being a character first, can be a second; doing things, being clear-minded, and being diligent. 

Life must learn not to complain, not to wait, not blindly. 

Today’s big thing, tomorrow is a small matter, this year’s big thing, to the next year is the story, encounter the unsatisfactory thing, say to yourself, today will pass, tomorrow will come, a new day will begin.

Life, learning while walking


Life, learn while walking! 

Learn to understand, because only by understanding others will be understood by others. 

Learn to be patient, because things have become a reality and you can’t change. 

Learn to be tolerant, because no one can be born in life, no one is perfect. 

Learn to be silent, because silence is gold. 

Learn to say no, because you can’t do anything you can’t do, do what you can. 

Learn to observe, because the world is nothing, and only by changing its eyes, can it be arguing about right and wrong. 

Learn to forget, because only forgetting what you have lost can be based on the present and looking to the future. 

Learn to give up, because some things can only be appreciated far. If you are not yours, don’t pursue it. Giving up is the best choice. 

Learn to adapt because you have to survive under any conditions. 

Learn to cherish, because now you get the best. 

Learn to pay, because only pay can show the value of your existence. 

Learn to restrain, because impulses often get back. 

Learn to struggle because it is a companion to my good life. 

Learn to be tough, because only then can you overcome many difficulties in life. 

Learn to think about it so that you can find your own shortcomings. 

Learn to try, because only in this way can you understand the hardships and joys of life. 

Learn to change because you can’t change others, only change yourself. 

Learn to be stupid because life is hard to get confused. 

Learn to be happy, because only happy to spend every day, live is wonderful.

Learn to be content, because only in this way will you feel how beautiful life is now, and so-called contentment. 

Learn to love, because love can give me strength, only love can get real happiness. 

Learn to be grateful, because gratitude can bring harmony, bring happiness, and not let yourself have regrets. 

At the foot of the road of life, the heart of life flows, the wind and frost, the arrogant frost, the careful taste, and the life.



Comrade Kim Jong-un climbed with the guards. 

At halfway up the mountain, the guard said: “General, tired, go back.” 

Kim Jong-un sighed: “I didn’t say tired, you said tired first? All halfway up the mountain, how can you halfway? If the revolution So, can it be successful?” The 

guard shyly lowered his head. Finally tried to climb the top of the mountain. 

Kim Jong-un encouraged to say: “Young people should exercise more!” 

Then Kim Jong-un climbed down from the guard. 

Later, the reporter interviewed the security guard: “What do you feel at the time?” The 

guard said excitedly: “The grace is like a mountain!”
 Mom, can I buy you a sweeping robot? 

Daughter: “Mom, I will buy you a sweeping robot, so you don’t have to bend over and sweep the ground.” 

Mom: “No, waste money.” 

Daughter: “Then I will buy you a dishwasher, can save you? ” 

Mother: “No, waste money.” 

Daughter: “What do you want?” 

Mom: “Nothing, you can do these things.”

What is the best in life?

There was a young man who sat helplessly sitting in the chair of the park and sighed. The old man next to him asked the young man: “Young man, what’s the matter?” The 

young man did not answer, and asked the old man: “Old man, what do you think is the most in this life? Ok?” The 

old man chuckled back: 

Oh! When I have no money, I feel that the money is the best. When I have no room, I feel that the room is the best. When I am sick, I feel that my health is the best. When I leave, I feel that I am the best! 

People, always can’t understand, what is the best? 

Say good money, money can not buy things; say that the room is good, the room also has a day to take. 

Really the best, always priceless, precious! 

In this life, what is the best? 

The healthy body is the best, the true feelings are the best, and there is a person with you in your heart. Every day, there is a person who greets you best, and every day is the best! 

Come on, boy.



我们都知道2019年上半年度苹果阵营呼声最高新品Apple AirPods 、Powerbeats Pro。非苹阵营则是有Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless等真无线新品撑住大局,用户们也开始跃跃欲试真无线新品。真无线蓝牙耳机随着蓝牙晶片的迭代更新,充电仓的运用,2017~2018年令人头痛的续航力、延迟等问题就渐渐被解决了。

我们都知道,苹果是跟Broadcom博通合作开发独家的蓝牙晶片,以求最适的续航力与低延迟。苹果二代AirPods的蓝牙晶片从W1晶片升级到H1晶片,延迟(latency)减低30%。非苹果阵营也一样做到了技术上的革新,高通、瑞昱、络达纷纷端出了最新的晶片,在蓝牙5.0的延迟上也紧追上了苹果的博通晶片。看来这场真无线蓝芽大战的好戏让用户们拥有更多的选择。如果你是安卓旗舰机的用户,其实反而可以享有高通aptX HD协定带来的音质协定,换一角度想也是不错的tradeoff。



  1. 主参数:音质、稳固性、抗噪性、蓝牙晶片与协定、通话音质、外观、续航
  2. 辅助参数:重量、防水系数、操作易用性、充电




CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)

Henry从3年前开始接触蓝牙耳机,到去年开始玩起真无线耳机,其实真的很惊艳技术的演进。尤其是真无线的体积越做越小,音质表现越优秀,基本上近逼有线的等级,并且蓝牙晶片技术的进步功耗更低了,所以出门在外也可以安心长时间使用。许多旗舰手机开始拥抱TypeC , Lightning孔,开始摒弃3.5mm孔,种种迹象都仿佛劝大家开始丢弃你手上的EarPods或是有线耳机了,开始拥抱真无线吧,真的用过就回不去了,相信我!






主要是依据每个人喜欢声响的不同,所以这部分是很主观的。譬如EQ、Sound Signature。简单来说就是高频、中频、低频的表现。Ex.有些耳机bass(低频),典型的品牌如Beats,许多人喜欢运动的时候带低频强的耳机比较带劲,但有些人就偏好中频高频比较清澈的乐器或人声,所以这就见仁见智,属于非常主观的音质决定因素。



  • “腔体结构”或是“声学结构”,当声学与腔体构造设计得越好,音质通常就会越细腻自然,更趋近真实音效(neutral & real)。
CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)
  • 当然另一派发烧友也会提及动圈或动铁耳机(单体driver不同),其实这就是耳机的单体不同,两种耳机都有其拥护者,所以也不能算完全客观的因素
CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)
动圈vs 动铁比较表– balanced armature drivers vs dynamic drivers
  1. 透过实测工具测试频响范围、信噪比、失真率,也是常见的做法,可以让音质的定义更加客观些
  2. 最后当然就是大家忽略的音质素材的水准须一致,譬如hi-res音乐9,126kbps / CD音源1,411kbps / MP3 320kbps。那就是,耳机若支援到hi-res (日本认证)而音源也是hi-res (flac, alac, ape)的档案,那么音质肯定更真实


佩戴耳机总要舒适稳固,而且不会随意掉落,这样才能佩戴长久不觉得不舒服,我认为这是一个非常重要的因素。基本上会影响真无线耳机佩戴稳固性的一个是耳机的设计( 耳挂型、入耳型、耳塞性 )。耳挂型最稳固,适合运动,耳塞性像是AirPods,比较不稳固,但是长戴会舒服一些,入耳型最服贴音场混响效果感觉会立体些。这也是看你的需求,没有绝对的设计是适合每个人的。每个人耳型不同,有时候甚至要调整耳塞(eartips)或是耳机记忆海绵(earfoam)的尺寸大小,才能更加服贴自己的耳朵,建议大家都花时间尝试最适合自己的尺寸,有时候因为耳塞的更换也会影响音质的感受,这也是常常被忽略的。

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)


别跟我说你不在意外观,人要衣装佛要金装(好old school的讲法)。我认为外观绝对是排在top3的选购耳机要素。好的耳机外观让你走路有风,毕竟现在耳机也成为潮流的配件的一种,大家也会选配耳机搭配自己的衣着。不然为什么会有beats这样的耳机呢?之前新闻还报导b家的耳机用料比较cheap,但是外观下了很多功夫,行销成本都给明星代言去了,但是b家的爱好者无所谓呀,他们在乎的是外观,所以外观真的非常重要呢。目前耳机表面设计主流以铝合金、ABS塑料、皮革为主…等,满足各种用户需求。








先提及普罗大众比较容易有的缪思,其实蓝牙晶片、蓝牙版本并不会影响音质。主要影响的是耳机的续航力、连线距离与连线稳定性(是否lag)。当然还是有分别,你如果用高通的4.2晶片pk 大陆厂商恒玄的5.0晶片,胜负还很难说。所以蓝牙晶片就跟电脑CPU掌控着耳机的核心处理速度,通常版本较高的蓝牙晶片整体效能表现还是更好的。另外有些特别的蓝牙晶片也能让耳机支援一对多配对,或是双模的晶片可以实现双耳通话,这都是大家可以仔细去Google研究的。







真无线耳机的收音普遍较差,因为麦克风在耳机本体上,而耳机是佩戴在耳朵上,收音处离嘴巴比较远,所以其实市面上都不会太强调真无线耳机有多好的收音,除非是像AirPods, TaoTronics TT-BH053那样麦克风棒sticker在外面的通话效果才会好一些。不然就不要抱非常非常高的期望啦!


cVc是英国晶片厂CSR的技术,英文总称叫做(Clear Voice Capture),主要是减少周遭噪音,让对方可以听到更清楚的声音,所以受益人是对方。这项技术是属于软体降噪,所以可以见得,采用这项技术的真无线蓝牙耳机通话音质通常会好一些,至少对方不会听到这么多嘈杂的噪音。






耳机与充电仓的重量加总,主要会影响携带时候的便携性,还有是否能装进口袋作为考量,对Henry来说我觉得真无线耳机大约都在单耳2g~5g左右都还能接受,单耳2g左右算是很高水准,佩戴起来就更轻便许多。多于5g的耳机,譬如Bose SoundSport Free就会比较有感觉,适合健身的时候佩戴,通常重量越大的耳机,在单体与腔体结构的共鸣比较有机会做音质上的突破。那么对我来说,重量只能算是辅助参考项,不会纳入主要考量。


防水系数也是各家真无线强调的重点,市面上的真无线蓝牙耳机大多是IPX4 ~IPX6防水等级。到达IPX7等级就是非常高了(浸入水中最多1m,30 分钟无损坏。),有些人会使用IPX7耳机来洗澡,我不建议哦,毕竟电子产品还是会被微小的水蒸气给渗透,到时候因为潮湿伤到耳机主板PCB,不管IPX多少都没有用了。那么防尘系数我觉得就比较不重要,毕竟耳机大多数防水场景比较多(ex. 跑马拉松、下雨、健身),防尘除非你去新疆或蒙古等极端环境,不然是用不上的。如果你常流大量汗水,那么对防水系数有追求,就应该放此参数作为首要考量。




会用combo键的方式(譬如. 单击大小声、 双击播放暂停接听挂断、三击上下首歌曲、长按2秒唤起siri, google assistant、关机长按5秒进行配对)。我个人比较喜欢触控,因为不会因为按压实体按键造成耳朵会些许不适,而且长久使用下来习惯就会很方便,当然缺点就是combo键需要记忆、而且要达成某种功能需要按多次,有时候还会误触,所以就是一体两面啰。




端口(Type C vs MicroUSB vs Lightning)









CP值先决!2019年众所瞩目: 8大新创真无线耳机推荐

第八名:TicPods Free

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)
第八名. TicPods Free丨创新降噪挠挠功能、优美外形真无线

作为北京出门问问公司的主打商品,TicPods Free的诞生无疑是给AirPods投下了超强的震撼弹,入耳侦测与挠挠功能也很创新,就是可以用手指滑动的方式来调整音量与歌曲上下首。耳机的外观也荣获了德国红点大奖。另外.. 耳机棒的设计与降噪技术也让通话更加清晰,如果你再找寻AirPods的替代品,是一款很不错功能很强的选择。

第七名:Sabbat X12 Pro

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)

第七名. Sabbat X12 Pro丨Indiegogo最具创意大赏、水转印潮流来袭

Indiegogo众筹上获得most creative wireless earbuds(最具创意真无线)的称号,Sabbat X12 Pro算是价格的破坏者,以超高CP值进军台湾市场。多种水转印的配色也很潮,受到很多年轻人喜欢。实测高清音源歌曲,也能体现音质细腻度,音色丰沛音场大,在这个价格上表现得很优秀。虽然跟AirPods一样是耳塞式佩戴方式,但是原厂标配的鲨鱼鳍,也能让Sabbat X12 Pro胜任运动的场景,佩戴更稳固。

第六名:Jlab Jbuds Air

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)

第六名. Jlab Jbuds Air丨3段EQ、自带Lightning线高CP值真无线


第五名:TaoTronics TT-BH053

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)

第五名. TaoTronics TT-BH053丨绝佳CP值!6mm大动圈清透音质、最佳AirPods替代品

只要到youtube一搜寻就会看到满满的国内外YouTuber推荐。TaoTronics TT-BH053是新创3C电商品牌TaoTronics新推出的超高CP值入耳式真无线。最大的特点就是虽然价格是最低的,但是音质表现毫不马虎。配置6mm大动圈单体带出高解析清透的音质,感觉上最少有3000元的水准,加上充电仓续航力也来到近2天的水准,是一款比TicPods Free CP值更高的AirPods替代品

第四名:mifo O5

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)

第四名. mifo O5丨首创全频动铁细腻声效、质感铝合金拉丝真无线

在中国大陆电商平台屡屡创下佳绩的mifo品牌,也是最近悄悄崛起的真无线耳机品牌。特别是全球知名耳机品牌OneMore的分析报告中,也点名了在中国大陆真无线耳机关注程度仅次于AirPods的品牌。那么Mifo O5究竟有什么商品的魔力呢?主要是少数在中低价位搭载全频动铁的真无线。高解析的音质可以直逼6000~8000价位的真无线,实在是享受。另外铝合金的耳机与充电仓,虽然重量稍重,但却能带出很好的质感。最后是总续航力(含充电仓)也能达到高标100hrs,是表现优异的黑马。

第三名:TaoTronics TT-BH052

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)

第三名. TaoTronics TT-BH052丨集触控、续航、防水于一身的全能新生代真无线

美国、日本亚马逊的出货保证(Amazon Choice),虽然有着让某些人却步的硬线条硬汉科技外观,但是实打实CP值与功能性平衡的绝佳选择。主打IPX7的防水等级、与120hrs的总续航绝对是最佳的销量保证。并且3350mAh超高容量充电仓还自带行动电源功能,是现今真无线耳机中少见的附加功能,紧急需要时就派的上用场。LAG情况也几乎感觉不到可以无视,可以胜任音乐、看剧、运动等多元场景的一副高CP值优秀真无线蓝牙耳机

第二名:Sabbat E12

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)

第二名. Sabbat E12丨浑厚重低音、独家斜入耳式设计无线充电真无线

这款算是目前市场呼声最高的CP值真无线蓝牙耳机。由于他的“潮”外观重低音表现、细腻的高音、与入耳式贴合耳廓的稳固性,得到很多达人、网红、用户的一致好评。本体续航力也有6hrs的高水准表现,相较于Sabbat X12 Pro有了功能上的提升,4mic全向降噪麦克风也有一定的通话水准,是一副值得期待并不会后悔的CP值先决真无线耳机。

第一名:TaoTronics Duo Free

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)

第一名. TaoTronics Duo Free丨CP值最高!全球首创监听入耳真无线、皮革高质感外观

接下来就是众所瞩目的第一名,而这边TechTeller将这名次给了它,全球只有在日本与台湾上市的:TaoTronics Duo Free!主要有几个原因,首先这副耳机是IEM监听级入耳+真无线的融合体,这个在真无线耳机是非常稀少的。什么是监听级呢,你可以想像我是歌手节目中选手佩戴的那种入耳监听耳机,现在居然应用在真无线上了!实测音质高中低频的EQ表现是非常均衡,音质清晰通透有延伸性。再来就是因为监听入耳深入耳道关系除了有非常好的物理抗噪性,直逼主动降噪耳罩耳机的抗噪等级,还可以加强音场的共鸣,所以聆听起来更有现场感。另外就是很引人注目的皮革充电仓外盒,触感非常舒服,外观也很时尚与商务。配对模式也做了创新,以往真无线都是取舱才能配对,这副真无线在开盒瞬间就开始配对了,也多少的减少了配对的时间。通话音质也搭载降噪技术,实测对方也能听到相对清晰的音质。虽然单体续航稍显不足只有3~3.5hrs,不过充电仓能提供额外14小时的续航,总续航来到16.5hrs,在一般通勤、城市穿梭、短途商旅是很够用了,总评起来是音质佳、外观美、通话很不错的超值真无线首选。


CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)
2019创新真无线大比拼– 最后总结

胜出!最终TOP 5真无线推荐

CP值先决! 2019年8大新创真无线蓝牙耳机推荐-TechTeller (科技说)
第一名(前右):Duo Free丨第二名(前左):Sabbat E12 
第三名(后右):TaoTronics TT-BH052丨第四名(后中):mifo O5丨第五名(后左):TaoTronics TT-BH053











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