Daughters of the Lake

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The ghosts of the past come calling in a spellbinding heart-stopper from the “Queen of the Northern Gothic.”

After the end of her marriage, Kate Granger has retreated to her parents’ home on Lake Superior to pull herself together—only to discover the body of a murdered woman washed into the shallows. Tucked in the folds of the woman’s curiously vintage gown is an infant, as cold and at peace as its mother. No one can identify the woman. Except for Kate. She’s seen her before. In her dreams…

One hundred years ago, a love story ended in tragedy, its mysteries left unsolved. It’s time for the lake to give up its secrets. As each mystery unravels, it pulls Kate deeper into the eddy of a haunting folktale that has been handed down in whispers over generations. Now, it’s Kate’s turn to listen.

As the drowned woman reaches out from the grave, Kate reaches back. They must come together, if only in dreams, to right the sinister wrongs of the past. 

Daughters of the Lake Review

uper natural / gothic excitement is not a genre to me. However, I had already read one of the other books in the Kindle First list as an ARC and wanted something else. This supernatural thriller from the talented Helen Webb created an uncanny beginning from the beginning that kept me swinging all day (lucky it is a holiday in Sydney, Australia). I read it literally in a meeting when I was thoroughly impressed.

It begins dramatically, which in the first few pages discovers a body. Kate Granger our heroine returns to her childhood home on Lake Superior after discovering that her husband has been cheating on her. When Kate’s father walks on his dog, he finds the body of a woman with a child’s body on the shore of the lake, Kate is confused as she realizes she’s been dreaming of this woman she’s not known for some time.

“It was finally time for the lake to give her up. And then, one morning in the late summer, her body gently washed down into the shallows, as if she had simply fled in a peaceful, water-like sleep.” … “Her appearance was still more remarkable since she had died almost a century earlier. ‘

Therefore, the story begins to move between Kate’s present-day study and Great Bay in 1889 and Addie Cassatt’s early life and her friend Jess Stewart. Small excerpts are revealed and the reader feels desperate as Kate to find the truth …

With friend’s support, Kate tries to learn from her dreams and believes impossible even though it means connecting the body with a centuries-old mystery associated with Kate’s own family history …
“This is a police case, Kate. It’s not up to you to solve this crime.” “I don’t agree!” She said, higher than she intended. She pushed herself to her feet and went to the fireplace. “I’m the one who dreams of her. She washed up on the beach in front of my parents’ home. This really feels personal to me. And forgive me, but there’s no way you need to find a living, breathing person responsible for her death. If her murder is to be resolved, it is up to me. “” But why, Kate? Just for the sake of the argument, we say everything we have been talking about today is true. Say the woman lying in morgue right now is the same woman on this picture. She died more than a century ago! As you said, there is no living, breathing person to get justice, to pay for this crime. “

‘Daughters of the Lake’ has everything from buried family secrets, scandals, murders, super natural saga, love – lost and found and more … all at the bottom of a creepy lake. Along with a deep melancholy, plus a last twist that was so unexpected that I just had to stop … this is a very clever mystery that I didn’t put down. Highly recommended.