Foreign Deceit: A David Wolf Mystery

Foreign Deceit的圖片搜尋結果

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His brother is dead, halfway around the world.
He’s not getting the whole truth.

The first thrill-ride mystery in the Amazon #1 bestselling David Wolf Series.

Deputy Sergeant Wolf’s ex-wife is in back in the picture, jealousy of his upcoming promotion to sheriff is escalating to violence, and a boy has just been reported missing–a lot of action for a ski resort town in the middle of the Colorado Rockies.

All that trouble falls to background noise, however, when Wolf learns his brother has just committed suicide in northern Italy.

Devastation and resentment of his sibling’s selfish act is short-lived, because Wolf knows one thing is for certain: his brother would never kill himself.

Or would he? A nagging suspicion there’s more to the story is enough to pull. Wolf from his volatile life. halfway around the world. and into a wholly foreign territory. where one or more ruthless killers lie in wait.

With the aid of a beautiful Carabinieri agent. can Wolf piece together what really happened to his. brothr without suffering the same fate?

Those responsible are about to find out.

Foreign Deceit is the first of the 12-book David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series.
The novels have earned over four thousand five-star reviews on. Amazon and have been downloaded over a million times to Kindles around the world.

If you’re a fan of David Baldacci, Nelson DeMille, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, C.J. Box’s Joe Pickett, Robert Ludlum’s Bourne and Janson, John Sandford’s Prey Series, Craig Johnson’s Longmire, Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch, Jonathan Kellerman, Robert Dugoni, and Stuart Woods, the David Wolf mystery-thriller series is sure to satisfy your urge for an excellent, page-turning read.

If you enjoy twists and turns, memorable characters, action, suspense, mystery with pulse-pounding revelation, all amid breathtaking scenery, then David Wolf is for you!

Readers are saying …

“For fans of C.J. Box, this will be a welcome series.”

“David Wolf is to Jeff Carson as Harry Bosch is to Michael Connelly. I highly recommend any in the series …”

“Jeff Carson belongs with the likes of Jonathan Kellerman, Faye Kellerman, John Sandford, J.D. Robb, and Patricia Cornwell.”

“Honestly if you are not reading Jeff Carson, YOU NEED TO JUMP ON BOARD!”

“You can not put the books down, so please make sure you have plenty of time on your hands.”

Yet another time it was very good mystery. David Wolf has many balls up in the air. Study of the murder of a young boy in his little Colorado city. Get a call from her mother about her younger brother’s suicide in Italy. And his desire to be a sheriff. The city council must appoint the sheriff, and the mayor’s son, no one likes is in progress. In Italy, the police closed the case as suicide, but he knows it’s murder. He must prove this and take his brother home.
Very good nine book series and enjoyed them all.