How to become an actor

There are many young friends who ask me how to become an actor often makes me speechless. This problem seems simple. It is not easy to add one to two. Of course, I think they actually hope to get such an answer. .

First of all, we have to clarify the concept of the problem. Do you want to be an “actor”, or do you want to be an actor, or do you want to be a star? The latter two are actually much simpler than the former. Just find a good manager. Today, we focus on the first article.

The conditions of the actors can be divided into innate and acquired. In fact, all the technical needs are the same. Due to the limitation of space, they cannot be discussed here. You can only choose to share them. I think that innate shyness is important to being an actor. What? Are the actors shy? Yes, shyness is a kind of self-awareness. It is also an extremely sensitive expression to others and the environment. Acting requires the sensitive communication between the self and the external world. The narcissistic person is also sensitive, but only sensitive to himself. No one else is a substandard goods, so everyone can see a lot of star narcissism, but very little shy, only the best is shy, Liang Chaowei counts one.

Second, stupid. Correct! Stupid enough. Only stupid will spend so much time on exercise techniques, Guo Jing is not stupid, absolutely can not become a dragon, 18, the basic skills are boring, and no one promises that you must have results, the art road is long and lonely.

Finally, self-denial and discipline, long-term physical exercise, technical training such as vocalization, pronunciation, lines, acting, literary cultivation and other artistic accomplishments, no night life, no overeating, can not play, can not eat, Andy Lau is a good example. To be successful, the actor has paid for his life. exaggeration? Where is life always? Young people, are you willing?

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