How to remove eyelashes? 2 ways to easily remove

How to remove the grafted eyelashes ? Generally, the grafted eyelashes used in the beauty eyelash shop use glue to glue the artificial eyelashes onto the natural eyelashes. Therefore, you must be very careful when using some false eyelashes. If you don’t handle it properly, you will remove the real eyelashes. Today, the beauty eyelashes of the US beauty eyelashes, tell you how to remove the grafted eyelashes?

The first method: the first step is to use a cotton swab myopic glue remover to ensure that the cotton swab is completely saturated.

The second step is to gently wipe the upper eyelid with a cotton swab, and then slowly wipe around the outer contour of the eye. From the outer contour to the inner contour, gently apply a small circle and remove the agent. Will slowly melt the glue.

Step 3: Use a cotton swab to gently wipe the eyeliner position about ten times. Hold the root of the false eyelash with your thumb and forefinger. At this time, the graft will be easily removed.

The fourth part is after we have removed the eyelashes, then wipe the upper eyelid with a remover to remove the residual glue.

Finally, wash the eyes and face with warm water and clean the residual scavenger.

The second method uses steam and olive oil for removal

The first step is to burn a pot of hot water to produce steam. At this time, face the steam, keep the surrounding steam near the face, and the hot steam will help loosen the false eyelashes.

In the second step, soak the olive oil with cotton balls or cotton pads, and wipe the roots of the eyelashes with a cotton ball, taking care not to get your eyes. Continue to wipe the eyelashes until the false eyelashes are completely dropped.

The third step is to put the face in the washbasin and let the eyelashes touch the hot water. Rinse off the olive oil, and the grafted eyelashes are washed down. Olive oil effectively dissolves the glue that grafts the eyelashes and also moisturizes our own eyelashes.

How to remove the grafted eyelashes , these two ways to easily remove the false eyelashes. Pay attention to me to become white and beautiful! Join me to become a local tyrant! Beauty eyelashes joined the phone: 021-60524377 beautiful beauty eyelashes, to give you the most professional, cutting-edge, most fashionable eyelashes pictures and information! If you want to know more about the eyelashes, please copy and open the official website.