Although my son is the only child, but not only there is no male chauvinism, sometimes I think that he still has a big feminism, emphasizing feminism everywhere, talking for girls. 

For example, one day I said to him: “I hope that you can have a wife who can help the future.” If 

you haven’t finished, he will say, “Why do you help the husband? Or can I help my wife? Help each other.” ! ” 

I was speechless, corrected himself and said:” At a minimum, be gentle personality. ” 

he does not agree, said:?.” why should the tender everyone has their own personality, sometimes show personality, but lovely ” 

I was angry Dead, turn and walk away, no longer talk to him. 

But calm down, think about his words, and think about the many “persons with personalities” I have seen, but I think he also makes sense. The two things that happened especially made me feel a lot. 

First, my wife’s former office, there is a vigorous female staff, in her forties, the Tuen Mun is very big, and she loves to talk. Often a small thing, into her mouth, has become a major event, people in the office, I feel that this woman is noisy, and even someone suggested that my wife, transferred her to other departments. 

But I don’t know where to start, she gradually stopped talking and the voice softened. Going to work every day, picking up the bag and leaving, no longer staying to find someone to swear. 

Everyone was surprised, but she suddenly took a long vacation. After another interval, the woman suddenly died and died of lung cancer. 

When I was dying, many colleagues went to see her. When she saw her who was not so thin, she fell into tears and said, “I hope that I will come back to work, so I miss the voice of the sly. From the swearing, the office is getting cold.” ” 

Second, I have a friend, but also love to talk, he said that not only love, but love is. 

But I am also a very light person, walking on the road, I am afraid to be recognized.

So when we travel together, when he plays treasure on the road, I sneak away. He also drove very well, and he drove a car that was particularly “pulling”. On the crowded road, he also had to drill the west diamond, and he was pointed at his nose several times. 

But recently, I went back to Taiwan and took his car and found that he actually slowed down. Slowly, for a moment, gently step on the gas pedal, and the other car honked at the back, just like the dream, waking forward. Driving faster, still a very new sports car, suddenly felt into an old car, his bold smile disappeared, the air became very dull. 

When he left, he lowered his head and slowly wore his shoes. The voice of the farewell could not be heard. 

I finally couldn’t stand it, chasing a phone call. 

“Nothing.” He said faintly: “The career is not very smooth………….” 

Putting down the phone, I also have the feeling of crying. 

I hope that he is still the one who can make a room full of people. 

I found myself swearing at him, complaining about him, and even yelling that he loves performance too much, but he always likes to look for him because “he is funny.” 

I love him, it is his own; his strengths are his shortcomings. 

On the other hand, I suspect that he loves him; his shortcomings are his distinctive personality traits. 

Appreciate each other’s qualities. 

This makes me understand at a glance what I saw in a psychology book. 

“No matter whether you are a lover or a friend, you may be attracted to each other at first, but after you interact, you may Because you hate that trait, you break up. If you can hold on, you will become more and more accustomed to each other’s personality, become accommodated by each other, and appreciate each other.” 
Isn’t it? 

We saw everywhere, the butterfly-like girl and the nerd boy were good friends; the sports man, but married a Lin Yuyu.

What do you think, they are not together, but others “fall through the glasses” and become an enviable pair. 

Isn’t this because they tolerate each other, understand “the shortcomings of the other side”, and even regard that shortcoming as an advantage? 

Everyone in the world praises Bao Shuya, 

thinking of Bao Shuya and Guan Zhong. 

Bao Shuya and Guan Zhong are engaged in business, and Guan Zhong always gives more to himself when he is paying money. 

However, Bao Shuyao believes that it is not guilty, but because the family is poor. 

Guan Zhong’s plan for Bao Shu’s teeth is getting worse and worse. Bao Shu’s teeth don’t think Guan Zhong is stupid, saying that it’s just bad luck. 

Two people went to fight together, Guan Zhong three wars and three escapes, Bao Shuya does not think that Guan Zhong is timid, only know that he has an old mother in the church. 

Even when Guan Zhong was arrested, Bao Shuya went to Qi Qigong to recommend it, making Guan Zhong a prime minister. 

Every time I read this paragraph in {Shi Ji}, I always smiled and thought: “How many people in this world can do the realm of Bao Shuya? Switch to me, turn it over!” 

No wonder Sima Qian said: “The world Not to praise Guan Zhong’s talents, but to praise Bo Shu’s “knowing people”. 

However, I also think that if they are not good friends and appreciate each other’s personality traits, can Uncle Bao always look at Guanzhong’s “negative” performance from “positive”? 

Looking at things from different angles 

Our eyes are weird. It can look good as bad and bad as good. 

I have two business friends who have recently talked about the female secretary who has been with them for more than ten years. 

One said: “My secretary’s wrinkles have all ran out, and the reaction has been poor. I have forgotten things and will replace her next month.”

The other said: “My secretary has often made mistakes recently and still smirked at me. When I saw the wrinkles on her face, I felt so good and distressed.” 

“What is it?” I asked. 

“Thinking that she has followed me since I was in her twenties, and worked hard to get old. In a blink of an eye, it’s almost forty.” 

The two secretaries, I know, feel that they are similar in age and have similar abilities. Why are there such big differences in the eyes of their supervisors? The reason is very simple – look at different angles. 

If he is not like his original 

young friend, I say many of these stories because I always receive your letter. 

Many people gnash their teeth and lick their best friends, saying that he is selfish, small, and unreasonable. 

Do you think about it, you don’t appreciate his place, it is probably his cuteness? 

When we look at it from the perspective of foresight and understanding, we will find that even if he is wrong, he is miserable and cute. 

What is a friend? 

Is it a friend who is obedient to you, does not blame your mistakes, and does not express his own personality? 

Or does he have his tastes, insights, enrich your horizons, and can present a different opinion from you, and can be a good friend? 

Every time when you can’t get used to your friends, please take a step back and calm down and think about it: If he is no longer like that, he still doesn’t look like him. If he is not like him, isn’t he cute? 

In daily life, we will be angry with friends and relatives around us, and we will be awkward. But if the people around us are no longer like the original ones, will we still like him or her? 

I hope that my friends can think carefully after reading this article, how valuable each other is to get together. 

Bless you, my friend.


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