Volkswagen plans to win Newcastle’s fastest electric car throne!

Volkswagen Motors of Germany plans to refresh the lap record of the fastest electric car at the New Berlin North Circuit this summer . Romain Dumas, the professional driver responsible for driving the VW IDR electric car, also set a record of 7 minutes, 57 seconds and 148 in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb climbing competition last June, becoming the first driver in history to run for 8 minutes.

 Volkswagen offers
Volkswagen offers

In order to adapt to the terrain and road conditions of the New Berlin North Circuit, the Volkswagen Rover R&D team will strengthen the multi-faceted design and performance of the IDR electric car, such as the air force to improve the vehicle’s downforce and stability, before the VW IDR electric car begins testing. Kit. The IDR electric car is estimated to maintain the current 670 horsepower and 89.84 kilograms of peak torque output, with a weight of less than 1,000 kilograms, allowing the IDR electric car to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just over 2 seconds.

 Volkswagen offers
Volkswagen offers

If you want to refresh the NIO EP9’s fastest lap record for the electric car set in 2017 at the New South Berlin track with 20.8 km and 75 corners, the VW IDR must be faster than 6:45. Under the leadership of legendary driver Peter Dumbreck, Romain Dumas is full of confidence in the fastest record challenge.

 Volkswagen offers
Volkswagen offers

Romain Dumas said that he was excited to drive the goose bumps when he was able to drive the VW IDR electric car at the New Berlin North Circuit. Although Romain Dumas, who has participated in the 24-hour endurance race, is very familiar with the road line in Linbei, the strong linear acceleration and cornering speed of the VW IDR electric car must be adapted.

 Volkswagen offers
Volkswagen offers

The first MEB electric car NEO cruising range of 600km Can help the public beat Tesla?

On October 19, 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony of the SAIC Volkswagen New Energy Automobile Factory was held in Anting, Shanghai. This is the first pure electric vehicle factory of SAIC Volkswagen, and it is also the first automobile factory in the Volkswagen Group to be newly designed and built for the production of MEB pure electric vehicles. The new plant is scheduled to be completed and put into production in 2020. However, according to the information given by Volkswagen China, the MEB platform model will be available in China at least until 2022. At the same time, there are rumors inside SAIC Volkswagen that SAIC Volkswagen is the first to build on the MEB platform. The model will be officially put into production in 2021.

Judging from the current news, the first product of SAIC Volkswagen is most likely the ID CROZZ that has been exposed many times before, but this is not the first product of the MEB platform. According to previous news, the first product of the MEB platform is very likely to be listed in 2019. Recently, the German media has revealed that this product may be named NEO, and this product should not be introduced to China.

In any case, the pure electric vehicle of the MEB platform is still expected. After all, as one of the largest automobile groups in the world, Volkswagen’s technical reserves far exceed the imagination of ordinary people. When Volkswagen developed the MEB platform, it was almost always the benchmark for the current new energy vehicle – Tesla. So what kind of turn can the Volkswagen car giant achieve in the field of electric vehicles? Let’s take a look at NEO, the first product of the popular MEB platform.

The cruising range reaches 600km

In the style of the Volkswagen Group, NEO will represent the design direction of the MEB platform model, so even ID CROZZ, which was listed in China in 2022, should follow the design of NEO in large numbers. From this car, we can also Looking forward to the future MEB platform electric vehicles launched by Volkswagen in China.

In terms of market positioning, NEO will replace the positioning of today’s E-GOLF, which is based on the MQB electric vehicle platform (I wonder if the future will be handed over to the public’s third joint venture in China, Jianghuai Volkswagen). The difference between the pure electric vehicle platform and the oil-modified electric vehicle platform is in the space layout. From the data of the foreign media, the length of the NEO positioned in the compact stage may be only 4100mm, but the wheelbase can be achieved. 2750mm, only slightly shorter than the mid-size car Passat.

After removing the “bulky” internal combustion engine powertrain, the MEB electric car is indeed more spatially arranged. In addition, since it is the standard Tesla, the MEB platform will naturally adopt some very forward-looking designs. From the real car and the concept car, we can see that Volkswagen will use the all-digital cockpit that has never been seen before on the MEB platform. The hard buttons in the car will be reduced as much as possible, and the huge HUD head-up display will become A major feature of the future of the public interior (not only the MEB platform, Golf 8 will be launched in 2019 will also use such HUD).

In addition to the general information of HUD, VR navigation, Wikipedia along the scenic spots and other information will appear on the HUD head-up display. In terms of power parameters, NEO’s cruising range will reach 600 kilometers, and Volkswagen will be equipped with 60, 80 or even 110kWh batteries on NEO, which is much higher than today’s electric vehicles. The base model NEO will only be available in the front drive version, but depending on the characteristics of the MEB platform, NEO should also offer a four-wheel drive version with multiple motors.

NEO’s top speed will be limited to 160km / h, while 0-100km / h acceleration is less than 5 seconds, which is not bad from the data point of view. However, NEO does not have the super fast charge used by the Audi e-tron GT. The e-tron GT will be built on the PPE platform jointly developed by Audi and Porsche. The 350kW charging pile can be filled with 400km of mileage in 15 minutes. From this we can also estimate that NEO’s fast charge should also be filled with 80% of electricity in half an hour.

The new factory shows the security of big companies

From this Volkswagen’s new MEB electric car factory in Anting, we can get a lot of information: First, the first factory designed and built for MEB electric vehicles settled in China, reflecting the public’s emphasis on the electrification of the Chinese auto market. According to data released by the United Nations International Energy Agency (IEA), global electric vehicle sales exceeded 1 million units in 2017. Compared with 2016, electric vehicle sales increased by 54%, and half of them were from China. China is Volkswagen’s largest market in the world. By 2025, Volkswagen Group plans to produce 1 million MEB models worldwide, and about 2/3 of them are sold in China (about 650,000).

The establishment of the new factory also reflects the public’s stability as a large group. Retrofitting on existing production lines seems to be more cost and economical than building a new plant. Previously, Volkswagen’s domestic factories have undergone transformation from PQ platform to MQB platform production. Dr. Wen Zeyue, deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. (Technology), also said in an interview that the first phase of FAW-Volkswagen’s South China Base in Foshan will be completely transformed into a “pure electric factory” after 2020.

The establishment of the new MEB plant may mean that SAIC Volkswagen believes that the MQB platform model or the traditional energy vehicle (or hybrid vehicle) will still occupy a larger market in the Chinese market. Instead of renovating the existing production line, it is better to establish a new factory. Avoid impact on existing platform production. At the same time, SAIC Volkswagen will also undertake the production of SAIC Audi in the future. It is said that the SAIC Volkswagen III plant in Anting has started the production line transformation of the MLB EVO platform, which means that the public believes that traditional energy (or hybrid) is The future will still occupy a small market. From the sales forecast, North-South Volkswagen sold more than 2.5 million vehicles in China in one year. Even if the sales data of North and South Volkswagen did not change much in 2025, the proportion of pure electric vehicles of 650,000 MEB platform is still not big.

Written at the end

Whether it is Toyota, Volkswagen or Renault Nissan, several major international auto giants have not made much achievements in the field of electric vehicles (the only thing that can be said is the Nissan Leaf), especially after the birth of Tesla, everyone is inevitably I will think that “electric cars can still be made this way.” At the same time, the new domestic car-making forces have also caused a lot of impact on traditional car companies. This makes us look forward to more, as a giant, how will the MEB platform products that the public turn around become more dazzling?



新的一年开始为巧克力爱好者带来一些可怕的消息:根据Business Insider的一篇文章,到2050年,气候变化可能严重阻碍可可植物的生长甚至导致其灭绝。可可植物的种子是巧克力中的主要成分。但在你开始储存数十年的巧克力棒之前,你应该知道科学家们已经在努力拯救这种植物。


Business Insider解释说,问题的根源在于巧克力生长在赤道南北约20度的狭长热带雨林中。随着气温上升,可可种植者将不得不移动他们的庄稼 – 这很困难,因为大部分高地都受到野生动植物的保护。另一种选择是开始种植在不断变化的环境中茁壮成长的植物。



25岁的Jovan Hill辍学并失业。那么他如何支付他的布鲁克林公寓和大麻的习惯呢?他的社交媒体粉丝参与其中。

在一个慵懒的周日在九月,约万山,一个25岁的无业男子在布鲁克林区,有一个小要求7,100陌生人看他在直播的流媒体应用潜望镜:他需要$ 7,000迅速。





25岁的安妮·威里克(Annie Wyrick)是洛杉矶的一名DJ,给出了100美元以及一个神秘的信息:“螺旋式”。22岁的雷切尔麦克法尔在新奥尔良的一名女服务员捐赠了10美元。来自佛罗里达州迈尔斯堡的自由电影制片人,21岁的Lindsay Scali给了1美元一张纸条,称希尔是“失业的国王”。Jovan Hill住在布鲁克林的家中,他在那里居住,为他的日常生活赚钱。信用Gioncarlo情人节为纽约时报

Jovan Hill住在布鲁克林的家中,他在那里居住,为他的日常生活赚钱。信用Gioncarlo情人节为纽约时报

希尔先生将疯狂,华丽和讽刺的形象描述为他的直播视频作为“同性恋,破旧的日记”,由4chan(匿名,通常粗俗的在线留言板)和他作为酷儿黑人。你有4 篇免费文章小号剩余。



注册等待 – 时事通讯

每周,Caity Weaver都会在新闻和流行文化中调查一个未得到答复的问题 – 也可能是未提出的问题。注册

“我每天醒来上班的唯一原因是我可以给@ehjovan租金,”23岁的Paige Wolfe在今年早些时候的一条推文中表示,他是俄克拉荷马城的银行助理。












希尔先生说:“我们基本上达成了协议,如果你想让我坐在我的房间里,每天上班,你需要支付我的租金。” “起初这就像300美元住在地下室,但他们希望我过上更好的生活。”





例如,34岁的Riley Whitelum和24岁的Elayna Carausu有近2,400名顾客每月支付3美元或更多费用,观看他们在他们的频道“ Sailing La Vagabonde ” 上环游世界。

然后是24岁的保罗·德尼诺(Paul Denino),每天在Periscope,Twitch,YouTube和其他平台上使用化身“ Ice Poseidon ”和现场直播。他在最近的“纽约客”杂志中表示,为此,他每月可以赚到6万美元。

虽然Ice Poseidon拥有约73万YouTube用户,但许多直播游戏最多只有几千人。希尔先生和几个室友分享了布鲁克林的公寓,其中包括杰克加纳,一个现场流光。信用Gioncarlo情人节为纽约时报


他的交易工具包括iPhone X和大麻钝器。信用Gioncarlo情人节为纽约时报

他的交易工具包括iPhone X和大麻钝器。信用Gioncarlo情人节为纽约时报






凭借摇摇欲坠的相机(通常是iPhone),他喋喋不休地谈论流行文化新闻,哀叹他的童年,并对他的联系表示同情。他还抽烟,吃油炸玉米饼,播放音乐,打电话给朋友,举办派对,并在互联网上消磨时间 – 这与许多漫无目的的20多岁的人在业余时间做的事情不同。

当他感觉很有力时,他会与观众争吵。“做点什么,” 大约四个月前,在他的卧室播放时,一名观众带着手柄@adiaa_z写道。






“当我狂躁时,我很冲动,没有自我控制,我浪费我的钱,我有随意,鲁莽的性行为,”他在7月份的一个名为“ 疯狂潜望镜 ” 的视频中说,在此期间,他说他在Adderall上大肆宣传。然后,好像记得他有一个观众,他补充说:“我没有要求任何人跟随我。你们不知从何处走出来。“(希尔先生后来说他”有点戏剧性“并且不会鲁莽。)

他的非sequiturs可能是微不足道的(“ 我的脸今天很胖 ”)或歪曲(“为什么我会涂防晒霜?我来到这个星球去死”)。他自由地使用种族和同性恋辱骂,在一个视频中讽刺地说:“我是同性恋,因为同性恋者什么也没做,只会破坏我的生活质量。”

jovan ➐@jovanmhill

MY UBER IS PLAYING ARIANA GRANDE i will no longer be reporting him to the fbi… just keep breathin…957下午1:31 – 2018年12月7日Twitter 广告信息与隐私37 人正在讨论这个







Jovan Hill表示他失业,据称每月挣4,000美元,乞求他的社交媒体粉丝捐款,以帮助支付他每月1300美元的布鲁克林公寓租金,他每月100美元的T恤习惯,杂草和视频游戏。在纽约邮报将希尔称为“数字乞丐”,意思是希尔不是要求站在纽约市的冷街道上并向陌生人请求现金,而是在他的公寓里播放他的生活,并敦促人们给他钱。必须承认,从你温暖的公寓乞讨听起来比从纽约市冷冻,尿液浸湿的人行道上拿着纸板标志和冰冷金属锅要好得多。公平地说,“数字乞丐”可能是一个术语,用于任何假装在Instagram,Twitter和Periscope上“磨砺”的人,要求追随者为他们的“评论”,“艺术”或“喜剧”提供资金。


希尔最近向他的追随者请求给他7,000美元,这是他迫切需要的。Jovan从他的1000美元+ iPhone X广播中抽烟,他一再向超过7,100人的观众请求给他钱。“我今天很穷,”希尔说。“所以,如果你想要任何税务注销,请捐赠给Jovan慈善机构。”它确实有效。陌生人称希尔是他们的“失业之王”,他开始向他的Venmo和PayPal账户捐款。



对Jovan来说非常好,他找到了一种做他喜欢的事情的方式 – 谈论他和他的生活,人们正在为他提供给他们的任何安慰付出很大的代价。你不能真的责怪这个人把自己放在那里,人们自愿给他数千美元。也许这里的真实故事是美国人的可支配收入太多了。






– 亞里士多德


– 老子

我的恩惠像大海一樣無邊無際,我的愛情如同深沉; 我給你的越多,我擁有的就越多,因為兩者都是無限的。

– 威廉莎士比亞,羅密歐與朱麗葉


– Elizabeth Barrett Browning

年輕的愛是一種火焰; 非常漂亮,經常非常炎熱和兇猛,但仍然只有光和閃爍。對老年人和紀律嚴明的心靈的愛是煤炭,燃燒深刻,無法遏制。

– Henry Ward Beecher


– Anais Nin



– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

愛沒有慾望,只能實現自己。但如果你喜歡並且必須有慾望,那就讓這些成為你的慾望; 融化,像一條奔跑的小溪,將它的旋律演唱到夜晚。要知道太多溫柔的痛苦。被你自己對愛的理解所傷害; 並且自願而快樂地流血。

– 先知Kahlil Gibran


– 海倫凱勒

愛不占主導地位; 它培養。

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


– Zora Neale Hurston



– 列夫托爾斯泰


– 多蘿西帕克

我學會了不要擔心愛情; 但要全心全意地尊重它的到來。

– 艾麗絲沃克

我愛你,卻不知道如何,何時,或從何處。我直截了當地愛你,沒有復雜或驕傲; 所以我愛你,因為我除此之外別無他法:我不存在,你也不存在,我的手緊緊靠在胸前是我的手,如此接近以至於我睡著時你的眼睛閉上了。

– Pablo Neruda,“Love Sonnet XVII”

valentines day quotes

Romantic love sentence

  1, love, it turned out to be a laughing drink poison.

  2, love will end when it will end, when you do not want to draw a full stop.

  3. It is hard to love someone. It is even harder to give up your loved one.

  4, once met, always better than never met.

  5. When love comes, of course, it is also happy. However, this kind of happiness is to be paid, but also to learn to accept disappointment, hurt and parting. Since then, life is no longer pure.

  6. When you really love someone, in addition to the lofty talents, there are some lovely weaknesses in this person. This is also the key to your love for him.

  7. If a man really loves you, you will find that after you are with him, you will inadvertently find that you always have a lot of clothes to wear, and you will find a small hole in his pants. It will be very ridiculous to say: “Now is it popular? Do you want to have a connotation, what do you wear so well?” Oh, because he always buys beautiful things and buys them.

  8. If you love her, let your love surround her like the sun and give her freedom.

  9. Everyone feels that they will always be far away. In fact, it may be too short for you to see.  10. If there is no equal love, let me love more.

Classic romantic love sentence


  1. Look at my eyes and you will find out what you mean to me.

  2, you smiled, my sky is clear; you are annoyed, my sky is cloudy; your every move, around my mood. Dear, I miss you in the honey pot!

  3, if, not happy, if, unhappy, then let go; if, can not bear, can not let go, then it is painful!

  4. If possible, he will not shut down at night because of you.

  5, open the computer and want to go to the space to see, there is my memory, there is my deep concern. Your every move is pulling my sight.

  6, if equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me. If there is no equal love, then let me love more.

  7, I miss the time spent together, miss your smile! Missing you well! Just blame yourself for not knowing how to cherish! Give us a chance to get back to the past!

  8. I don’t know if the moon can represent my heart, but I tell you that I really love you! Love how deep you are, I can’t find the standard to measure, but I promise you time to witness that I love you forever!

  9. The adventure makes me meet you, and the fate makes me fall in love with you. I have something to tell you in my heart. But I am afraid of hurting you. I am thinking of you at this moment, I hope to see you right away, I really love you.  10, pick up the mood, continue to go, miss the flower, you will harvest the rain, miss this one, you will meet the next one.

Beautiful romantic love sentence


  1. Love is a jam jar, let us become children, happily taste its sweetness, as if we never get bored; love is a word plum, let us become a pouting bear, want to refuse Also greet the sweet and sour taste!

  2, don’t let my love go out, the one minute and one second in life, can’t lack your love, life is wonderful, you are better than the world, love me, please let go of my heart, let me be bold Come in.

  3, beauty, I pay attention to you for a long time, just do not know how to confession. I turned over and over, thinking about it, and finally thinking of a bold way, I want to capture your heart and let you fall in love with me. Fall in love?

  4. The distance makes the two hearts closer together.

  5, the wind softly blows my hair, the leaves gently wandering beside you. Looking at the blue sky, sitting in the green grass, so warm and so harmonious. I want to stop this moment, Let us be happy together for a lifetime!

  6. When love is not perfect, I would rather choose no regrets; no matter how beautiful I am, I don’t want to lose the memory of this life. I don’t want the beauty that lasts forever, I only have you in the reincarnation of life!

  7, miss you, miss you, miss you, find a painter to paint you, put you in the cup, drink water every day to kiss you.

  8. If you are a mountain, I would like to be a small river, I will go around you; if you are a tea, I would like to boil water, I will soak you; if you are a cloud, I will be the wind, I will chase you.

  9. At this moment, I am with my family, and I miss you in my heart; you are also worried about me in the distance. Pick up a glass of red wine, as if I saw your shadow, I hope that next year’s New Year’s Eve, we can join hands!  10. If I am a tear in your eyes, I will slide down your lips along your face, because I really want to kiss you! If you are a tear in my eyes, I will not cry in this life, because I am afraid of losing you!

Sentence about romantic love


  1. Losing your feelings is a slow sword. The longer the time is, the clearer the wound is; guarding your own pain, not letting the loneliness come in, leaving only the bells to indulge in acacia: love does not understand seductive, really leaves Beautiful.

  2, “You brought me the biggest impact in my life, I will remember this life.” Both men and women broke up in peace, the man said calmly and surely.

  3, love me, you will not let me secretly hurt God; love me, you will not want me to run tired; love me, you will not let me sick; love me, you will not want me to be depressed; love me, you will give me happy!

  4, love you hate you ask Jun know no, like the big river does not receive. Turning thousands of bays to thousands of beaches has not calmed the battle. You make me happy, I love you, I love you forever!

  5, I don’t know / I am in your heart / Is it a flower / or a grain of sand / If it is the latter / Please do not show it clearly / Let me continue to deceive myself / Slowly go old / I do not Full reason / the only love without regrets!

  6, shallow smile, turned into the most beautiful memory; shallow thoughts, leaping a rainy season; shallow sleep, and meet in the dream; shallow wounds, after looking at it hurts himself. Acacia, a bitter and sweet puzzle!

  7, you are my heart, you are my liver, you are the raisins in my heart; you are my stomach, you are my lungs, you are the red rose in my heart, I wish you happiness!

  8, my biggest hope in this life is: every day and you wash your feet in the same basin, plain and close to the old – old can not go anywhere.

  9, love words are long, but also telling me not my love, autumn wind is cool, but also can not cool my crazy, work is busy, can not delay my thoughts, text messages, confession my love, you can With me forever?  10, the weather is cold, I want to send you a coat: the pocket is called warm; the collar is called care; the sleeve is called thoughtful; the button is called miss; let this coat tightly accompany you every minute and every second, must Oh happy.

Romantic Valentine’s Day students have different feelings

February 14th Valentine’s Day is a day when people express love and friendship with each other. Lovers or friends will give each other cards and chocolates on this day. And a small gift to talk about emotions. For those foreign studentswho are in a foreign country , this festival also has its own feelings.

According to the “Voice of America” reported around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day approaches and traditions are different, those studying in American universities students who, some for the first time valentine day, some of the “important people” separated by thousands of miles, But love can’t be blocked, and the students have their own feelings about Valentine’s Day.

Soung Hyun Park, a Korean international student at Santa Monica College, said that many Korean international students were surprised. In South Korea, on Valentine’s Day on February 14th, girls sent boys chocolate, while boys sent them. Girls’ gifts are on Valentine’s Day on March 14th, as are Japan and Taiwan. But American Valentine’s Day gives each other gifts.

Last year was the first Valentine’s Day of Soung Hyun Park. When he and his girlfriend went out, they didn’t prepare gifts. He said: “The girlfriend is a bit disappointed, so I will send her flowers for Valentine’s Day this year.”

Koreans especially like to celebrate romantic days. The 14th of each of the second, third and fourth months of the year is romantic. On April 14th, it is black Valentine’s Day. It is most favored by Koreans. Single men and women will eat black on this day. Fried noodles with sweet and spicy sauce (자장면).

The way Chinese people celebrate Valentine’s Day is different. There are other days in traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day. Na Lu (Georgetown University student Na Lu) said that in China, Valentine’s Day is just a holiday for couples, and in the United States, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated among friends.

The traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day is called “Chinese Valentine’s Day”, usually at the end of July and early August each year, and also on July 7 of the Yellow Calendar. Among the Chinese who celebrate the “Star Festival” today, there are more elderly people.

The Italian international student Silver Fair at Northern Arizona University said that in Italy, couples will go out for a sweet dinner on Valentine’s Day and exchange gifts. Italians don’t necessarily give chocolates, they usually specialize in the exchange of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Italy also has some ancient legends. For example, in a mythology story, the first man a girl sees on Valentine’s Day will become her husband, but Fair said that the Italians now don’t believe it.

How do you say “I love you” in Spanish?

Te amo. I love you. A comparison of nausea. Used in the situation of super love. 
Usually you can use Te quiero. I love you, I like what you mean. 
Te amo 念成: tei a mou (Pinyin reading ah) 
Te quiero 念: tei gielo (l is vibrato, can read out the best, if not, you can use l to mix it ^^) 
That Ti amo, not Spain I love you. Don’t be misled.

What are the 5 love languages?

Five love languages

  I am convinced that love has only five basic languages ​​of love. This is how we communicate with our partners. They are:

First, affirmative words – Discover and affirm the things the other party is doing in words.
Second, good quality time – Pay your personal time, like going out to eat together, go for a walk together, and two people go together for a long weekend.
Third, accept gifts – A gift that “he (she) is thinking about me”.
Fourth, the action of the service – Do something for your spouse, anything that you think is significant to him or her.
Fifth, physical contact – Kiss, hug, shoot back, shake hands, share the same room, etc.

  All of this can convey love, perhaps one of which is your main language of love, transcending the emotional level and expressing love more deeply. When the other person expresses love to you in this way, you will know that you are being loved, but unfortunately few couples have the same language of love. Out of nature, we all speak our own language. If good quality time can make me feel that I am being loved, then I will give this time to my spouse.

  For example, if the language of your husband’s love is affirmative and you give him a gift of love, he might think, “Why have you been wasting money like this? They can’t afford such expensive gifts.” And you I feel frustrated, you will think, why is he so cold about the love I express? Conversely, if your spouse’s love language is receiving a gift and you only give him a positive word, then he might say, “Please stop saying these words! Words are cheap, where are the gifts? You Never give me any gifts. “The two may be sincere, but they are expressed in their own linguistic form, not in the language of their spouse. So you have to know and speak the other half of the main language.

  This simple concept has helped tens of thousands of couples and learn to communicate each other’s love in the most affective way that provokes the partner’s heart. Exploring the other half of the language of love and deliberately expressing it can change the atmosphere of love in marriage.

  Love is not only the most powerful weapon in the world, but also the bad marriage. When we are determined to choose a spouse with a loving attitude and a loving action, even if there are many failures in the past, we can still establish a kind of conflict resolution. Admit mistakes and rebuild the environment of marriage. The principle of real life is “I choose the path of love, because the power of this road far exceeds the path of hate.” Martin Luther II said: “I decided to embrace love, because hate is an unbearable burden.” If we do not choose to treat those unlovable people with love, then no one will be willing to express love.