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A woman crashes her car near the scenic Colorado ski resort town of Rocky. Points and slips into a coma after suffering head trauma. The Sluice-Byron County first responders discover. she’s stolen her vehicle from central. Washington and doctors find her. body is riddled with wounds that have nothing to do with the collision. 

Chief Detective David Wolf of Rocky Points is two days. from getting married. when he learns the. crash victim’s identity. as Special Agent Kristen Luke of the FBI.—Wolf’s colleague and former lover. As questions mount about her inauspicious arrival, Luke wakes up and provides no answers, because she can’t remember. 

When the Feds drop in to take Special Agent Luke back home. Wolf can’t shake the feeling more danger is at play than they’re letting on. In this action-packed new installment. of the David Wolf mystery-thriller series.Wolf must choose between two loyalties, risking his new life at home to travel to the Pacific Northwest. Among biblical rains and ruthless gangs, can Wolf find the truth? Or will all he holds dear drown in deception?

一名妇女在风景秀丽的科罗拉多州滑雪胜地Rocky Points附近撞毁了她的汽车,并在遭受头部创伤后陷入昏迷状态。Sluice-Byron县的第一反应人员发现她从华盛顿市中心偷走了她的车辆,医生发现她的身体上充满了与碰撞无关的伤口。

Rocky Points的首席侦探大卫沃尔夫在结婚两天后获悉FBI-Wolf
。 同事和前情人的特工Kristen Luke。随着关于她不吉利的到来的问题,卢克醒来并没有提供任何答案,因为她记不起来了。当联邦调查局投入特别代理人卢克回到家时,沃尔夫无法摆脱这种感觉,比起他们放手时更多的危险。在大卫·沃尔夫(David Wolf)神秘惊悚片系列的新动作中,沃尔夫必须在两个忠诚者之间做出选择,冒着在家里的新生活冒险前往太平洋西北地区。在圣经的降雨和无情的帮派中,狼能找到真相吗?或者他所有的一切都是以欺骗的方式淹死了?