The love between each other

There is a mutual will, an emotional attachment, feelings of love, a kind of sweet love.

  Love is rare between each other. Need to be inclusive andembarrassing, you need to continue. There is no emotion in life that can be matched by the strong love. True love grows from the bottom of my heart, nourishes the love; it makes the years full and happy .

  Love has experienced a heartbeat of silence and joy, a heartbeat of incitement, and careful care. Love the coming of the soul , the feelings of tenderness and sweetness, the feelings of love lure each other’s feelings. Love is like a flame, passionately burning between each other; love is like Yan Li’s mountain flowers, and it is open and fragrant in the years between each other.

  Love is a joy to each other, a yearning for happiness, a desire , a desire . If a person does not have the support of love, the rest is only spiritual emptiness , lonely and lonely . No matter how painful , love is only a part of life. In reality front, only to straighten out the idea, do not forget Discovery, RBI spiritual life , in order to continue their life of pleasure.

  Of course, love is very good , but sometimes it is not good. Life is already on the road, there is sunshine and a dull side, it will inevitably experience a trough, not too anxious. If one party has an attempt to leave, it must not be retained, and the people left will not be able to keep it. When people leave the tea, they will be cold, and they will not be warm when they are warm. In has a good time to cherish , love has always need the truth to treatment.

  A person must know how to think, a foolish person, once jumped into the vortex of lovelorn , it is difficult to break free. Worry, loneliness, sorrow, and enthusiasm. A wise person, reasonable, everything goes with the flow, will not be attached to the goodness of the past. Since she insists on leaving, love has lost its luster. So why bother to remember her glory again.

  The emotions are really wonderful. Sometimes the opportunity happens to ignore love. Who can walk side by side with you in the crowd passing by; who can care to go on board with you and sail to the other side of love. In the red dust, only the two wishfulness, love and investment, can be regarded as love at first sight, it is logical.

  There is a kind of love in this world called fate . Meet in a laughter and happen inadvertently. Love meets at a few corners, and finally chooses the first love . This is not to say that occasionally, nor can it be said that they happen to be naturally formed between the two. It is an invisible entanglement of power, and the chances and possibilities of encountering in the encounter are met.

  The tree grows by nutrient absorption and flowers. People also need to absorb nutrients, but also need robust growth . Especially in the delicate moments between love, it is as bright as a spring flower, moisturizing and cultivating into a beautiful and enviable and enviable. People rely on clothes and horses to lean on the saddle. The connotation of one person is displayed in the taste. The neatness and generosity are respect for each other.

  The beginning of love, the beginning of a new year, a flower, who is not mining, who is not dedicated. It can also be said who will first pick who to wear first. However, love still has its many elements and emotional interpretations.

  When people mature, they will seek love . Love will make couples happy and happy. Love has nothing to do with age; there is a common language, similar feelings, similar experiences of frank and natural communication, no performance. Only when you understand it in depth can you have the cause of love. Love uses the true feelings to achieve the process of mutual communication. Love is yearning and the foundation for building a marriage .

Freedom of  love , marriage autonomy. From ancient times to the present, it is often a kind of display in front of the world. The door is right, the door is the concept. There will be a story of love tragedy : “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”, “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”, “Romeo and Juliet” and so on. It fully reproduces the feudal secular world and humanity , revealing the tragedies of weakness and strength and the social contradictions that cannot be reconciled .

  The act of love is soft, slow, and not eager to seek success. Love is the cause and effect of the feelings of both sides , and one’s behavior is not called love. Love is targeted, don’t make mistakes, some are just good to you on the friendship level, it is not love. It is very painful for a person to maintain an infatuation . Love without material is sad, and he cannot guarantee the continuity of love.

  True love, rich and poor, regardless of distance. A thousand feelings, all kinds of attachments. The red dust is on the road, and the heart is long. The promises are thousands of miles away, only because of feelings; the road is far away, only because of love.

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  1. “In a long distance relationship your love is tested doubted every day, but you still prove to each other that it’s worth it. That is what makes the relationship so special.” – Anon