Sad essay

Sad essay

  Sad essay (1):

  Affectionate to remember

  During the year, we seem to experience the joys and sorrows of the world, the vicissitudes of the world. We used to try to make the city aware of our sense of existence, but found that many things, not you work hard, will get the desired result.

  In a year, we tried to find those so-called happiness, but we were knocked down by life again and again, as if the world had already become a walking dead, nothing would have a trace of emotion.[organized by Www.DuanMeiWen.Com]

  One person, walking on the street that has already been cooked well, only the bustling car is with me. Suddenly I wanted to look up at the 45° sky, but I already discovered that it was not just sweat or tears, it made the line of sight blurred.

  Last year, the same place, the same time, let me meet in the rain, you and I ran in the rain, but it seems to be incompatible with the pedestrians, you tell me, you like to run in the rain, because then others will not I will care about tears or rain on my cheeks. Even if you cry aloud, you will be covered by the whistling and noisy whistle.

  Standing on the side of the high-rise building around you, like two people who have been abandoned by the city and don’t care, but there is a hint of faint shouting, as if telling you to stick to it, let you learn Look for loneliness in this bustling city.

  You said to me, you want to go outside the city to see if the whole world has changed, and you finally embarked on your own journey. At this time, I discovered that the original world, apart from you, turned into a real loneliness.

  Sad essay (2):

  Life, I walked and understood.

  Life, walking and walking, I understand, it’s too normal to get away from each other. Everyone has the direction of everyone. Don’t be sentimental. Maybe someone will be with us in the next stop, and go to another station in life. I walked and understood, and loneliness is a must for everyone. At least our inner heart needs to go through a loneliness, because no one can accompany anyone to the end, so be sure to learn to bear it alone; life, walking and walking Understand, life is a big net, all the trivial things make us have nowhere to escape, learn to understand calmly and optimistically, learn to live with the sun in the heart, not to be a little sleepy, if the heart is sunny, there is no sadness.

  Life, walking and walking, I understand, those years, the pure feelings we have hoped for, the beautiful and romantic feelings, but the TV script, after all, is only the author’s perfect wish. However, this perfect wish can only be fixed in the age of youthful ignorance, for those who have passed away, and who are no longer in the ages to imagine and feel emotional. The feelings of reality are very simple, and they help each other to taste the joys and sorrows of life, and nothing more.

  Life, walk and walk, understand, for the future, no longer lost, but to a more determined pace towards the intended goal; life, walking and walking will understand, for feelings, no longer obsessed with sadness, and It is a more rational mind to understand the plainness of feelings and longevity; life, walking and walking, understand, for life, no longer confused and sentimental, but to greet every dawn with an optimistic attitude.

  Perhaps we have been sentimental for those who walked away and walked away; perhaps we have all been embarrassed for growing loneliness; perhaps we have all been disappointed and disappointed with the triviality of life. The haze of the weather, the mood is also low, as if life is not a trace of light. I always feel that there are so many hardships in life, but there are so few happiness, I always want to break free from the cage of life, but there is nowhere to escape.

  Life, walking and walking, I understand, the realization of dreams is not so simple, but it needs to meet difficulties. Only the wings and the unremitting flight can reach the other side of success. Life, walking and walking, understand Feelings are not emotions that can be interpreted by language. They need to be tested with a lifetime of life. Life, walking and walking, understands, regardless of sorrow and joy, life must continue, then learn to optimistically meet the dawn of each day.

  Sad essay (3):

  You and my thoughts, from here

  Six years ago, I thought that the difficulty was that it was difficult to make a choice at the crossroads. The lights were dim and helpless. I was waiting for the darkness in the same place, waiting for the black to infiltrate every inch of vision. In fact, it is a deep, unhelpful daze, and simply do not understand how this grade is going to college.

  Today, it is self-righteous to think that there will be an ideal mixed with a little realistic belief, came to her more than 200 kilometers, for that money, treatment, can return her a good life, caused At the moment, living in a twin city, and life is difficult.

  I can tell the time, please remember that I promised her? Or is it forgotten my promise to her?

  I am not afraid of hardship. I started to work hard, but at the moment, the unit really makes me a little confused about my treatment. I don’t believe that there will be other accidents on the way. I am afraid that my family has lost trust in me and she has lost confidence in me.

  I hope that I will not let myself down. The difficulty is only temporary. Every day to comfort myself is to be bitter and sweet. Never give up on your choice.

  You and my thoughts, from this; your feelings, in view of this.

  Sad essay (4):


  The sliding fingertips gently touch the light and shadow of the passing year, holding the red face of the setting sun. The years evaporate the sorrow and turn into a gentle and drizzle of the sky; sadness, such as the autumn sunset, scattered and scattered, the time lost from the clenched hands, lost, like the world, and then back to those missed times, and then I can’t find the perfection that passed away. –Inscription

  How many intersections are there in life, how many bends need to be turned, and it is only after a lifetime of time to understand. There are many forks in life, and there may be many beautiful accidents, picking up an unexpected sorrow; perhaps encountering the strongest color in life, and investing in a three-day no regrets Bodhicitta. The swaying street lights, crowded crowds, the intersection of feelings is too narrow, the distance of the crossing is too wide; when we give up all the hearts of the world to wholeheartedly bet on the feelings of life, the feelings of the frenzy can not stand the test of time, escape But the life of the world is extraordinary.

  Youth is a lonely song, singing the lonely feelings in your life, or a bustling castle, performing a gorgeous tribute in your youthful world. Youth, or sad, or happy, please remember that everyone’s youth is a past worthy of being commemorated.

  We are all the ascetic monks who practiced hard in the journey of the Central Time. We strive to get rid of the purgatory love and hate of the world, and adhere to the rules and regulations of the walkers. However, after experiencing the touch of a wet pair, we break the shackles of all restraints and squander. Inciting restless youth, leaving a spring in the cold night of youth.

  All the stories are not accidental. The past that can’t be forgotten will never come back. Life needs bright sunshine, needs a simple happiness, and comforts our uneasy soul; sadness is a lonely mood, let us reflect on our happiness all the time, let us meet a better future.

  Time has changed us and gave us an unexpected happiness. Sadness, not abandonment, but burying, let time begin to breathe more freely.

  Sad essay (5):

  Can’t easily forget

  Forgot it. All you miss, what you recall, what you have. Those are already memories. The lack is not terrible, terrible, it is impossible to cope.

  You can’t easily forget and give up. It is because you have paid. After paying, it will be rooted in the heart like a pillar. Don’t deliberately evade and deliberately forget, it will only make you more painful. Go around this pillar and look for a happy life in the future. There, there is your faith. Not letting go of others, but not letting yourself

  Start a new habit. I am used to living alone every day; I am used to having a birthday; walking alone; I am used to walking through familiar roads and dealing with familiar scenes.

  Be brave and look at yourself in the mirror, this sad and weak self. This is you, who is growing. This you are dying, the new you are about to be born again. Find your way, your future. You understand that all the catastrophe is a memorial to growth. Be the best of yourself, even, one person…

  Let’s vent. Peel your heart, use words, use sound, use all the ways to vent. After the vent is over, it is necessary to cheer up. Look, what you lost is actually insignificant. There are so many people who care about you in different ways. So you are not alone. It is such a loss that allows you to see the happiness you have at the moment.

  Don’t cry, don’t cry anymore, it’s not worth it. Put the past dust, don’t be wronged, don’t be reconciled, don’t understand, start a new journey. Go to meet new scenery, new encounters. Do what you should do, there are many things that are waiting for you to finish. As you said: Faith flutters in the air!

  Life has faded away from the colors that have been there, and it is temporarily quiet. Don’t sink into this silence, it will ruin you. You have to understand that although cruel, this decision is correct enough. Life at the moment is not what you want. For your ideals, you must learn to give up at the right time. The best care for the other person is to become better, stronger and happier.

  Many times, you can’t help but want to call that person, please bear with me. Really hit, please use the tone of greetings, and do not expect or confuse. If she calls you, please don’t answer it, or chat with it in the most dull tone. Because it is too difficult to start a good friend after a couple of couples break up. We can think very happily, the more you are cold, the more she misses you. Because, people are like this, it is no harm to regard this as a happy way.

  I am strong at the moment, it is very fragile. In the past, it was a deep injury to me. The wounds left at this moment are still bleeding. Don’t say who is right or wrong, there is nothing wrong with the way of feelings, because this feeling does not belong to me.

  Sad essay (six):

  Thank you, previously owned

  Under the rain, there are thousands of greens, and the wind is full of silk. So people know what to do, and persuade the monarch to pick up the sky.


  When the time comes, the flowers are pleasing, and the time is falling.

  When I cry, I like to tell myself that this is what you should endure and bear, and you also like to ask yourself, but will you still be like this next time? Do you dare not expect again? In fact, under the condition of the majority, I could not answer myself. The loss after the possession was too painful. The incident did not happen and the time did not arrive.

  What kind of woman am I? I am squatting, in this world of people who are full of lost people. How much, clear certain bottom lines that I can license, do not want to touch people, I have always been looking for the tolerance of my survival in the world, and also where the bottom line of provocation is located.

  To a certain extent, or some that I do not allow to violate, the loss after possession is equivalent to the death, irreparable. I think of the things with my ex-boyfriend, the man who is always like me, always good, always waits, but he seems to have never really understood me, what he said, what he did, seems to be out of place for us.

  Lazy, very lazy, this is my evaluation. I don’t like the same words and say it again and again, and I don’t like to ask people to understand me. When some of the embarrassment is something I can’t bear, let my emotions rise and fall, I choose to pay attention to the pain of the pain from the pain, and the ultimate is the past. Although, it is a painful numbness, but this is a good recipe for me. The loss after possession like this is dying.

  The love with the word ‘understand’, it is from Ye said to me, the closer I approach you, I feel that I don’t understand what you started. Some people say that if I don’t say it, how can I understand you, but how can he understand that I have never said it, and have said a lot? Maybe, when I own and start to lose, I have done it, I can’t tolerate it, and I have warned some people, but the truth is, I have to bear it, but I have to pour myself again: fool, you are stupid.

  No longer expect someone to understand, and dare not tell yourself, what do you have? I am just escaping the right to “I have” and doing my duty. In this way, I can exist well in this world. I can worry and worry, but I am happy.

  There are many disappointments in the world, I can, I have, but in the loss after possession, learn to cross the shackles, let it become a dying, brand new to find the habitat of the self.

  Even if those injuries and pains are still there, in the rinsing of time and vicissitudes of life, only the original “good” is left, and the person who is vaguely remembered is good, except that there is no more. I always feel that this is a relief for the past, and for me, it is the best and most desirable destination.

  The flower language is fragrant and floating, and after the new rain, it is clear and my mind.

  Sad essay (seven):


  If life is just like first sight, then how good it is, we are still happy, but unfortunately, time has left us in the original direction.

  Looking out the window, the sky stretched out the face and apparently made some unhappy little emotions. Listening to the tune of “Because of the feelings” and then remembering the past, it is really not a taste. “Because of feelings, not easy to grieve, so everything is happy; because of feelings, simply growing, still can be crazy for you at any time.” What a beautiful lyrics, how beautiful the melody, but unfortunately still smeared the original we did not Calm heartbeat.

  If everything is the first appearance, everything will not be easily sad, just like in Nalan Xingde’s “Magnolia Flower”, “If life is just like the first sight,” how good it is, then we may see that there will be people in the world. More happy endings. “If life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind and sadness to draw a fan. Waiting for the idle but the heart of the people, but the heart of the people is easy to change.” Nalan Xingde’s word dream is generally beautiful, the word in the woman’s tone accused the man’s feelings We can’t easily describe the elegance of language in poetry in words, and we can’t easily capture the invisible beauty in it.

  Laughing at life, laughing at life, people’s heart is easy to change, they have gone through sorrow together, they have gone through joy together, looking back at the time, if you want to find the original way back, it is simply not possible. Since we have gone far and have deviated from the original direction, it will not be so easy for us to find the original happiness. Because after the storm, everything is instantly turned into a cloud of smoke. Everything has been “the matter is not human.”

  If life is just like seeing it, how good it is! When you first saw it, everything was a happy appearance. Everything was a beautiful gesture, and even the air was fresh. When we first saw it, it was so complete. We couldn’t find the world’s existence. We couldn’t find each other’s imperfections. Everything was the first appearance, and everything would not be easily sad.

  If life is just like the first sight, then there will be no more disturbances in the world, and there will not be so many entanglements in the sea. Some are just a transparent and white heart like a mirror. The most beautiful life is but See you first!

  If life is just like first sight, then the world should be perfect! Everything is the first look of happiness, everything will not be easily sad, everything can be crazy for you at any time!

  Sad essay (eight):

  My youth is destined to be lonely

  I used to think that I owned the whole world. In the end, I discovered that I was alone, and everything I had before was a dream.


  I met so many perfect people, but in the end, as before, I was left alone.

  I have read a book that says: Everything that is lost will return in another way. I have believed in it without hesitation. Indeed, if there is one person in the world, there will be another person. They are all perfect, but the memory cannot deceive my emotions. If they are lost, they are permanent.

  Even though I have met some people, but I have lost, I can’t come back anymore, but how can we replace the former affection? What’s more, no one is willing to put you in his heart, willing to listen to you telling everything, willing to connect his past with your past, willing to make a future with you.

  No one has ever talked with you late at night. No one can give you the most appropriate comfort.

  Three years ago, I might be lonely but calm. At that time, I had not met the people who were most concerned about life, and had not experienced the most unforgettable moments, or sadness, or joy. Not even more to deal with the shocking parting of that field. Just living in your own world and living in the past.

  Only now, perfection has passed away, and it has been flowing all over the world. The past is becoming more and more vague, and it will become more and more difficult to arrive in the future, and at this moment, it becomes more and more impractical. Everything is more and more like a dream, and every time I wake up, I feel lost, lost, lost, lost, and only regret.

  Looking back, too much regret. I have tried hard to cherish, never belong to me, belong to me, I have never cherished.

  If the sky can accommodate all the sadness, how can I let the present poetry soak in a sorrow into a festering poem, one word and one sentence, has become the imprint of youth, my distance, I am drifting across the sea and the last parting.

  My youth is destined to be absurd.

  My youth is destined to be alone.

  Sad essay (9):

  The most beautiful fate of this life

  I have seen many mountains and rivers, have experienced many rivers, read many books, heard many songs, and smelled a lot of breath, but I have never met a person who is as quiet and perfect as you are.

  Before that, I walked through thousands of mountains and waters, traveled all over the ancient town of Xiaoqiao, wrote the Yuefu poetry collection, and finally, I met you at the deepest part of the years, so the previous rushing thoughts were turned into pieces. The petals that fall in the light, gently and quietly, exude the fragrance of time.

  In fact, I never thought I could meet you, just like I never thought about getting drunk before drinking. I just never thought about the heartbeat of singing before I sang; just like I never thought about dreaming and deep sorrow and joy when I read a book. It’s unpredictable to meet you, it’s out of reach, but it’s just like that, it’s a fate. Since God has been able to meet you in this life, no matter how long the years come, no matter the time or the situation, no matter whether you are in the sea or the mulberry field, as long as you can play with you, play with you all the time, then everything It seems small and not important.

  I understand that I have always been a fanciful person, fantasizing about the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, fantasizing the bustling night scene of Chang’an, and fantasizing the drizzle of Luoyang. I am imagining to walk with you in the scenery of Jiangnan, and I am imagining to watch fireworks with you on the bustling night street of Chang’an; I am dreaming to walk with you in the drizzle of Luoyang. I still dream of being able to see the world prosperous together with you, and finally shun the world under the end of the moon, and stop at home.

  One generation and one generation. I hope that in this life, I will only deliver the true heart for you, give it to life, and let us see each other forever as if we first saw it. I would like to write down a line of affectionate verses for you, to light up a deep candlelight for us to make our days romantic and perfect. We don’t need a wedding dress but we live with us all the time. In the morning, the piano sings and sings, and when we come to eat and enjoy the moon, the time is slow and peaceful in our sweetness. It seems that every day we spend day and night is youthful, and the years are gentle and quiet. Ok, even if it looks like a watery year, it’s still beautiful.

  I miss the story about the Book of Songs, I miss the sky, the white dew is the frost, the so-called Iraqi, the perfect scene on the water side; I miss the love and not see, the dagger, the leisurely, the toned and the introverted attitude; miss the past In the past, Yangliuyiyi, I am thinking about it today, the feelings of rain and snow. It’s just that I prefer the story about us. Although ordinary, it is also unique. Although simple, it is also romantic. Our story does not need too many prosperous words to describe it, nor does it need many unrealistic words to express it. Our story only needs the long stream of rivers that follow the time. It goes through the spring, summer, autumn and winter along the years. It is the emotion that belongs to us only. It doesn’t need to be thrilling. As long as we look at each other’s eyes, we will win. After seeing the truth in the chaos, it is better than the spring breeze.

  In this life, I met you. At the most beautiful moment, for this reason, I traveled all over the mountains and rivers, but I never indulged in the Qinlou Chu Pavilion on the way. I never spent three thousand flowers. Beautiful and shocked, just because I understand that whenever there is always someone waiting for me in a place, I firmly believe that I will meet her at the deepest part of the years, and then cut the window with her. Candles, go to the South Chibi Zema, together with the North to snow to find the plum, to interpret our most simple romantic story.

  Meeting you is not the acacia engraved on the stone of the previous life, but the fate written in front of the Dongting Lake in this life.

  The mountains and rivers are empty and empty, and I am willing to leave the eyes of the people. The mountain shape is still cold and cold, but I hope to be with you.

  Sad essay (10):

  Say good happiness?

  Everyone has this experience, but they can’t sleep while lying in the night. There will be many, many pictures in my mind, the former you, the former me, the former us. Or sad or happy, or sad or painful. In fact, memories have become our habit, used to enjoying loneliness at night, and used to be alone at night. I don’t want to get used to it, but I can’t change it.

  We are in a foreign city, live a festival that is supposed to be reunited by our family. This atmosphere is even more bleak. We are divided into a whole universe, so close. Randomly played songs, there will always be a few words affecting the atrium, touching the nerves, bringing the deepest pain throughout the body.

  Your friend asked: Is the Mid-Autumn Festival happy? It’s a good time with you… I should have answered very simply: We have broken up. The truth is, I am not willing to mention the word breakup. I can only answer a bit of a situation between us. He said that he thought we were very good, what can I answer, I can only say: You are very good, I am also very good, but we are not good. We are all well-being, it’s really bad for me, my heart’s sigh can only be buried deep…

  Being able to worry, be able to do whatever you want, is so good, at least it is envied by many people. However, the heart is empty, and how to laugh is so weak.

  I am fine, but let’s say good happiness?

  Flowing years, sadness!

  Sad essay (11):

  Love is a feeling of distress

  There is a kind of mistake, it is impossible to stop, it will be wrong, there is a kind of love, it is called unforgettable, love can not extricate itself; there is a kind of separation, how deep love, more pain, more than a thousand arrows.

  How deep is love for a person. When you are happy, no one thinks. Only when you are separated, the pain of the heart is the understanding of love.

  In fact, there is always a period of time, you will suddenly find that you were also weak. A person struggles for too long, and then slowly weakens the corners of the spirit by time, turning into a cobblestone-like round. Dealing with setbacks, pain is more than courage, and even the feeling of retreating from the house is there. Although, on the surface, it is still the appearance of a spirited spirit, it is still hard to work hard, pretending to smile. But everything is only an illusion, and it wants to cover it. It is this age that is the most profound time for you to understand your feelings.

  How to love, how to love, and age. When I was young, I would be able to bravely abandon my feelings for my career. But when my career is successful, I will understand that the original excellent career has no love and is lonely. Even after having feelings, love and money are entangled, painful and awake, and helpless. Money is the touchstone of feelings, but it is always not sensitive. When people reach middle age, they will abandon their careers for their feelings. Because at this moment, we understand that the cause is stronger. After all, there are people and heavens, and feelings are the warmest part of life. Wealthy people do not have to be happy. Happiness is not because of money. How much.

  When people reach middle age, there will always be too much helplessness. Thirty stands, forty is not confused, and experiences too much, then everything is calm, and I feel uneasy, and my heart is clear. Most of the middle-aged people have gone through the feelings and even been entangled in love many times to come back and forth. If you are still on the road of waiting for love, your heart is in a hurry, you can’t wait to find a different sex, you can be a family. If you have already been feeling well, but on the way to escape, marriage is a bondage, a heart that desires freedom. The cage is imprisoned; if you just lose love, your heart is a feeling of faint pain. In order to live, you have to get sunshine. After all, in the future, you still need to redouble your efforts.

  Meeting feelings seems to be intangible things. In a person’s life, it is rare to meet someone who loves each other. If you encounter it, why bother to distort the distance, why not be afraid of life, why worry about appearance, why is it because of age. The real feeling is to be able to let go of everything around you and work hard to be with the people you love. Falling in love is an invisible force that binds two unrelated people together; meeting is an invisible opportunity, just a quarter of an hour or even a shorter time, able to remember one person; love is an invisible figure, Even if you travel all over the world, you can’t separate love from your body.

  It is the most cruel experiment of feelings. Originally thought that everything would not be so difficult, originally thought that everything can be seen open, let go, but the feelings will not be so simple. Whether it is hurting others or being hurt by others, the result is a pain. But only, the wise man knows how to move forward and retreat, and step back into the sky. If you don’t love, then you will encounter the abyss. Those who are rigid in thought always linger on the edge of the pain or inside, even if they occasionally come out and breathe, they will not consciously return to the pain.

  Feelings are selfish. Since I love it, I slowly integrate myself into the other side and deepen the soul of the other party. The unselfish feelings of some people are that some people’s thoughts are great enough, and most of them are ordinary people. Since it is impossible to let life last forever, why not always pass through a lifetime? If you can, turn the feelings of two people into one’s soul.

  People have a guilty heart, no one wants to be separated from the one who loves, but the world is impermanent. Often for such reasons, we have given up love and chosen loneliness. But the result is ultimately painful.

  If you love someone, please feel free to complain. After all, the pain of separation is more difficult than the happiness of love.

  Sad essay (12):

  That season blooms, if you have never met you

  Passionate in March, flowers are a reincarnation, and you don’t have to ask if it is a robbery. It is the gift of heaven to meet you.

  However, today only the dreams are vague, vaguely, when the cherry blossoms begin, you are more beautiful than the flowers. I have never seen a girl wearing pink clothes better than her. I don’t know if it’s the first heartbeat or the pink of the sky, the red cheeks, and the red heart. Oh! I fell in love with it. It was just a look back…

  The romance of the flower season and the romance of the flower season. The wind rolls the petals, rolls the love, rolls the three lingering, sprinkles acacia, half life glitz. Also like the flower season of you and me, with the passing of the flower season, the short season of the flower season…

  I don’t understand who I will meet in my life. Just like I met you, I will only be able to forget each other with a single eye. I don’t understand who I will meet in my life. Just like I met you, I will only be ignorant of it, and I will not change it.

  If you haven’t met you before, see if the flowers bloom before the court, can you stay in the same way as before?

  If you haven’t met you, then look back at the season, are you no longer as addicted as you are today?

  If you haven’t met you, a person crying and laughing, waiting for the scenery to see through is still not irritating?

  If you haven’t met you, can you stop and go, and wait until the bustling time is still not complaining?

  If you haven’t met you, in the days when you are not there, then a piece of Acacia will not be a long-lasting love?

  If you haven’t met you, in the rainy season, that tears will not follow the rain?

  If you haven’t met you, miss your night, I won’t write down everything about you!

  If you haven’t met you, don’t let the next world be safe, don’t keep the memories of the past!

  If you haven’t met you, sleepless nights, I won’t think of you again and again!

  If you haven’t met you, don’t sorrow and sorrow, don’t remember the old days of dreams!

  If you have never met you, March is only March, everything is just a silhouette of time!

  If you haven’t met you before, it used to be just before, all of them are just the passing years!

  In this life, you and I meet each other, but they don’t share the red dust. See you at dusk, but not drunk at dusk. With the flowers, I also like to thank you, not leaving a trace of floral fragrance, only staying in love, not changing the original. I would rather live up to the Qing!

  In this life, sighs nowhere, sighs no fruit, sighs that this can not stay a lifetime, but it is a memory of a lifetime, even if it has already been smashed. Just because of the previous Jiangnan, you are a lotus in my arms…

  Sad essay (13):

  Where are you?

  The season is still the season of the past, but tonight is not the night of the past. The unspeakable memory has pushed me to open the window of the years, and the past has been exhausted, allowing time to flow away from it. In a blink of an eye, the past has turned into a haste, some past and scenery, have become smoke clouds! Listening to the autumn wind also feels that mourning and flying in the sky is a simple way. Sometimes I will ask where you are? But no one will tell me. And I always have

  The more sorrowful the sorrow, the more short-lived, the more you can’t forget the younger brother, you managed to avoid the wear and tear of the years, and you will always stand in the fog with a delicate face like a teenager. Maybe he is not willing to Whiteheads stay in the world! Sometimes innocent, sometimes chaste, sometimes the smile of a ghost horse always comes out of my illusion at this moment, the body is the inn that the soul borrowed, is Ah! The world is not a place where we have lived for a long time, just a drifting passenger! The flower falls are the natural drifting, just the cycle of the season. Quiet and beautiful, but how many people are missing! No words, a tears, because of the collapse of the fragile; a paragraph into the heart, because touched the soul!

  Once upon a time, when the yellowing days were turned, the pale ones were memories. Spring is coming to autumn, and a few vicissitudes are folded in my heart.

  Whether it is happy or sentimental.

  In the winter morning, a melancholy sunshine floated out of the window. It began to melt my coldness and turned into a sad river, lonely in the lonely days. This warm sunshine this day can’t make me go out of the sadness! And in my heart, I always kept the snow in the sky until I blurd the way I cried. I didn’t cry, but the tears flowed alone. I always hide my most memorable sorrow. Slightly smiling at everyone, let all people think that my world is spring, like a paradise. Yes, who cares, the deep crying in the dark, and the helplessness in sorrow. I can only walk alone in the reincarnation of the moonrise sunset. Where did not bloom, only the lonely empty city. I want to seal up the inch. But I am so familiar with an early hiding in the corner; where the wind can’t be opened, where the words can’t be finished, and the obsessively hiding in the heart is too deep. Quietly my brother reading my soul confidant is a soul dancer who can read my mind. How many years when I am suffering, he will stare at you quietly, read your heart, and then use his mouth, His eyes and his heart tell you that he understands where you hurt. He understands you, willing to share it silently for you, so that your soul is no longer lonely, so that you are gratified.

  I think he is my confidant like a star on the sky. When the sun and the moon are tired, the stars are not there. It flashes like a glimpse, and it is lonely and brilliant.

  I can be a tired bird and a prodigal in front of him. I can be tired, lonely, helpless, escaping, lazy, and he can accept my night, give you peace, and do your space to restore energy.

  I am very grateful for my fate. I am grateful to God for letting me meet this life and to be a family with him. A person who makes me no longer lonely in this world, no longer lonely, even if it is pain, is better than numbness and paleness. Although his life will not be accompanied by me and his family forever, although his potential is limited, he has not done anything for me, but I expect him to have a good time, and I understand that he expects me to Very good, he expects you to be happy every day like a jumping rabbit, we are the happiness of each other is their own happiness. Being able to have such an open-minded and unselfish self-confidence, it should be a beautiful landscape of life, a wealth that is hard to measure by money, and the understanding of the soul between each other is worth a thousand words. This kind of friendship and friendship is what I cherish with my life. we are at

  The guest in the red dust is also the meat on the chopping board. Not many people can be exceptional. His departure

  It’s like a joke, but it’s so painful and so painful. Although the science at this moment is so developed, it cannot stop the slaughter of the disease! . The wheel crushed the thick snow, but the crushed world knows deeply.

  Sad essay (fourteen):

  When everything becomes a stranger

  Whenever I hear the song of fairy tales, my heart will be saddened! Ask yourself if you have already forgotten her? I have been walking alone for a long time. Why have you never seen it again?

  In the end, we are just passing each other. Even if I want to turn into the fairy tale, I can’t save the heart you want to leave. Who remembers, in the rainy season, all the things that happen, I like “rain” just because of you, then I hate the night, afraid of dark nights without you…

  Time has passed… I am slowly getting used to the night, alone, a person, after landing, holding a mobile phone to log in QQ but do not understand what to do, like to drink, sing, skating with friends… even if these are not what I want to do, not I am good at I was drunk when I was drinking, and I didn’t even understand that I ran to sing there, and I just smoked in the corner after I put on my skates!

  My friend and I said don’t be too reluctant. She is not worthy of you, maybe.

  At that time, we said the promise, then you said that you would never leave me forever, but it was ridiculous at the end of the moment.

  It is my helplessness to let you go, it is your insufficiency, the hypocritical heart, or my indulgence to you, you slowly let go, I will leave.

  Remember the words I said to you at the beginning? No matter what, I will not force you. After satisfying your last wish, I will pull you into the blacklist. Although I will miss you very much, I will never change. I want you to feel guilty. All your pain is owed by you. Mine, I can say loudly at this moment: You have completely disappeared from my world and are permanently gone.

  Hehe… You can never see what I wrote about you before, and I have to tell you one thing: I am not because of you, you must think that I am leaving because of you? I don’t want to explain anything to you, I don’t want to understand your head with water!

  I used to say that I like to write something often, I like to write if I am happy or not! I don’t deny that I am really happy with you!

  Sometimes I hate how I can be so easily with you! Just like a friend said: Who did not like one or two scum when he was young!

  Really regret not the beginning, I saw you and others in the last time, and lamented the people at the moment, there is someone who likes second-hand, in other words: whose new love is not the old love of others!

  Sad essay (fifteen):

  Elegant and calm

  That year, that month, when the light, the scenery, has quietly passed away. That sentiment, that paper Acacia, has been turned into a thousand mountains and waters, and the wind is dry in the lost perfection. In the shallow years, I am still on the other side, walking with a flower.

  No matter how much experience, how many grief, the main theme of life is still laughter, optimism does not mean no sorrow, just hide the sorrow, hide it in the deepest corner, do not take it out, do not give up, just let it I ended up.

  In the light ink year, everyone’s heart has such a person. It’s not a lover, it’s not a friend, and occasionally thinks, not because you still like it, or because you can’t let it go, just because you think of a new year, think of it by the way. That person, regardless of the other, just wants to be a stranger and expect him to be good. After the separation, the entanglement after separation will eventually return to the calm, not to return to the past, but to have, and to separate, and no expectations.

  The melody of youth is a gorgeous adventure. The person who makes you laugh may not be the one who goes with you to the end. The person who makes you cry may not be the one that makes you hate the most. Who will watch for an eternal monument, who will watch for the blue hair to become white hair, yes, we do not understand.

  If, that obsession, just for a passer-by, then, can you turn around gracefully?

  If that, that intoxication is just an inconspicuous embellishment in the flowering year, then can you drift quietly?

  If, at that time, the fireworks were just a short-lived delight, then, can you laugh safely?

  Yes, we can’t, because there is no foreseeable potential, it is a strange thing, let two people who have no intersection meet, and finally make two people familiar with each other become strange.

  On the road of youth, it is inevitable to stumble, but after some experience, people will become sober, and it will inevitably be bumped into the way of life, but when they are bumpy, people will become calm and calm. Strolling in the four seasons, watching the flowers bloom, watching the clouds and clouds, even if life gives something, you should use a calm heart to deal with, elegant living.

  In this distant city, I have laughed, I have had tears, and I used to like the rainy season there. If there is a rain at this moment, I don’t expect anyone to hold an umbrella for me. I will hold an umbrella for myself. Alone, strolling in the rain, stepping on the rain all the way, seeing the traces I have walked, I think, I will laugh.

  Sad essay (sixteen):

  Shallow happiness

  The night, the cold, the silence, the spread of the late autumn.

  I am used to being in a quiet night, following the melody of Tang poetry and Song poetry, accompanied by nostalgic singing, stepping on the moonlight, step by step, into a deeper night. In this dimly lit city, escape the neon color of the city, find a quiet corner, settle your own mind, circle, think, remember, write.

  The finger joints are too wide to hold the white shackles that have passed away in a hurry. The finger joints are too narrow and the grounds of the greens are stranded. Tonight, I flipped through the photo album and flipped out a familiar face. After seeing the face, I couldn’t calm down for a long time. I thought I had already abandoned all the memories about you, but I just ran a photo.

  Once with a gentle heart, across the horizon, looking at the cold moonlight, I broke the thoughts of a place, sang a happy song, wrote a beautiful beauty on a plain paper, no noisy In the corner of time, be the little woman. I also wrote a pen, wrote a faint wish, a strange fireworks, is a return, you and I are fortunate, is a passer, you and my life. After the fireworks, in a person’s empty city, a tear, a sad, but also a memorial.

  The city in the north is cooling down, the weather is getting colder every day, sitting in front of the computer screen, thinking, is there any city in your city that has cooled down? Do you remember to add clothes? Maybe you are sitting at the moment. Looking down at a paragraph of text, thinking about how to start solving problems. At the moment, in this city, I will exile my mind. Although I remember you, although I wrote a word about you, I smiled. Maybe it was a little more quiet after happiness. Thinking, it is very indifferent.

  Perhaps, there are too many uncertainties in the encounter between people in this world, so there are so many expectations. Perhaps, the fate of people in this world has too many entanglements, so there are so many Corner. In the night of a person, quietly taste the passage of a passing, no longer sad, but instead, pens everywhere, there is a relief of happiness.

  Sad essay (seventeen):

  Write to the devastating bustling

  In the late night of December, the chill was attacking, the sky was sorrowful, and the whole body was filled with sadness. Everywhere I went was a devastating bustling. I saw that youth was no longer complete.

  I am still waiting in the same place, but slowly but not myself, the pace is constantly pulling away, just to avoid this season. Many years later, maybe I am no longer happy, maybe because I learned sadness, I learned how to cry and sadness.

  Youth is a weird illusion that gives me an empty uneasiness. Sometimes, I feel that I am in the audience; sometimes, I see myself on the stage in a dark corner. Finally, I understand that the stage is a play, no one can stay out of the way, the style flashes under the eyelashes, taking away the years of Qinghuan, leaving only the surface of the devastating prosperity.

  The prosperity of the surface is too perfect, and youth is a carnival with emotions. The lonely people are sentimental in the silent corner, silently interpreting all the sadness and helplessness, and the excitement is finally calm.

  Youth is too busy, we are too hurried, and the hustle and bustle of the mirage suddenly collapsed with memories. In the end, our youth is devastated and prosperous.

  Underestimating the shallow pain, I don’t know how many people have been sent to the youth, those young and frivolous, at a deviant age, can’t wait to get happiness. The illusion of vertigo has long condensed into a pale paleness. The broken flow year, the dull night, the mind is empty, the rapid breathing, panic-stricken in front of the chest, crushing the lonely memories of the wind.

  The youth of those years, the talented women and girls of those years are no longer there; the only remaining temperature in those years evaporates into a cold place, stunned and accused of the old time and the incomprehensible Chasing the wind, just missing the thoughts of the years when they were stubborn.

  Responding to the endless pains given by youth, the words of the chest that are stuffy, the sharp words of the blade, and the paleness and powerlessness in an instant, the proud souls will suddenly tremble and remain indifferent. The youth of those years are long gone. There is no trace.

  In the worst time, the worst scene, some people should not meet, the encounter is a mistake. The people who shouldn’t have met each other inside and outside the red dust met, and the cups in the reincarnation of the years became logical. The youth broke out a wound, breathing one by one, and the pain spread throughout the body.

  In the deep dawn of youth, there is a gentleness that is inconsistent with each other. Just between the electric and the flint, the sound of the bottom of the heart is surprisingly calm, as if it would give people a feeling of happiness immediately. The thoughts that have been exhausted have long been unaware of the sorrow in the eyes.

  The dull tone satirizes one’s only pride and deprives others of the last dignity of youth. I heard the voice of self-respect, and it fell apart in an instant, so fierce, but I dare not approach.

  Youth is unbiased and has become an intriguing fairy tale. It should be treated with seriousness, but it can make people feel uncomfortable. It is like a clown in a circus, pointing fingers in the deep scorpion, which makes people feel resentful and upset.

  The emotions have accumulated for a long time, and they do not accept the control of wisdom. They screamed exhaustively about the desolateness and sorrow of the eyebrows. Winter debuts in the cold, waiting for the lost youth, sad emotions spread in every corner of the body, intuition tells me this is a strange illusion. Youth is spent very little, I feel uneasy in the pain, slowly waking up from the pain, erratic and distracted eyes, let me finally feel youth, is a weird illusion.

  The cold air makes the wind and rain become desolate. The sad smell came from me in all directions, I didn’t dodge…

  Sad essay (18):

  Thank you, finally forgot me.

  I always thought that I have been able to forget you for so long, but every night falls, I will always remind you of it, and over and over again, like a movie, constantly rushing in my mind, those pictures are embedded. How much affectionate, from the beginning to the end, perhaps only tears, the most understandable.

  Stumbled, the days really came over, never thought about it, the original loss of you, my life, will become such a life is not as good as death. After I separated, I told myself that even if I didn’t have you, I had to live very well. So I tried to hide it. I didn’t dare to mention everything about you in front of anyone. I was afraid that if I didn’t pay attention, I would hold it. throat.

  I remember that on the day you left, I didn’t have too much to keep, because I understand that those who tried to leave are all planning for a long time. In your many spare tires, I am probably the first three in the post-order, so, not to be cherished, it seems that it becomes so excusable.

  Understand? When I saw the screenshot of you and him, my heart suddenly disappeared, my ears creaked, my mind was blank. I don’t know how long it took, but gradually realized my consciousness and found myself, already in the same place, tears flowing through the stream, like the ugly duckling in the fairy tale.

  Maybe, we are two people from different worlds. If you want me, I can’t afford it. If you want it, you can’t give it. Maybe only separation is the best destination. For a long time, you are alive and indifferent to me. The whole city is empty and even breathing, showing the surplus.

  After you leave, every time I see a figure like you on the street, I will still be inexplicably dazed. I will watch it for a long time until that person is completely out of my sight; when I see a couple passing by, I will think, Where are you at the moment, whether there is a person with you, so repeatedly…

  Giving up a person who loves deeply is undoubtedly a huge and arduous project. But what about it? If you love it, it is worth it. I will continue my life. I will still be brave to love and believe when I meet the next person. Even if it is still a bad ending.

  And my last expectation for you is to expect you to take care of yourself and expect you to meet a better person and expect you to get what you want in the future. I think, even after a long time, when I think back to this relationship, I still say that I loved you, I have never regretted it.

  After a lapse of years, I still remember you, remember the moments of each encounter, remember every soulful words, and then gently bury you in the bottom of my heart and turn into the most distant legend.

  Thank you, and finally forgot me.

  Sad essay (19):

  Looking for the rest of the soul

  A rain in the afternoon, washed away the dust, eliminated the heat, calmed the irritability, soothed the heartache, washed the sadness… After the rain is another sunny day. The sun adds a few fascinating colors to the Dream Garden. The scent of rain is dotted between flowers and plants. The grass is greener, the flowers are more beautiful, the air is fresher, and the seven-color floating light flows on the dewdrops, which is particularly dazzling. Alone in the small garden incense trail, silently enjoying the freshness after the rain, a little more comfortable.

  The small garden after the rain really gave me the feeling of “the red wet place after the rain, the flower re-bushing the bee”. The marigold burst into a tearful smile and spread a thick fragrance. Suddenly, a flower caught my eye. A brown butterfly stopped in the flower. She was not beautiful. There was a big black spot on the upper edge of the wing. It was like a dead leaf. This may be what people call dry. Yedie! I raised the camera, I was shooting, side shot, and overshoot… Hey, how can she move, I used to shoot the butterfly and chased it, but this butterfly is indifferent, is she going to be long? The mouthparts reached into the flower, and the greedy sucking the flower dew, I walked down and leaned down. She still didn’t move, like she was falling asleep, and had already entered her dreams. Oh, there is a sweet dream that makes her intoxicated. She puts her soul in the most beautiful place. I put away my mobile phone and stopped taking pictures. I held my breath and was afraid of the slightest horror. This sleeping butterfly sniffed the fragrance, the soul was small in the flower, and the beautiful mood! I stared at the sleeping butterfly standing on the flower. Child, but an envy, envy, care, she like a dancer to win the applause of the perfect shape; like a beautiful frame of still life, beauty in it.

  Where the soul rests, not how spacious, a small flower is enough; the place where the soul rests, not to be magnificent, a fragrant and full of fragrant; the place where the soul rests, not so lively, one meter of sunshine is enough. I really envy the sleeping butterfly, no depression, no sorrow, no irritability, no sorrow. Because the place where the soul rests is the paradise on earth.

  People are on the road, the world is flamboyant, to cope with depression, to deal with the Sui and Tang Dynasties, to deal with irritability, to deal with sorrow, why don’t we look like a butterfly, look for a small flower of our own, settle down, smell the faint chrysanthemum, and sleep peacefully. Tired, hold a book roll; tired, find a fragrant petal; annoyed, profit a bleak; find a rest point for the soul. A drop of dew is enough to wash the dusty heart and wash it. One meter of sunshine is enough to bring the heart full of bitterness to the sun, warm and warm; a cloud of clouds is enough to make the heart full of exhaustion , swim a tour, turn around. Give the mind a rest point, in fact, it doesn’t need to be spacious, a small flower, an autumn leaf, a sandstone, a clear spring… The mind has a rest, the world’s perspective is widened, and the emotion is a pair of invisible Wings, flying between heaven and earth!

  Look for the resting point of the soul, do not need to go far, just beside you: a drop of clear, a fragrant, a frame of silhouette, a meter of sunshine, let our souls dream into peace, do not think about anything, stop all miss!

  Sad essay (20):

  One turned and lost forever

  Originally, I thought that we can always be so happy.

  However, just a turn, we will be strangers, and from then on, lost eternity.

  Feelings, really not a simple three words, can be used for a lifetime.

  In today’s feelings, in addition to feelings, material is needed.

  I thought that as long as I love you, as long as you love me, everything is fine. However, in the face of the facts, I have to give in.

  In the days when you are together, although simple, simple, but very happy.

  At that time, lie on your chest, listen to your heartbeat, steady and steady, as if hiding in your arms, you can not deal with the world, the world, as long as you have me, just fine. That kind of little happiness is overflowing with words… The days of going home are getting closer and closer, and there is a kind of uneasiness in my faintness.

  Sure enough, when I returned home, my parents’ opposition seriously said my heart. Indeed, material life is a luxury for me and for him. When the heart is hard, I want to ignore him again. However, whenever the night is quiet, think of our bits and pieces, always tears, accompanied by tears, and gradually fall asleep. I understand that my love for him is far less than that he loves me.

  On the day of Tanabata, I decided not to join. Looking at the Internet TV, overwhelming, courtship and confession, in front of my parents, I can only smile. Then went to the bathroom, looked into the mirror, and looked at his own eyes, already red eyes. Then tell yourself, start over.

  I also understand that parents are good for themselves. No one will push their children into the fire pit. My mother also deeply understands: After all, it is a few years of feelings, and no one can put it down for a while. But long-term pain is not as good as short-term pain. The other family’s family conditions are not good. The mother can’t let me and him suffer for a lifetime. After all, life is not a day or two, 40 years, 50 years, maybe longer. I can no longer let my parents worry about myself again. I also understand that the happiness of children is the greatest happiness and comfort of their parents. I have no confidence in our future. I also understand that I may be too selfish, but the reality is so helpless.

  Fortunately, we are still young, fall, and can get up and start again.

  Goodbye, let us leave the original beautiful memories, each looking for their own happiness.

  Maybe after many years, we met, you have your beautiful wife, and a lovely child, and I have my own happiness. Looking back, those young and frivolous days, those memories that are so beautiful, perhaps, are the most beautiful treasures of this life!

  Sad essay (21):

  All the way, crying all the way

  Life is in a hurry, leaving me ignorant and frivolous. I am alone in the autumn wind, and I am still in the same year. I am still in the same age. The old friends have already changed their face and wrote a song in their own lives. The lingering or sad tone. There is still no footprint in the crowd, and life is so cool and bleak.

  The boundless night was shrouded in darkness, and the sparse street lamp was a decadent and helpless sentimental figure. Walking alone, the pace of people coming and going was mixed with the whistle of courtesy society. The car flew past and the crowd gradually became a stranger. There is no day to stop, no beautiful words, only countless grief that is full of pain.

  A woman in reality actually fell in love with the illusion of a dream, like a cigarette fell in love with a match, destined for a burning life.

  If this is a dream, is life not a dream of Huang Liang? If the dream is a bit true, if it is true, it will still be awkward, and between the dreams and the dreams, my life is like a wrong line, and I will never enter the harbor of life.

  When I was a child, I was always so stubborn. The reality of not lying with tears has told me what is precocious. Mature in my heart is like a hurdle road, I am moving forward like a cockroach, but who knows, as long as I wriggle, there is my body fluid.

  When I was young, I was still reluctant to follow the head of the cow, but a little more tenderness. Isn’t the feeling of darkness that you gave me?

  Youth, hiding too many tears, but stubbornly want to bear alone.

  As time goes by, the light of the setting sun is getting weaker and lighter. I am going to be old, and I have added one number to my life. The comma, the exclamation mark, the ellipsis and the question mark are not complete. Sometimes I think, if this day is about to be my full stop, what should I care about and regret? Although he has warned himself countless times, he is a poisonous durian, which will make me confused and confused. But I can’t predict at the same time when I am at the intersection of my next thoughts, and you will step on and force me to show the fragility again. I have been buried for a long time, I want to tell you, I don’t love you, can’t I still be with you? But a sentence from the heart of deep sorry.

  Sorry, our love, sorry, I am in your eyes, sorry, myself.

  If the tombstone records the merits and deeds of a person, what should I engrave in the tombstone after I die? The tide is rising and the tide is over, Xishan in the sunset, everything is just nothing but nothing, right? .

  It is said that loss is the result, but, my acquisition is to lose the exchange, the world will not understand, what I lose is actually what I don’t need, and what I get is what I need most.

  Life is always in the middle of the world and misses too much wind. I always think that I understand everything, but in the end, I forget myself. The tears once again slipped off my shoulders. The deep imprint is a sadness as a woman.

  I heard the rain falling softly, listening to the tenderness of the rain. I once watched the sky cloud rolling clouds and Shu Yun’s mind. I closed my eyes and felt the vastness of the universe. I felt the benefits of life. When I said to myself, the woman in the painful mark of this life, I only want to be a woman for you. When I recalled this sentence at the moment, I had a tear in my face.

  Along the way, the most accompanying is actually tears, the story in the mirror flower edge, a few points true, a few points of virtual, the earth is a dream of inextricable dreams, red dust can not be separated from love, how many infatuated women suffer?

  Sad essay (22):

  It is the end and the beginning

  I thought that when we started, we will come to the end, but when we break up, we can understand that I don’t have to do it. When I started to forget our experience, I didn’t understand that forgetting has turned into another kind of beginning, memories. It is light, but the pain is still there, or the most real.

  When you let go, you smile and say it doesn’t matter. I can’t live well after you leave, but you don’t understand that smile is just a cover for covering the pain. After leaving you, you fall into a state of helplessness. The empty eyes can’t recall the old ones. At that time, thinking that isolation from the world may be the best way to protect yourself.

  I used to give you the brush of my life, I hope that you can draw our happiness, but in the end you can draw a cup, only to understand that you have not handed me your brush from beginning to end, just me. Wishful thinking.

  Looking back at the bright colors of my own life, I feel, have a smile, have a sad feeling, have tears, and hurt, thinking about the tears of the past tears. Although there are pains in those memories, memories will become more and more perfect as time goes by. Those scattered vows, teasing youth, also smoothed the young and frivolous spirit; what is old and old, what is not dead, is an excuse to add icing on the cake, can only listen, can not believe.

  I want to shout out the repressed voices of the past, but I don’t have the courage. Only the hysterical shouts in the depths of my heart hurt the nerves of the heart.

  I used to blame you for abandoning me. Until then I realized that I shouldn’t blame you. Even if it’s strange, I shouldn’t blame you. Love is not your right. You have the right to choose happiness. I also have it. You give up, I have better happiness waiting for you, my fairy tale is over, and forgetting is happiness. If you give up, you should not regret it. If you lose it, you should not remember it. Sometimes attachment is a burden or Shanghai, and giving up is the most beautiful ending.

  I used to break up, I thought it was not over, I was waiting in the same place, waiting for you to come back, but I was stupid, but I didn’t understand that it had already come to a close, only I was waiting in my own world. Still thinking about self-deception, if I leave you, I can’t find what I can do, and a person hides in the corner and cries to sleep. Woke up in the morning and looked at the sunlight that sprinkled into the house. I couldn’t feel a touch of warmth. Instead, I felt that the room was suffocating and filled with the sadness you gave. One person recalls that the previous bits and pieces are so perfect, but the past feelings are perfect again, and eventually turned into permanent memories.

  At the moment, I learned to smile and smile at everyone, but whoever understands that smile does not have to be happy, who can see my pain. Desperately hide everything, not to make people around me sad, but only to find out that the injury was originally my own. The first sorrow is stupid, the second time as unlucky, then the third time?

  Why can you lose love but can’t lose memory? If you lose your memory, you will have no pain. I used to be reluctant to lose your residual temperature, but I forgot that the scar is still hurting. I can find a doctor for the injury, but who is the heartache? Only you can comfort yourself, even if perfect, fool is just a dream, hold yourself, all the sorrow will fade, believe me!

  After the future, I will not wait, even if you are.

  I want to laugh, even though I have tears in my face, I want to make myself better. Even without you, I will still be very good. Without you, the earth will still turn, my life will not stop, no one will hurt others. I love me.

  In the past, everything has passed, and now it is calm. I have not forgotten you. I just don’t love you. The love that has been for you has been transferred to another person. You don’t know how to cherish you. The pain that has given me has become a past, and it has become a growing experience in my life. It has become a memory that reminds me to grow up.

  At the end of the game, the period has been drawn, and the next is a new beginning.

  Sad essay (23):

  If you leave, be willing to be all the way!

  In the shallow life, who is the passer of life?


  Time slipped through my fingers, and the sudden bad news made my newly calm heart suffer tremendous pain again!

  My favorite relatives, suffering from illness, will soon be alive. When I heard the news, my brain was blank and almost fainted. The painful heart made me dare not believe what I heard.

  Tears slipped down the cheeks quietly, who is crying silently?

  ”No, this is not true, no, no…” I rested in my heart. I have just been freed from the great grief of feelings. At this moment, I have to deal with the pain of losing my loved ones. How can I bear the pain that cannot be endured in my life?

  I remember that when I was a child, when we learned the language, we followed the warm memories of crying and making troubles behind you. I remember that at the age of our sensible, you taught us the perfect scene to brag; I remember that in the Spring Festival of the previous year, You are playing with us all the joy of playing cards…

  The pain is still going on, and the sadness is still flowing. The tears in the corners of the eyes are endlessly flowing, and your departure, with our infinite wounds, is buried together.

  There is a lack of gloom in the moon, and people have joys and sorrows. Destiny is so unfair, loved ones will become farewell, and who should share those perfect memories?

  I cried in the great sorrow, and you just left quietly, what should your family do? My brother is still out of prison, how can a few girls bear the burden of life?

  do you understand? My sister is about to take the exam, and the old man is not good. The two children just learned to walk. So many of us are still waiting for you to go back. How can you leave us so early and leave alone?

  I have long been accustomed to having your existence. Your departure has made me unprepared. The wounds that began to heal are torn again, and the sadness of words cannot be heard, such as falling yellow flowers and broken heart.

  Life and death, love and hate to leave. Lamenting that fate is so ruthless, life is so fragile. Strong as you, but also fell under the disease. Who is crying in the rain? No one can see the tears.

  I know myself in great sadness, no one can understand my tears, no one can understand my sadness, your departure, my life is no longer perfect, and it is as crippled as the moon.

  In the distance, a journey that does not return! In life, we can’t wait for the next reincarnation, and we can’t wait for the coming of the next life. When will we be able to see you again?

  The cherry blossoms are no longer perfect, and honey will never be sweet. The care you give me, I can’t pay back anymore, who can understand the bitter taste?

  The small tree in front of the door has become green, but unfortunately you can no longer see it.

  I used to dream that when you are old, we will play chess with you in the tree, drink tea together, and sing together. To take good care of you, you have given us too much care.

  Everything is impermanent, how can you leave first, those dreams, I can never achieve.

  As the songs of the past are still fresh in memory, they can’t be forgotten, and they settle in the heart, and they are bitterly brewed.

  From the beginning of life, along the way, you and I have already been like fathers and sons, but there, the edge is scattered, leaving the scars of the world.

  What made me so sad? What made me so attached?

  The sorrowful feelings, the waves are folded up; when you look back, there are a few tears.

  Happiness is so close to you, but at this time you have to choose to leave and scatter the grief of the land.

  Throughout your life, you are working hard for life, working hard, no regrets. You have poured all your love and gave us selflessly. However, we have not given you anything.

  The boundless self-blame makes my heart break apart in an instant. Unretainable family sneaked away from my eyes and never returned.

  Pray in life, sing in the year of the stream.

  If you leave, be willing to be all the way! But remember, we are your favorite people.

  Sad essay (24):

  Love to heartbreak, just because it is too beautiful to meet

  When you are worried about a person, you will be silently blessing in your heart, remembering your troubled humorous jokes, recalling your hearty laughter, recalling your deep sorrow and sorrow, like blooming flowers, incense Glittering in the dimly lit room quietly infiltrated my heart, drunken my heart… The concern is a few unexplained ignorance, pay attention to your emotions, care about your smile, care about your every move, not get it. Your message is full of entanglements.

  I am restless for that long-lasting lovesickness, because the slyness is so devastating; the candlestick is still on the table as if your shadow is opposite, and the distracting thoughts of all desires are missed by your careful taste; the moon is gone, just because the encounter is really beautiful. Even if there is a lot of lovesickness; more people who say that the dream is broken, ask the flowers without words, first of all, sorry… I started thinking about you again. I miss you, worrying that you have no medicine to save, and your thoughts are always unprepared when you are unprepared, and I am caught off guard. Tonight, there is no star and no moon, the drizzle is more lingering, the rain hits the window edge, and the thoughts are soaked and drenched. I was shocked and watched the time be torn off page by page. One year was at this moment… Looking back, I didn’t know what kind of emotion to use to analyze the confusion between the turn… In the past, it happened. Too many things, I understand that I am too emotional, I think too much, I am always too tired, I look up, I always feel that my heart is swaying, I am between dreams and waking, I look back, but I am still in the rain and night pavilion. The pieces that have been pieced together are left in the sky. The fragrance of the tea lingers in the room and floats. I am thinking about the screen, holding your breath waiting for you, waiting for you to start my story. What remains for me is still a string of memories. I tried to get drunk in the place where you are, listening to the footprints of your dreams.

  In fact, for you, I am really very contradictory. I understand that my love for you is too much trouble for you. In fact, you don’t have to be like this. I don’t ask you to love me. You love me or not. It’s your personal business. Just like I love you is my personal business. I really like the feeling of loving someone. You don’t need to ask for it, you don’t need to pay back, you just enjoy the heart-like landscape of this heart. It’s like standing on the beach and quietly admiring the sea. The heart is falling and falling with her tide, but she never thought about having her.

  Forever, it is a dream that is too far away, and no one can guarantee it. Moreover, from the very beginning, I clearly understood the distance between us, so I also had the heart to prepare for rubbing my shoulders. I admire your talent very much, for your sacredness, willingly fill your blank, let you look for your brush in my love; be willing to be your safe haven, when you are calm, where you look far away I wish you all the best, waiting for you to hide from the rain and then continue your journey.

  The probability of a person meeting with another person is only one in ten thousand. The probability of becoming a friend is about one in 200 million, and the probability of becoming a lover is only one in five billion. The fate is a wonderful thing. The world is so big. There are so many people, but I have met you. It was just an accident, but just a coincidence, it opened the curtain of another sky.

  The Dharma often has the same meaning as the law of the law. I think that the two words are really profound. The law of the law can be met and cannot be sought. I also understand the stubborn feelings, the appearance of the gods, and how long it can last! It is not the truth that is the philosophy of life. Your sky is beautiful, I can only appreciate it, I can’t have it; your world is so wide, I can only look at it, I can’t walk in. After all, we are always people of two worlds, my world can accommodate you. Your world, but can not tolerate my sky, reality, it is so cruel, secular, it is so helpless, so, when I still have it, I will use all my strength to love myself, but I am willing to do it myself. The bitterness, when I have to quit one day, I will also say to myself, I am worthy of my own heart, and I am worthy of the people I have loved.

  Love and not love are often just a matter of thought. Sometimes, I would rather believe that you have never been emotional, and some are just moving, so that day, I will calmly deal with myself, will not taste the pain that is eroded every day and night, and will be forgotten every minute and second. The injury. I would rather be a landscape in your heart, the most beautiful and most unique scenery, no matter how the road ahead, she can give you a permanent coziness, beautiful, romantic, warm… So, please allow me to go in my own way. Love you, let your every day, have my thoughts, my blessings, until perpetual…

  Sad essay (25):

  To youth

  I dare not talk about what youth is, I just want to say what youth is like – inscription

  Youth is like a burning match, burning desperately, leaving only a pile of ashes, and the wind blows away.

  Youth is like a pen, writing non-stop, until the last drop of ink is exhausted, leaving only a year of memories.

  Youth is like a story. If you read too seriously, you will shed tears. It is too shallow to read and is afraid to miss some perfection.

  Youth is like a mirror, can’t hide happiness, can’t hide sadness, everything is written on the face.

  Youth is like a new dress, we are always reluctant to wear, when one day we want to wear, we find ourselves old.

  Youth is like a gust of wind, you can feel it, but you can’t catch it.

  Youth is like a river. People who have never been stunned do not understand the depth.

  Youth is like a sun, it can shine in your sadest corner and give you warmth.

  Youth is like a rain, and it’s already too late to have an umbrella.

  Youth is like a song. Some people like to yell at the scorpion. Some people like to sing softly, but happiness is good.

  Youth is like an exam, everyone is naked, and no one prepares for youth.

  Youth is like flying a kite. It is always thought that it is free to break the line. When an antenna is broken and blown by the wind, it is only when the cable is free.

  Youth is like a movie, and the indispensable element is emotion.

  Youth is like a tear, only when it is left to understand what it is.

  Youth is like a book, can be filled with happiness, can also be filled with sorrow, your youth is yours.

  Youth is like a joke. It was still so young yesterday. It is already old, and who believes.

  Youth is like a game. At the beginning, no one takes it seriously. At the end, people lie to themselves and say, “This is not true. I am still young.”

  Youth is like the leaves of autumn, no one understands when it fell.

  Youth is like a dream. When you wake up, you only leave traces of drowning.

  Youth is like a rainy sky, rain is spreading here, and the sun is waiting there.

  Youth is like a caterpillar, and only after some pain can it be turned into a butterfly.

  Youth is like a stubborn old man. If you look at it, you won’t look back, even if your head is broken.

  Youth is like a dance. People who don’t find a partner are destined to be alone.

  Youth is like a race, but the first person who crosses the finish line loses youth first.

  Youth is like a puppy, it is always easy to get hurt, but it will be fine if you call it a few times.

  Youth is like a teacher, who teaches us to be reluctant, and teaches us to pretend that we understand that those who loved us and those who have hurt us are the benefits of our youth.

  Sad essay (26):

  Silent silence, bloody smile

  Destiny could not have been fair, and life could not have been as good as it could be. Some people often take care of themselves and pray: God, why are you doing this to me? In fact, the sun is hung in the sky, it does not blame its own light, not the corner that the sun has forgotten, but the corner itself does not open the threshold, let the sun shine! Many times, we have exaggerated the concentration of pain in a wishful manner, and narrowed the breadth of happiness. Therefore, we often feel that happiness is fleeting, but pain is lingering. However, if we can silence with tears and smile with blood, there may be no thorns that can pierce our armor.

  There are many things in the world that are irreversible: the sun gives the light of the growth of all things, but we must deal with many hazes that do not see the sun; the moon brings the inexhaustible delusions of human beings, but we must understand the incomplete reincarnation. We all like the wind and the sun, the clear skies, we must be sure to meet the lightning and thunder, the baptism of wind and rain. Perhaps, the great natural world is showing us that when there is no overcast cloud, we will not cherish the beauty of the flowers in the sunny greenhouse, and the people who appreciate it are always limited. People are more admired and praised by the grass in the cracks, the pines on the dangerous peaks, and the plums in the cold winter. When a person has not been hurt, he will be afraid of the pain of the wound; when people have not seen the blood, they will panic the redness of the blood; but a person who has been bruised and bruised will never worry about another wound and more blood! It hurts and it is also an experience; other experiences can make people more colorful. In the midst of the storm, the bones are tender and tender, and the heroes are seen after the temper!

  The unchanging life is dead, and the undulating life is magnificent. In the pursuit of the ideal theme, we also need various forms of sound, and any episode is a gift of life to us. It may teach us the potential to adapt to disasters, perhaps enrich our experience of frustration; perhaps enlighten us to fully understand the world, perhaps warning us to treat problems in a dialectical manner; perhaps revealing the true and false of things, perhaps exposing the good and evil of human nature… We can silence with tears, smile with blood, no matter how noisy notes will bring out a harmonious rhythm. When the song ends, everyone will leave a breathtaking scenery on the fertile field of the soul!

  Silence with tears, smile with blood, not sinking and falling, but strong and free. Curses and sorrows only make the sky of the soul darker. Finding a sustenance for your soul in the tears of silence is not a passive escape. Let the soul rest, raise the wounds that it rushes through the dust, and then work hard for the rush. Dripping blood and smiling, tapping a way out for your future in the scars, the world’s irritability will float like a cloud.

  The silence with tears will melt the ice of the barriers, and will blow away the misunderstood flowers; bloody smiles, hypocrisy and deceitfulness are only a secular shower, ridicule and embarrassment is only a slap in the face. Although the silence is filled with tears, it is the cover of the weeping heart; although the bloody smile is the open-mindedness of the burden of humiliation, as long as you do not lose your life, you will have the opportunity to straighten your waist, and there will be a resumption of the journey. The broken truth, the painful years, will teach us to reawaken and re-select.

  Sad essay (27):

  In the year of China, we are all too serious

  We put sorrow in the years, and then use ignorance to squander strong.

  Interpret this awkward world with our unique posture and personality.

  When the surrounding is quiet and quiet, it seems to be able to hear the heartbeat.

  I am afraid of silence, because the moment of loneliness drifting over me is not standing still.

  Always too emotional, I want to make the whole world sorrow with me.

  Repeatedly reading the emotions left by friends in the space, imagining to bring themselves into those moods.

  Savour the words and try to resonate between the lines.

  After a while, I have an afterthought, and then I have an intersection with the thoughts that are drifting away.

  There are always things that you want to say but can’t say and what you can’t do.

  I understand that we can’t go back to youth in the years. Can only be released.

  I really want to leave a memory, enough for me to think about memories for a lifetime.

  In fact, we are too serious to think that we have to pay for it without regret.

  We are too fragile, so that sometimes it is broken when we touch it.

  So I will yearn for fairy tales, because no matter how the ending is, I will not be sad.

  Sometimes we think that we have grown up, but inadvertently revealed ignorance.

  I am also often confused in the direction of the crossroads, trying to catch but running away.

  I want to comfort the lonely soul with a heavy rain.

  I want to say that we are too persistent in the years to catch the youth of love.

  In the years since then, I will always resent that all things go with the wind.

  Everything in the original, just because we are too serious in the lost years.

  In the end, I can only regretfully hiding the past and then living alone for a lifetime.

  ———The sadness of the years

  Sad essay (28):

  Rainy night, for who is sad

  At night, I gently dyed a layer of light neon yarn, which is more seductive in loneliness, and soft and soft. The heart seems to be sinking in such silence. There will always be some uncontrollable emotions, and it will be full of embarrassment and confusion. I understand that this may be a dysentery that cannot be eradicated, and it is entangled in the left and right ventricles. Even if I have worked hard, let my heart bathe in a warm blue.

  Occasional pain, lingering over the heart, thinking, will never ask if you can or can not? All thoughts occupy all the confusion. From spring, over the summer, to the autumn, step by step to the winter to the cold, how much courage can make the mellow heart of the heart full of thoughts set sail?

  The rainy outside the window, hollowed out, falling in the red dust, splashing heart scars. Listening to the ear, a leisurely rain, and lingering, the raindrops are drunk and the sound of the window is crisp, making me feel idle and intoxicated. The stretch of rain line, around the knot of the millennium, fell on my grief-stricken eyebrows and wet all the hidden inner thoughts.

  It is said that all the rains in the south of the Yangtze River are lingering. They all say that the rain in July is full of thoughts. They all say that every night the rain hits the window. If you feel that there is such a hint of hidden pain in the inexplicable flood, it means that your heart has emotional resurgence. Become a member.

  Quietly calming down, extinguishing all the lights, the room suddenly quieted down, full of darkness, can only hear the helpless voice confession in the depths of the heart, pumping the strings of every thought. And let the night gradually sink the curtain, squatting in the night, falling, oh. Point a cigarette, let the heart meditation one person without any restraint, quietly read, quietly think. Memories are connected to sentimentality.

  Occasionally, the lakes of Siyi, the face of the projections, and the fragmentation melted the loneliness, and the ripples of the circle and the ripples of the Qionghua are as clean as the Qionghua. With the deep inlaid water, your smile is as old as the net. And simple. The deep dawn is filled with tears and laughter.

  Recalling that at the beginning, sweetness settled in the heart, and a small umbrella was supported under the rain curtain to resist the raging winter. The generous palm, what kind of sentiment was conveyed in the past, and the pain of the tenderness? The silence of the years is quiet and silent, and I have gradually faded the past. The only regret is that you can’t forget the one you loved before. I really want to, do all the energy, love a person who is as delicate as you are. There is no side to heart, just to be good to him, do everything you can, how to work hard, but can’t do it? !

  I am lost in the loneliness of the day after day. Who used to be who I was? ! Who is lonely and lonely? For whom are you fascinated? It is difficult to understand the guilt of inner guilt. Love is sin? Hate is sin? Was it a sin before forgetting the previous one? !

  Out of the window, the wind is flowing, lonely and arrogant, softly smashing through the window sill, crossing the window and picking up a curtain of dreams in the night. The soft wind whispers the rain and weeps, lingering and intertwining, blowing off the curtains of the yellow flowers and dreams.

  A candle is thick, and the ruined table is light and sloppy. The thick thoughts of the simmering juice boiled ink, the blue finger is lightly buckled, the painting is made, the bones of your bones are traced, and the eyebrows are soft and deep. 笺Draw your angular outline, the floating curve, and the faint melancholy.

  The night, gradually deepening, annihilating the dead lights that ignited. In the pure darkness, the heart is the shackles, the tears are the ink, and the cold face of your photo. A glimmer of the line, the most beautiful innocence!

  Gently turn on the audio, melodious music is half-sad and sad, and the space in the night is low and hovering: “The night is deep, what else? Let you wake up with a few scars? Why would you want to stay before going to sleep?” Lights? If you don’t want to say, I don’t ask. It’s just that you have to admit it at the moment…” The single song sang, the bitter tears were full of sadness, and the heart of the lake floated with a faint sorrow.

  ”Sometimes, love, beauty can’t be eternal, love has more ecstasy, it hurts more, if you bravely love, you must be brave – dare – points.”

  The night is deep, and who else, let you wake up like a few scars?

  Sad essay (29):

  Beautiful sadness

  Sadness is beautiful.

  Sadness is not sorrow. She does not let people despair because of mourning. It does not make people lose grace because of sorrow, and it does not make people lose their minds.

  Sadness is a beautiful boat. She carries your heart and gently squats in the river of life to pay homage to every perfect dream that has been buried in the years.

  The sad tears are the crystal clear pearls that flow out of my heart, flashing the perfect expectation in my heart, and reluctantly evaporate in the real air.

  A sad heart is sensible and intellectual, sensitive to the beauty and splendor of life, and intellectual in the loneliness and helplessness of life.

  A sad heart is the cherished and forbearing, and the sweetness and warmth of love, and the rationality and calmness of the reality.

  Sadness makes people’s minds get rid of jealousy and impetuousness; sadness makes people quietly recall, slowly thinking; sadness makes people dilute the fear of life and death, sadness makes people dilute all kinds of sadness in life.

  Tears quietly, gently wiped, silently expecting, faint sorrow…

  Sadness is a different kind of beauty in life.

  Sad essay (thirty):

  Last love, injury in one place

  So far, you love or not, from beginning to end, I have not understood, even if I choose to leave.

  Perhaps our meeting, everything is the so-called wishful thinking. Tightly using the red rope of the millennium, I am still in your world, still like a small dust, never stayed in your heart.

  I am struggling with the love of the red and white, and I look forward to this feeling, as wonderful as a rose, even if I only have a short-lived beauty, no regrets.

  However, even if you let me dominate the ups and downs of my world, even in the years of the red dust, we always miss it.

  You said that you don’t want to love, because the so-called happiness, not what you can give, so push me away, but you never understand. How many tears do I need to fill this gap and forget the love spells of thousands of years.

  I said, I will still be in the same place, waiting quietly with my heart, waiting for one day you will come back, come back and tell me that the last love, never gave up, never let go.

  Just, in the past, I fixed you as my last love. At this time, I used my last love to change the endless sorrow. Even the tears that I thought had dried up could not help but fall, as if it was a Sad and gorgeous interpretation.

  If our love, in the end, there is no result, and can not be divided into black and white, then, points will be divided, I will understand.

  Only, that time, you said that you love, with the so-called true confession, explain your helplessness. Tell me, live with your heart, because of my future, you can’t presume that you exist because of your statement. At the end we can’t let go.

  I suddenly realized that when I loved, but you are not there.

  The lonely corner of the street, the sorrow in my heart is like a blank of infinite spread, it seems that the whole world has ceased to exist.

  You said, for me, you don’t want to love. Forced to release my hand, I pushed me away and never looked back. I have thought about how many tears I need to fill this gap.

  When the tears have broken the dyke, I can clearly understand that this time, the most distressing, is always love.

  Even if there are thousands of years of fate, it is impossible to be in the same place.

  However, we have always understood the truth, but lost in the world of feelings, can not tell the day and night would rather deceive ourselves.

  I used the last love, and I only exchanged the wounds of one place, the pain of the sorrow of one place.


作为一名法律助理是一个高压力的立场。我们是一系列步骤的最后一步,确保诉状和文件准时到达,无论他们需要去哪里。每个人都希望昨天完成所有事情,即使他们只是在十分钟前把它们的一部分交给了你。对我们来说,承担项目的所有责任并在不合理的短时间内完成任务是司空见惯的。简单地说,我们是魔术师; 然而,它有时会花费很高的成本。


  1. 不要早点进来或迟到


  1. 休息和午餐

所有州都需要定期休息,午餐以及上午和下午的特定休息时间。在极其繁忙的日子里休息是重要的 – 这有助于远离混乱,重新组合并重新焕发活力。一旦你回到办公桌前,休息时不会让压力不再蔓延,至少没有人会要求你做任何事情,所以你可以在一天的某些时间里更轻松地呼吸。

  1. 通信


  1. 不要放弃休假时间


  1. 让工作在工作中



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Too much time is too late

Source: Network circulation

The friend’s mother went out to dump the garbage, and a rushing motorcycle suddenly crashed, and it fell to the ground. The aunt had a heart disease and the family was ready to have an oxygen cylinder. However, she never expected that she would leave in this way.

The children were completely unacceptable and cried and said, “Mom didn’t leave without saying a word!” They thought that even if a mother had a heart attack, she still had time to talk to them and explain a few words. How can I not say anything? Going?

In fact, they forgot, my mother is explaining every day.

Just like the mother in the world, it is nothing more than “pay attention to the body, be careful with the cold”, “don’t be too tired, stay up late, drink less”, “Let’s study hard, don’t play all day”…

But we listened too much and heard us getting bored and numb.

It was not until the moment the mother closed her mouth that we discovered that there were still a lot of words that were too late to be heard, too late to ask, and too late to tell my mother.

A mother, because her daughter fell in love with a man she did not like, the mother and daughter were deadlocked, and after a big fight, the daughter simply left home. The mother was angry and sad, and her daughter was lost since she was a child.

It’s hard to get out of the slim, daffodil-like, who knows that the university has not yet graduated, and is eager to marry, but also a big one? The mother said good words and persuaded her, and her daughter did not move.

All love turns into hate. She hates her daughter’s unrequited love and blinds her love. Many predecessors have come to the fore. My daughter is so cute and cute, and her old love is greasy around her, whispering like a chicken and a glutinous rice. It’s children ‘words that is so cute. “Mom, you must never be old, you must wait until I grow up and be old!”

The daughter of the middle school is still intimate and sensible. The mother and the daughter share each other’s thoughts like friends. Occasionally asked about the condition of her daughter’s choice of spouse, the daughter always said with tenderness: “I don’t marry, I will accompany my mother for a lifetime, and you will not be able to walk with you, I will help you push the wheelchair!” These words are still in the ear, how can the daughter forget all? What?

For an irrelevant man, regardless of her mother-in-law’s love for two years, she is really unbearable. That day, my daughter called back and said, “Mom, I am getting married. I hope you will come to the wedding and give me a blessing!”

She was angry and hanged on the phone. This hang is a life and death forever.

The daughter-in-law was killed in a car accident on the way to the honeymoon. In the funeral parlour, she cried with her daughter’s body crying: “I am so selfish! I will not even give you the last blessing!”

The old gentleman in front of the bed called out over and over again: “His wife, wake up! We woke up and traveled around the world together. Didn’t you always want to go?” The old man had a blind eye, no consciousness, no response.

The old gentleman sighed deeply.

The old couple had been married for four years. When I first met, my husband’s plan to study abroad was left to love him. In order to make up for the apology in his heart, he promised: “One day, I will accompany me around the world!” Just as the children were born one by one, the economic pressure forced them to shrink and diet, and travel around the world. A distant dream.

He always comforted his wife and said, “When the child grows up, wait for the family to be a little more…”

The children finally grew up and each had their own family. They also have enough money to realize their dreams of the year, but the career of men is at a peak, let alone traveling abroad, and the time spent on getting along with them is limited.

In the face of his wife’s silent resentment, he always said with regret: “When I retired, all my time is awkward, how to play if you want to play!”

By the time he retires, his wife can’t wait.

A stroke in the brain caused a deep coma, and it was trapped in a world without dreams and desires. Only the old gentleman stayed at the bedside and repeatedly said: “His wife, I want to wake up quickly! I took the bus to Paris to see the tower, went to the Netherlands to see the windmill, went to Rome…”

I don’t know the real name of the veteran. I only know that his little name is bud. The story of the bud is told by another veteran.

The bud is premature and is born like a kitten. Because of his weakness, his mother hurts a lot. Eat milk to six-year-old, or yellow skin is thin. Niang always touched his bald head and said, “Little buds! You have to draw a long one, and grow as tall as the jujube tree in front of the field!”

When the buds were fourteen years old, the situation changed and the war was burning to their doorstep. Her mother was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, and she was around, and finally gave him the name of a small serviceman in the army so that he could go to Taiwan with the troops.

The buds are not allowed to be pregnant. Niang said: “Stupid buds, we always have to leave a root!”

On the day of leaving, the buds didn’t want to send him, but his mother couldn’t help but go to the dock and saw the buds of the dwarf in the team. He rushed over and reached for him.

The buds were shocked and put on the military uniforms. They were revolutionary soldiers, men and men, and between the crowds, how can they cuddle like the girls, and they would be more annoyed by the smiles. Pushing away the mother, said with impatience: “Go back! Call you not to come, come back!” After that, the head did not run back.

This run is forty-five years, and it is gone after returning home. Niang died in the third year after he left. The only sister in the Cultural Revolution did not know where to put it down. Xiaoyanzi became an old bud, still a lonely person, living in Rongjia.

One year, Rong’s old friends bought a cake for his birthday and took his wish. Looking at the flashing candle, suddenly a tearful face blew, he whimpered: “I miss my mother, I want my mother to hug me…”

This said that the surrounding soldiers were crying into one.

I can’t wait for the love, I ca
n’t wait to express my apology, I ca
n’t get back the mistakes, I ca
n’t make the promise, I ca
n’t reach the promise, I ca n’t send the blessings, I ca
n’t reach the last hug before leaving….
We always have too much too late.

We always think that time will wait for us, allowing us to start all over again and make up for the shortcomings. I don’t know “Satan is like a screaming lion, marching all over the place, looking for someone to devour.” The disaster will always be shackled when we are caught off guard. You can’t avoid it, you can’t be afraid, your heart is broken, your parry is powerless.

The only thing we can do is to take care of the treasures in your hands when you have time, and don’t relax for a moment. In any case, express your timely love to your dearest parents, loved ones, loved ones, brothers and sisters.


















老夫妻俩结缡四年。初识时,老伴原有出国念书的计画,为爱他而留了下来。他为了弥补心中那份歉疚,许诺说:「有一天,我会陪妳环游世界!」只是,随着孩子一个个出生,经济的压力逼使他们不得不缩衣节食, 环游世界成了一个遥不可及的梦想。






















首先,让我向您保证,您根本就没有尝试创建销售宣传。事实上,这不是出售任何东西 – 它实际上是关于建立一种关系。这是关于倾听。重要的是你要诚实地与卖家谈谈,而不是谈论你自己,而是关于他们。




2.找出房屋出售的原因。卖房子绝不是关于房子,而是关于卖家所处的情况。出售的理由与卖家一样多 – 缩小规模,失业,转移,生病,离婚等。房子是房子的结果。情况,不是原因。

3.创建解决方案。当然,你不会是他们唯一的解决方案,但你确实提供了一个解决方案。一旦你建立了关系,你就会谈论数字。他们想要/需要什么; 修理后的实际价值与他们认为值得的东西相比; 什么维修费用。


购买后你计划对房产做什么与卖家完全无关 – 他们只是想让他们的房产出售 – 所以不要开始解释你买它的原因。当你出现在你的预约时,他们应该知道你不会住在酒店,并且你打算赚取自己的利润,但他们通常不会对我们的生活感兴趣。您需要关注卖家,他们的需求和他们的情况,所以请放松并计划倾听 – 很多。




我的名字是Karen Rittenhouse,自2004年以来我一直在全职投资房地产。我们目前每年购买约60套房屋,其中80%是我们批发的。我们目前的目标是利用这笔收入来偿还我们所有的房产。

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在我家后面高耸的杨树的阴凉处,我坐在洗衣架的下面一步,用一根树枝恐吓一群蚂蚁。我捅着他们在热沥青裂缝中建造的沙丘,看着他们为生命而匆匆忙忙。一瞬间,我感到力量激增,但后来我想知道为什么我被这种恶意行为所娱乐。我的想法被喊叫打断了。我抬头看到我最好的伙伴,柯蒂斯和吉尔斯,他们将自行车沿着碎石车道向我冲去,留下一条干燥的尘埃落在他们身后。Curtis的Schwinn Stingray在吉尔斯的新百年纪念之前只有一个车轮长度。

















“他到底去哪了?” 柯蒂斯问道。





“最后一个是一个烂鸡蛋!” 吉尔斯喊道。他把自行车放在一边然后开始拆卸。柯蒂斯和我跟风,尽可能快地脱掉衣服。大声的声音阻止了我们。我们难以置信地看作丹尼尔,穿着牛仔裤和格子衬衫,穿着鞋子,在河里跋涉。

‘臭鸡蛋!臭鸡蛋!’ 丹尼尔喊道,指着我们笑着说。




“我警告过你永远不要进入河里。你愚蠢无所畏惧。我没有警告你 难道你不能把它变成空木头。当我和你说话时,我会教你听我说。


我们默默地回家,没有提到我们刚刚目睹的事情。我不确定为什么我们保持安静 – 这是对恐怖袭击的恐惧和恐惧,还是因为我没有试图帮助他而感到羞耻?我们害怕无助的旁观者或懦夫因害怕而逃跑吗?







我妈妈坚持说我和法国孩子一起坐在公交车前。就像英国孩子患有某种传染病一样。她喋喋不休地谈论我们作为法国加拿大人保护我们语言的责任。这些英国孩子中有许多是我的邻居,有些是我的好朋友。我真的不在乎他们说的是什么语言。我会说英语和法语,所以我不明白这个问题。此外,如果有人想说法语 – 没有人会阻止他们。

我跳上公共汽车,坐在让 – 皮埃尔旁边。每个人都称他为咪咪; 我不知道为什么。他是一个瘦弱的农场小孩,总是遇到某种麻烦。我们今天早上正坐在丹尼尔身后。我可以看到丹尼尔从他母亲那里殴打的脸和脖子上的瑕疵。








在学校里,丹尼尔坐在教室后面的椅子上低沉地低着头,低着头,眼睛盯着他的杂文。在十四岁的超大框架下,椅子看起来很小。几乎看不见,一支铅笔从他强有力的手中伸出,一根短枝从树桩上长出来。丹尼尔吸引他的抄写员; 不可思议的绿巨人; 他最喜欢的喜剧角色。他蜷缩在一团皱巴巴的纸上,掠过他的脑袋,接着是笑声。他忽略了笑话者的戏弄,并回到他的涂鸦,即使在老师进入房间并将其他人的注意力转向数学之后,这种情况仍在继续。



“丹尼尔,你迷路了吗?” 要求咪咪盘旋他。







‘香蕉?哪里?’ 问一个混乱的丹尼尔困惑。





“离开这个,Belcourt。我和Curious George玩得很开心。






袭击似乎永远持续下去。最后一位老师赶来解散。咪咪的脸是一个肿胀的气球。原来他的鼻子已经破了,两只黑眼睛,更不用说各种瘀伤了。他下午剩下的时间回家,几天没有回到学校; 我怀疑,从他的受伤和一个破碎的自我中恢复过来。丹尼尔把剩下的学校时间花在护士办公室里试图冷静下来。


咪咪对丹尼尔的肉体和精神上的虐待,已经持续了一段时间,随着那次颠簸而突然结束。我猜他的眼镜的恶意粉碎是为丹尼尔打破骆驼背部的稻草,这是他从许多消息来源忍受的长期虐待中的最后一次。我不宽恕暴力,但我不能说丹尼尔的行为没有道理。一个人只能经常转动另一个脸颊; 有时反击是暴力的唯一答案。尽管咪咪是当天丹尼尔殴打的唯一身体目标,但我怀疑丹尼尔在精神上打击了他虐待的母亲以及多年来打击,嘲笑或侮辱他的其他欺凌者。

我的短篇小说围绕着欺凌和业力。关于这个主题的写作的想法来自我自己的校园经验 – 不是作为受害者,作为攻击者。

当我上小学时,我的一些同学和我骚扰了一个名叫肯尼的学生。我并不以此为荣; 事实上,我很惭愧。在休息期间,我们向肯尼扔石头,直到他哭了; 然后我们称他为哭泣宝贝。我们挑选肯尼是因为他与众不同; 他害羞敏感,穿着衬衫和领带,演奏手风琴。为此他付出了代价。我的朋友和我是由严格的父母抚养长大的,他们教会了我们仁慈和尊重的意义,但我们选择欺负并伤害一个手无寸铁的无辜者。不幸的是肯尼,我们从来没有被抓住。如果我们曾经,我们会得到表带,我们的行为会很快调整。当时道歉本来就没有意义,而且暂停时间完全无用。没有人可以将我们的恶意归咎于我们,因为它从未被推理到我们这里。既然我年纪大了,也更聪明,我真诚地对肯尼说,我真的很抱歉。我喜欢相信肯尼从我们的欺凌中恢复过来,过着幸福快乐的成功生活。

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新款AirPods 2推出更好的电池和免提“Hey Siri”功能

经过数月的猜测,Apple推出了全新的AirPods 2真正的无线耳机,拥有更长的电池续航时间,智能Siri助手功能和可选的无线充电盒。

乍一看,新款AirPods 2看起来与最初的Apple AirPods非常相似。同样,它们完全没有电缆,从类似药丸盒的充电盒中吸取电池,从芽中出现茎状突起。但下一代的改进是在幕后。




超越电池寿命,最重要的增加是免提“Hey Siri”功能。将AirPods 2弹入您的耳中,您将能够使用语音助手命令拨打电话,更改歌曲等等 – 基本上Siri可以做的任何事情,直接来自AirPods 2,而无需拔出iPhone。

AirPods 2配备了一个充电盒,不过苹果还推出了一款新的耳机无线充电盒,使用齐兼容的充电垫为机箱供电而无需插入电缆。这可能是因为预期推出Apple期待已久的Air Power充电垫。新的无线充电盒也将与第一代AirPods 2兼容。

至于声音质量的任何差异,Apple尚未揭示几代人之间的任何差异。一旦我们给他们一个游戏,我们将向您通报AirPods 2的声音。

AirPods 2从今天开始发售,标配充电盒售价159美元/ 159欧元/ 249澳元,新款无线充电盒捆绑售价199美元/ 199澳元/ 319澳元。可购买独立无线充电盒单独$ 79 /£79 / AU $ 129。如果您感觉特别嗖嗖,可以在结账时在Apple.com上为个案添加个人雕刻。

三星Galaxy S10 +评论:不要再犹豫了 有史以来最好的Galaxy S适合所有人。

Galaxy S10 +

三星Galaxy S10 +是一款闪亮的指纹磁铁。你如何保持清洁,让你的手机脱颖而出?带着皮肤!我们在dbrand的朋友为Galaxy S10 +制作了最好的皮肤,增加了抓地力和风格,使手机真正属于您。查看dbrand的Galaxy S10外观S10 +包装,开始定制。

对于很多人来说,智能手机世界有两个参与者:三星Galaxy和Apple iPhone。实际上,在任何给定的升级周期中,人们都不太可能在两者之间切换。三星在全球任何一个拥有1000美元智能手机的购买力的非iPhone市场占据主导地位; 在许多其他人中甚至超过Apple。

因此,每当三星刷新Galaxy S产品线时,技术世界就停止并盯着它,这一点也就不足为奇了。无论Galaxy S10和S10 +今年带来什么,它都将在各个方面进行覆盖和分析。

值得庆幸的是,Galaxy S10是一款出色的手机 – 这在很大程度上归功于它与去年的Galaxy S9(甚至是之前的S8)大致相同。三星再次在硬件,显示器,规格和功能方面占据主导地位,并且在2019年将其全部提升到了另一个水平。结果是一部手机几乎可以为任何人轻松购买。

三星Galaxy S10

很难与Galaxy S10争论。神奇的硬件和一流的显示器包含了一流的规格和许多羡慕的功能。新的广角相机是一种享受,摄影体验快速而一致。只需花一些时间来调整软件,你就会很高兴。


  • 最好的智能手机显示屏
  • 高端规格
  • 充满了有用的硬件和软件功能
  • 有趣的三相机
  • 耳机插孔

  • 指纹传感器比去年差
  • 软件需要调整和管理
  • 主摄像头与Pixel 3不匹配
  • 比赛背后的充电速度


三星Galaxy S10 硬件,设计和显示

Galaxy S6以来,三星一直在重复这个基本的设计理念,慢慢改变比例,拉伸边缘,并随着每个后续手机增加规模。这是一个成功的确定; 几乎所有高端智能手机都已融合成三星自2015年以来一直在制造的手机,这不仅仅是巧合。

Galaxy S10 +带有dbrand皮肤

所以你不能责怪三星是否能够保持良好的运作状态。Galaxy S10和更大的Galaxy S10 +我一直在使用这个评论,是出色的执行设计。这些手机的关键主题是纯粹的效率:获得尽可能多的硬件,尽可能多的规格,以及尽可能多的功能。该GS10 +具有相同的有效屏幕房地产作为附注9从仅仅在几个月前,但在每一个尺寸更小的25克重量更轻,并且具有更大的电池。


Galaxy S10 vs. Galaxy S9:你应该升级吗?


如此小的空间可以使用,这意味着这些手机不一定有足够的空间来获得额外的视觉效果,以便能够吸引眼球,这基本上将整个任务带到了玻璃背面,具有鲜艳的色调和色彩变换特性。如果您选择最高端的GS10 +型号,您将获得一个陶瓷后背,增加了独特的外观和明显的重量增加。但是老实说,无论如何你可能会把手机放在手机上 – 我不会责怪你,因为手机里的手机很滑。

我应该买哪种颜色的Galaxy S10?

这种超高效设计唯一的缺点是在意外的手掌触摸方面存在潜在的可用性问题。这是第一款“无限显示”弯曲的三星手机,我实际上遇到了意外触摸的麻烦。无论是由于手机侧面的金属量更少,手掌剔除软件的变化还是某种组合的变化,拿着更大的Galaxy S10 +时都会引人注目 – 我不小心碰到了界面元素而在打字时无意中按下了按键。一个薄的案子将“解决”这个问题,但经过多年的听证,其他人用三星手机抱怨这一点,我终于用最新一代自己体验了它。

如果我选择世界上任何纯粹用于显示的手机,我选择Galaxy S10。

然而,真正令人惊叹的是最新的AMOLED显示器。选择6.1英寸的Galaxy S10或6.4英寸的Galaxy S10 +,没关系 – 显示器再次令人惊叹,所有其他公司的基准都在远距离追逐。DisplayMate的官方测试讲述了GS10在颜色,精度,亮度,视角和反射方面表现如何的技术故事,但它都通过了眼睛测试:如果我选择世界上任何纯粹用于显示的手机,我选择了Galaxy S10。

三星移动显示器不断给人留下深刻印象的一个方面就是它们的亮度,同时还具有低反射率 – 这种组合使得在阳光直射下的可见性成为一个无问题。当您使用非三星手机时,不必用手遮挡屏幕或转动身体是您理所当然的事情。而且你不必放弃任何东西来获得这个伟大的功能; 同时显示器在其他方面都很棒。


三星Galaxy S10 超声波指纹传感器

三星Galaxy S10 +指纹传感器


没有任何情况下Galaxy S10的指纹传感器比S9更快或更一致。

我将简单地说明:超声波指纹传感器比我使用的光学传感器(主要是OnePlus 6T)更好,但它不像现代电容式指纹传感器那样快速,准确或易于使用。这不应该让人感到意外,因为电容式传感器是一项成熟的技术,而显示器内的传感器仍然相对较新。但值得说清楚。没有超声波指纹传感器比Galaxy S9的后置电容式传感器更快或更一致的情况。那令人难以置信的不幸。


显示器内的指纹传感器是负面的,可能是Galaxy S10 的唯一负面因素,但它没有(或不应该)达到妥协的程度,导致有人不再购买手机。如果您决定采用更快(读取:安全性较低)的面部解锁解决方案,您将只能看到指纹传感器以获取安全的应用和购买; 一旦你学会了如何使用这种新的传感器类型,整个情况的尴尬就会大大减少。


三星Galaxy S10 相机

三星Galaxy S10 +

Galaxy S10倾向于我们在Galaxy S9 +中看到的相同的主镜头和长焦相机配对,尽管考虑到主要传感器自Galaxy S8自Note 8以来的长焦以来没有发生重大变化,这有点慷慨。这意味着每个镜头后面都有一个12MP“双像素”传感器,主镜头上有f / 1.7或f / 2.4可变光圈,远摄镜头上有f / 2.4。很好,但不一定是新的。

什么应该弥补静态硬件是软件和处理。三星再次谈论关于人工智能和NPU(神经处理单元)的大型游戏,提供新的和改进的照片质量。它确实成功地创造了漂亮的照片,尽管它在Galaxy S9和Note 9上的改进水平完全值得怀疑。


照片真的很棒。我只是在努力寻找比Note 9更好的地方。

照片真的很棒。我只是在努力找到比我一年前用我的S9 +和Note 9拍摄的精美照片更好的地方。三星的优势仍然存在:相机在各种情况下都能快速捕捉,界面易于使用,动态范围和色彩非常棒,而且在任何情况下都可以获得明亮可用的照片。感觉就像GS10 + 在HDR处理中添加了一些额外的果汁,在某些情况下,你得到的东西比Note 9所做的更生动……但是边距很小。这并不是一件坏事,只是有点令人失望的是,当涉及到上一代本身就是这样的现实时,

特别是在低光照片中,GS10 +仍然明显落后于Google Pixel 3。你总能获得一些可用的东西在非常黑暗的场景中,但它完全无法产生一些竞争对手所做的令人兴奋的照片 – 即使新的场景优化器表面上自动切换到超低光模式。我发现获得最佳拍摄效果的最佳方法是手动降低曝光,以防止相机如此难以照亮图像; 你会得到一张更暗的照片,但是一张没有斑点的照片,充满了来自侵略性(坏)平滑的色度噪音。考虑到GS10的相机传感器具有大像素和非常宽的光圈,令人惊讶的是在超暗的场景中看到这种平庸的表现,其中很少有公司已经弄清楚了。

现在这里真正有趣的部分让我忘记了对主摄像头的批评:全新的16MP超广角摄像头。123°视野三级摄像机非常棒,原因有两个:它提供了一个有趣的新拍摄选项,可以反映人眼的视野,并且由于您仍然拥有两个主摄像头,因此无需权衡。广角射击游戏提供了一种新工具,可以在各种场景中拍摄有趣,引人注目的照片。我喜欢在LG的手机上使用广角相机进行拍摄,而且我重新回到了使用Galaxy S10 +的旧习惯。

超宽镜头提供了全新的动态; 而且很有趣。

质量不是主射手的水平,光圈更窄,没有OIS,但是只要你有合适的照明,它仍然很好。再次,它并不真正重要的是它不符合主传感器考虑你的镜头所提供的独特视角。新手和爱好者都将享受广角相机的乐趣和灵活性; 你的Instagram Feed从来没有看起来那么好。

整个Galaxy S10系列现在使用这款广角相机而不是长焦相机与主焦相机一起使用实时对焦(人像模式)效果,这意味着你在拍摄视野时不会产生侵略性的拍摄用它。不幸的是,Live Focus仍然是“相当不错”和“看起来很糟糕”的混合包,但是当你想要应用这些虚假散景效果时,它至少现在需要更少的框架和思考。

即使考虑到Pixel 3在照片质量方面优于Galaxy S10的现实,我仍然会给三星最新的三款相机现货供应。排名取决于您对多镜头的灵活性,相机的速度和一致性以及相机应用程序中所有额外拍摄模式和功能的感受 – 但完整的包装值得高度赞扬。


三星Galaxy S10 软件和性能

三星Galaxy S10 +

Galaxy S10的公告完全是关于它的硬件和新功能,因为它的最新软件完全覆盖了上个月推出的最后两代三星旗舰产品的更新。所谓的“一个用户界面”,建立在Android 9 Pie上,并且在三星的阵容中实现了有效的标准化。

我仔细阅读了在Galaxy Note 9上运行的新One UI更新,希望您能有时间阅读有关最新软件的所有详细信息,以了解更多信息。因此,不要再在这里重新考虑令人难以忍受的细节,让我们达到每天使用Galaxy S10软件的高点。

三星One UI界面
三星One UI界面
三星One UI界面
三星One UI界面
三星One UI界面
三星One UI界面


我的One UI评论中,我说它是“三星最好的软件”,使用Galaxy S10 +的额外时间并没有改变这种观点。三星上一代的大部分更新都在可用性和清晰度方面有了明显的改进,更大的按钮和更简单的线条。整个软件体验时尚,一致,现代,并充满了功能。一些变化导致基于个人品味的意见分歧,如颜色,图标和明显圆润的界面元素,但这里没有任何客观上的不好

在这一点上我唯一可以提出的抱怨是主屏幕发射器,当整个One UI重新设计出现时,它似乎一直处于盲点。与其他结合了现代创意的界面相比,过去似乎特别困难。文件夹样式和功能是一个特别粗略的例子。如果你愿意,发射器是一个足够容易的开关。

此时我对三星软件的其他问题归结为你想要调整,调整,调整和修补手机的程度。用了我的Galaxy S10 +一周之后,我仍然发现很少的设置和变化我想要把事情设置恰到好处 – 记住,这是在每天使用Note 9大约一个月之后。三星仍然提供如此多的选项和功能,以便管理所有这些选项和功能。但另一方面,如果你想花几个月来完善(并重新完善)你的软件,就可以完全按照你想要的方式,这可能是你的天堂。

三星Galaxy S10,S10 +和S10e规格

无论你投入什么,Galaxy S10的软件性能都非常出色。

无论您对软件设计有什么看法,三星的性能都有所下降。在全新的Snapdragon 855处理器之上,三星为S10和S10 +的标准化8GB内存做出了明智的选择,虽然我确信在具有6GB的S10e上性能还不错,但我还是很欣赏额外的演出。(但是,您不需要费心购买12GB RAM型号。)凭借高端组件,性能快速而完美。应用程序速度快,游戏性能良好,我可以毫无问题地进行多任务处理,而且我在使用过程中因任何原因而无法关闭应用程序(看着你,谷歌)

这里的动画比OnePlus 6T略慢- 但我觉得这是设计的感觉。在整个界面中保持速度感的最重要的是它的一致性。每当您触摸按钮或打开应用程序或更改某些内容时,它都会以相同的速率发生。每次打开相机时,它都会在相同的时间内打开并立即响应。令人发疯的是,此时并非所有手机都能完全预料到这一点,但遗憾的是它并非如此 – Galaxy S10提供了这种一致性。


三星Galaxy S10 电池续航和充电

Galaxy S10 +充电

三星在Galaxy S10和S10 +上都增加了电池尺寸,这在较小的型号中尤为重要。对于我独家使用Galaxy S10 +的时间,其更大的4100mAh电池转换为绝对惊人的电池寿命。它甚至可以从已经很棒的Note 9中提升一步。无论你扔什么,这款手机都不想死。大量的网络共享,相机使用,谷歌地图导航,按时屏幕等等 – 没关系,它只是持续一整天。我不会说电话闲置时电池的待机时间特别特别,但三星手机的标志性功能之一就是无论你如何使用它,电池的电量都会以相同的速率消耗。

Galaxy S10 +的电池续航时间非常长; 并且Galaxy S10应该适合任何普通人没有问题。

在漫长的旅行日,这通常是智能手机电池上的谋杀,我对S10 +印象特别深刻。从早上一直到机场,经过长途飞行(可悲的是睡不着觉)以及下一个机场和转机航班,我在18小时前下降到10%以下,最后启用省电模式。这是近5个小时的屏幕开启时间,播客播放时间,并始终显示活动。这是用来让我至少一次充电我的Pixel 3 XL并且仍然在最后击中危险区域。

在典型的一天,当我不在机场附近奔跑时,GS10 +同样令人印象深刻。正常使用,花费大量时间在Wi-Fi上,但屏幕上至少有3个小时,我可以很容易地结束一天20%,有时高达40%,电池剩余。电池监视器估计我在任何一天的电池续航时间大约为20到22小时,略微取决于使用情况,我发现这是准确的,因为我没有必要在正午时间补充电话。


这也让我对较小的Galaxy S10抱有希望。尽管电池电量减少了约17%(3400mAh),但它应该是一个没有问题的全天电话 – 它可能无法承受你可以投入最激烈的日子。并不是每个人都会像我在整个评论中那样努力地使用他们的手机,并且他们将能够在坦克中留下相当大的力量来度过一天。

三星已经将无线充电速度提高到了12W,这种速度非常快 – 虽然不是小米新推出的20W无线充电的最快速度。即使如此,在我们让三星新的无线充电器中的一个进行测试之前,这一切都是理论上的。声称它几乎和三星的有线充电一样快,但是当Galaxy S10以与之前的S9和S8相同的速率充电时,这并不是那么令人印象深刻。

三星EKES出一点点从同一15W(快速充电2.0)墙多个插件,它已经使用,因为银河S6,但它是敌不过什么公司现正与快速充电4+或专有充电器做高达40W。但至少在Galaxy S10 +的情况下,电池寿命持续很长时间我没有被充电速度稍慢的电池所困扰; 首先,不必在中午充电是最好的解决方案。


三星Galaxy S10 评测

三星Galaxy S10 +

三星再次为智能手机设定了标准。Galaxy S9和S9 +虽然是固态手机,但三星升级并通过S10和S10 +进行了重要改进。两个型号的摄像机都是标准化的,而新的广角镜头则是一种拍摄方式。显示器仍然是行业的领导者。电池续航时间有所增加,尤其是S10 +上的巨大销售功能。这是三星有史以来最好的软件,运行在提供一致性能的高端规格上。所有这一切,以及更多,都被添加到核心Galaxy体验中,具有出色的硬件设计和令人满意的功能,以满足任何人的需求。

去年唯一明显的回归是显示屏指纹传感器,它在宏观方案中并没有减损所有其他改进和通常很好的品质。没有手机是完美的,所以你当然可以找到一些小巧的规格,并对Galaxy S10的某些功能执行。它不能准确地什么每个人的需要和需求。4.5分( 满分5分)    

但作为一部手机(两种尺寸),Galaxy S10尽可能接近实现成为最广泛人群的最佳手机的承诺 – 当然,他们可以支付900美元或者更多的手机开始。如果没有任何警告或问题,我可以向任何人推荐Galaxy S10或S10 +,而不用担心它会在现代高端智能手机中缺少他们想要或依赖的东西。一旦你为自己找到了Galaxy S10,就没有什么理由再去看了。


三星全新发表的Galaxy S10系列旗舰手机,推出多种不同萤幕尺寸的版本,其中即将在台湾上市的Galaxy S10+、S10、S10e,有着许多共同的特色,但不同版本间也有部分差异,《SOGI手机王》在美国发表会现场抢先体验直击,同时也将先从外观部分介绍Galaxy S10系列相近与相异处。


三星Galaxy S10系列采用与Galaxy A8系列相同的Infinity-O极限全萤幕设计,首度导入Dynamic AMOLED萤幕,强调亮度提升、降低蓝光,同时也是全球首款获得HDR10+认证的智慧型手机,再加上经由AKG调校的双喇叭,搭配杜比环绕音效(Dolby Atmos),可带来剧院级的影音体验。

SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+ 与S10 也是首款搭载超声波萤幕指纹辨识的手机,可避免因环境光线强弱等影响辨识效果;Galaxy S10e 则是采用侧边指纹辨识,全系列手机拿掉虹膜镜头,但也都具备脸部辨识。Galaxy S10 系列同时是全球首款采用Wi-Fi 6 (相比上代Wi-Fi 提升20% 速度)标准规格的手机。另外,Galaxy S10 系列不只具备无线充电,甚至还提供反向充电,能够以无线的方式分享电力,为其它支援Qi 标准的装置补给电量。

相机方面,三星Galaxy S10系列最大特色在于加入123°超广角镜头,以及F1.5 / F2.4双光圈,新增构图建议,可侦测最佳拍摄角度,让画面构图更完美;场景智慧辨识也增加为30种,相较Galaxy Note 9辨识速度提升10倍;超慢动作摄影多了0.4秒、0.8秒,可拍摄480 / 960fps HD影片。另外,三款手机前后镜头都支援4K录影,Galaxy S10+还有前后景深镜头,可搭配4种不同的景深效果。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e皆采用Infinity O极限全萤幕,这项设计才刚导入到Galaxy A8s,没有「浏海」或「水滴」,三星首次在Galaxy S系列运用这个设计,在萤幕上挖孔放入镜头,同时搭配极窄边框设计,进一步提高萤幕占比。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e分别搭载6.4吋Quad HD+、6.1吋Quad HD+、5.8吋Full HD+萤幕,萤幕则是采用19:9显示比例;Galaxy S10+、S10萤幕覆盖康宁大猩猩第6代玻璃、 S10e则是采用康宁大猩猩第5代玻璃。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e首度导入Dynamic AMOLED萤幕,是全球首款采用的手机,同时也是首款获得HDR10+认证的手机,强调较前一代亮度提升14%,减少蓝光41%,最高亮度可达1,200nit,显示萤幕对比度则是2,000,000:1。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e萤幕强调拥有精准的色彩精准度,根据DisplayMate测试报告,在DCI-P3色域的色彩精准度为0.4 JNCD;萤幕上方与底部的双喇叭都经过AKG调校。


▲三星首度将超声波萤幕指纹辨识导入到SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+与S10手机之中,透过超声波感应指纹辨识,避免因环境光线强弱等影响辨识效果,藉由3D指纹扫描,也能提升辨识速度与防伪能力,这项技术来自于高通的超声波指纹辨识解决方案


▲6.4吋SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+机身为157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8mm,重量175g(陶瓷版本为198g),长度稍长一些。


▲6.1吋SAMSUNG Galaxy S10机身149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm,重量157g,单手持握大小适中刚好。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+与S10都是采用双曲面萤幕设计。


▲5.8吋SAMSUNG Galaxy S10e机身最轻巧,尺寸与重量分别为142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9mm、150g,算是一款能够完全掌握的「小」手机。


▲三星Galaxy S10系列中,只有SAMSUNG Galaxy S10e采用平面萤幕,也是Galaxy S系列近年许久未见的设计。


▲由上而下依序为SAMSUNG Galaxy S10e、S10与S10+,可清楚看出3款Galaxy S10系列手机的大小差距,相较以往的Galaxy S系列也相对没那么圆润。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+采用前置双镜头,搭载1,000万画素(F1.9光圈、Dual Pixel自动对焦)+ 800万画素景深镜头(F2.2光圈)。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10与S10e前镜头配置相同,皆为1,000万镜头,具备F1.9光圈、80°广角,以及Dual Pixel自动对焦。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e顶部配置相同,能看到麦克风、nano-SIM / microSD卡槽。


▲从SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e侧边能够清楚看出曲面、平面机身的差异,Galaxy S10+、S10采用双曲面设计,侧边两侧有明显向内缩的弧形设计。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10右侧配置电源键。


▲有别于其它Galaxy S10系列手机,SAMSUNG Galaxy S10e在侧边配置电源键上结合电容式指纹辨识,这也是三星首度把Galaxy S系列的指纹辨识放到机身侧边。


▲左侧部分,SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e皆配置音量调节键,以及Bixby快捷键。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e底部皆保留了3.5mm耳机插孔,配置USB Type-C传输埠、麦克风与另一组喇叭。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e内建电池分别为4,100、3,400、3,100mAh,皆具备IP68防水防尘等级;从外观上来看,Galaxy S10+、S10机身设计接近于Galaxy Note 9,但镜头外框更扁长。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+、S10与S10e不只支援无线充电,还能提供无线电力分享,目前除了三星,仅HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro具备这项功能。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+共有绚光白、绚光黑、绚光绿、绚光蓝,以及陶瓷版本的釉光黑、釉光白,台湾唯独没有引进绚光蓝。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10除了绚光绿、绚光白,还有绚光黑、绚光蓝,台湾仅引进绚光白。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10e共有绚光白、绚光黑、绚光绿、绚光蓝、金丝雀黄;绚光蓝、金丝雀黄这两款台湾未引进。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+与S10皆后置三镜头,由左至右采用1,200万画素(F2.4光圈、OIS光学防手震、Super Speed Dual Pixel自动对焦)望远+ 1,200万画素(F1.5 / F2.4光圈、OIS光学防手震)广角+ 1,600万画素(F2.2光圈、0.5X / 2X光学变焦)超广角镜头,,一旁还有LED补光灯、心跳感应器。


▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10e则是后置双镜头,由左至右分别为1,200万画素(F1.5 / F2.4光圈、OIS光学防手震、Super Speed Dual Pixel自动对焦)广角+ 1,600万画素(F2.2光圈、0.5X / 2X光学变焦)超广角镜头,一旁还有LED补光灯。

三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试

三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试

SAMSUNG Galaxy S10系列台湾预计2/25下午1点起开放预购、3/8正式上市,《SOGI手机王》在预购、上市前取得Galaxy S10+盒装(欧规版本,内建8GB + 128GB),抢先要带大家看看Galaxy S10+盒装与产品内容物提供了哪些配件,同时也进行了三星Exynos 9820版本效能跑分实测。(非正式上市版本,仅供参考)

根据往例,SAMSUNG Galaxy S10系列手机都有分成三星(8奈米制程、Exynos 9820八核心处理器)、高通(7奈米制程、Snapdragon 855)两种不同处理器版本的习惯,今年也不例外;Galaxy S10+台湾上市版本则是维持过去惯例,采用三星处理器;其中,Galaxy S10+拥有8GB + 128GB、8GB + 512GB、12GB + 1TB三种规格。此次,三星除了首次推出12GB RAM的手机,也抢先发表内建1TB储存容量版本。

【三星S10+ 开箱介绍】

三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+盒装设计明显与上一代Galaxy 9不同,随着不同的机种,盒装上的型号也会不同。

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+盒装背后维持惯例,能看到产品基本规格介绍。

▲本次实测的版本为SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+,内建8GB RAM / 128GB ROM,详细规格就不特别赘述了。

▲打开盒装能够看到SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+,而机身前后也都有胶膜,但由于采用Infinity-O极限全萤幕设计,因此胶膜跟过去也不太一样,保留了萤幕与指纹辨识的开孔,但经过确认这只是胶膜不是保护贴。

▲将SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+打开萤幕;根据三星方面表示,手机在出厂时会再贴上保护贴,这也是为了避免原厂以外的保护贴影响超声波指纹辨识的感应。

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+盒装内附充电器、AKG耳机、耳塞、保护壳、产品说明书、OTG转接头、变压器、USB Type-C传输线、退卡针,跟往常差不多;但原先拿掉的microUSB转USB Type-C接头,又重新加回去了。

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+盒装内附的有线耳机经过AKG专业调校,型号为EO-IG955。

▲由于拿到SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+开箱的版本为欧规手机,所以盒装附赠的充电器规格与台湾不同,但可以预期都将支援15W充电。


三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试
三星Galaxy S10+开箱Exynos 9820效能跑分测试

▲本次实测的版本SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+内部型号为SM-975F,采用Android 9作业系统、One UI 1.1操作介面。

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+搭载三星Exynos 9820, 2.7GHz + 2.3GHz + 1.9GHz八核心处理器、ARM Mali-G76 GPU。

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+采用Ufs 2.1格式的内建记忆体;以AndroBench实测记忆体读写速度,连续读取速度827.22MB/s、连续写入速度为195.98MB/s。

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+使用安兔兔软体v7.1.4进行跑分测试,获得343,379分。

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+在GeekBench 4 v4.3.2软体中,单核成绩4,551分,多核10,694分,图形渲染成绩则为10,559分。

▲SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+透过3DMark v2.0.4589软体测试Sling Shot Extreme OpenGL ES 3.1、Sling Shot Extreme Vulkan、Sling Shot三项目分别获得4,447、4,440与4,483分。